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Fall is coming and I've been thinking a lot about horror movies as the mood is starting to overtake me quickly. What piece of horror media do you think has scared you the most?


Anyone else occasionally think to themselves "man Skyrim sucks I really wanna do another playthrough" or is that just me? I genuinely don't know if I actually like or hate this game after all these years.


Reports that Wilford Brimley has died. Damn, RIP to a real one. Watch your fucking back, 2020.


As much as I've really enjoyed Yakuza 5, man I am so hot and cold with Shinada's part. He's an amazing character and I love him, but his fighting style bores me to tears. And advancing baseball coaching means beating the M I S E R A B L E pool minigame.


Just thinking about the sheer beauty of Akiyama's Baka Mitai this morning


at least once a day i think about this scene and absolutely lose my shit


I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when you make plans with someone and they say "I'll be good in about 20 minutes" and then an hour has passed and it's 8PM and you're still waiting to start L4D2 and COME ON MAN I TIRED


Has anyone else had Tsushima still giving stance tips/forcing you to switch stances well into the game? It's happening to me and I REALLY hate it. For a game that's done so well on immersion, really bothered that I can't fine tune the HUD/tips/tutorials.


Managed to nab one of these posters (which sold out within minutes, in classing Mondo fashion) and I'm getting the urge to run through Witcher 3 again


Some robins built a nest a few months ago and we're on our second birdy family and I love them.


I'll be the 100th person to gush about Ghost of Tsushima, but as someone who is usually turned off by open world settings, Tsushima is so gorgeous and presents itself as being hands off enough that I finally want to explore. BotW gave me the same feeling.


Just 30 more minutes til I'm out of work and on my way to pick up Tsushima. Looking forward to (hopefully) getting to just settle in for the night, it's been a real week.


no one asked but since my Big Beautiful Buick is having problems, I bought a car over the weekend. It's orange. I like it.


I go on Twitter and people are all angsty about a new open world game getting a bunch of attention and I come to dtoid and everyone's all "YE TSUSHIMA YEYEYEYEYEYEYE" and that's why dtoid is better than Twitter


I've been trying to cut down on my social media time by reading One Piece from the beginning on the Shonen Jump app instead of web-browsing, and it's been a MUCH BETTER use of my time so far.


Friend sent this to me and I really enjoyed it. Movies include The Sword of Doom, Harakiri, Yojimbo, The Last Samurai, and more.


My Big Beautiful Buick LeSabre has magically sucked its day old battery dry and left me stranded at work two days after magically sucking its then 3 month old battery dry. I love this car, it's like a death in the family, man.


Akiyama might be a scumbag but, dammit, he's MY scumbag


that feeling when it's monday and you and ya boy got a whole work week until friday


Virtual bachelor party for a friend. Drink. Is bueno?


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