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Finally took advantage of the 50% sale. Small haul, but size doesn't matter.


Let's all take a moment to be thankful that Bob Odenkirk is okay.


I've been struggling with my feelings about my job lately, and it's led to some real bad Sunday Blues, but I've really found that the best remedy has been FFXIV. It's nice to have a long-running game to just... chill out and plug away at. That's all.


I feel like the main reason Demon's Souls has felt so hard is because it seems to have much more difficult/tiring/tedious boss runs. What I wouldn't do for a shortcut.


(and of course happy birthday to the REAL Charlton Heston. CHEERS.)


Finally got some *spherical* ice for them Yakuza glasses. Just some social lubricant for tonight's OFFICIAL SESSION 0 of our D&D campaign - last time was tutorial, now we start getting into the meat. (and I WILL report back this time). Cheers all.


Never played it on the PS3, so the Demon's Souls remake is my first experience with. Oh boy, this game really doesn't fuck around, huh? It's pushing me around pretty hard.


Okay so all I needed to do was sacrifice my soul at the altar of GameStop Pro Member Early Access Bundles and now I've got one on the way! Fuck it, better a bundle than paying a scalper.


Today I am frustrated that I have not been able to buy a PS5 yet. No deeper analysis, that is all. Thank you for reading.


Am Yakuza 6 Collector's Edition drunk. Is bueno?


Finally picked up RE Village last night and holy shit this game ruuuuuuules. I'm having such a good time, Capcom is killing it like crazy now.


I'm finally getting around to playing Jedi: Fallen Order and sheesh, the combat is just so... Blah. Feels so clunky and imprecise.


Important discovery made at Barnes & Noble (since I somehow missed the announcement in October)


Tutorial session for my first D&D game... Excited and nervous. I'm a pretentious iconoclastic half-elf warlock philosopher


Haven't been following E3, but I DID finally finish Disco Elysium last night. Man, it REALLY sticks the landing at the end. One of the greatest, most memorable storytelling experiences I've had in some time - especially in a game.


Does anyone have experience with MTG Arena? I'd like to get into an online card game and am deciding between it and LoR. I miss MTG and my friends don't really get into it at the level I would, but I'm not sure how Arena holds up to LoR as an app/game.


Just heard about the upcoming FFXIV jobs....... Reaper........... Literally made for me............. I will achieve MAXIMUM EDGE


You know what rules? The John Wick movies. Goddamn do the John Wick movies fucking rule. Finally watched Chapter 3. Just the kind of stupid, nonsensical, hilariously over the top bullshit that I need in my life.


Always bummed me out that the non-XL N3DS was never big in the states. Would've been so fun to collect cover plates before they went second-hand, or to even just have options. I love the 20th anniversary Pokemon one, but always wish it was black.


Thanks for all the D&D tips, everyone! I was gonna reply to everyone last night, but then someone backed into my parked car and I ended the night a bit pissy. Thankfully the damage isn't extensive but got enough on my plate as is. Still, thank you!


So my friend is getting ready to start a D&D campaign for our friend group, and most of us have never played before (he's experienced though). I know some folks here play, any advice for making, playing, and enjoying a character for the first time?


I fucking love Makoto mimicking my "AAAAH IT'S JUST LIKE SOTENBORI AAAHHHH" moment


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