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Just finished setting up my new monitor and holy shit, I had forgotten what it feels like to not be hunched over a laptop when working on my desk. Shout out to Steel Squirrel and Dr Mel for the suggestions, much appreciated.


Any recommendations for a monitor? Haven’t owned one in like 20 years. I want to hook up my laptops when I’m at my desk, so mostly for work with maybe the occasional game. I was looking for something around 30” and below $500, possibly VESA compatib


Here's the proof I don't obsessively talk about Days Gone for nothing. Still my GOTY. Come at me.


All done with Rage 2. Took 13 hours to reach the end with half of the abilities unlocked. I skipped through all of the story but the game was fun. Disintegrating dudes with my right hand never got old. However, that menu lag was driving me insane.


Alright, so Death Stranding is done and out of the way. The last hours were more frustrating than fun. The story was an amusing and nonsensical mess and its greatest achievement was letting players build a world together. Now, let's give Rage 2 a shot.


Amazon had Vampyr for $15, so I got it. There's some fun to be had, it also has interesting concepts. That said, it's the most frustrating game I've played this generation, holy shit. It's like it was designed to piss people off.


There's something magical about playing the original Pokemon Red/Blue, naming your rival something neat and original like "ASSHAT" and then giggling every time the name comes up.


So, Bethesda's lawyers are threatening me for selling a new copy of Rage 2 on Amazon. Bethesda, I would like to take this chance to cordially invite you to suck my nuts.


Did you guys know that there's an enemy in Sekiro that fists your soul out of your butthole and then puts it up his own backdoor as he moans with pleasure? Have a good weekend, everybody!


Resident Evil 2 has the best AI of any game. More in the comments (this is your chance to avoid spoilers).


Merry Christmas to all of you and your families, you beautiful bastards.


I've been waiting for Smash to arrive all day (which is pointless since I'm so sick I can't even play), and it finally got here, plus a surprise package. I was really confused, until I saw the book, which gave me a good laugh.


It took a while, but here he is, in all of his shiny glory.


I finally managed to beat Dr. Light's trial in MM11, and goddamn that evil whore and his dumb trial.


Oh. My. God. Spider-Man is so fucking good. This is it for me, guys. Game of the year. Game of the year all the way.


I have a code for Battlefield 1 (Xbox One) and it's of no use to me. Might as well pass it on to someone else before the game dies. If redeemed, please let everyone know. Knock yourselves out, fellas: QC3MF MMJQ4 24HTQ 9GYQQ KGHGZ


Anyone playing Pokemon Go in the DFW area? I need help getting a shiny Ho-Oh. My 'mons are weak as shit, but they make great cheerleaders.


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