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Games Should be More Expensive

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: Games should be expensive. In fact, games are cheaper now than they’ve ever been. Not only are indie, downloadable games available as a cheaper alternative to full $60 titles...


What Are Ubisoft’s Mystery NX Games?

Last week, Ubisoft provided a statement confirming that it is not only excited for the announcement and release of the Nintendo NX, but actually has several games in development for the new Nintendo console. At E3, the company announc...


Pokemon Go’s Quality is No Longer Acceptable

When publishers launch really big games, reviewers often cut the game a little bit of slack. After all, if the game does so many things so well, sometimes we can overlook a little bit of a lack of polish. Bethesda games regularly get e...


Can Nintendo Make the NX an "Impulse Buy?"

When the Wii U first launched, it seemed like its price-point was in a pretty good place. For $299, players could get the console alone, while $50 would buy you an extra game and extra memory. Compared to the previous generation of con...


So... apparently someone accidentally turned themselves in to the police while visiting a Pokestop... http://nintendoenthusiast.com/news/man-turns-himself-in-accidently-after-walking-to-police-station-pokestop/


Pokemon Go Review

Is Pokemon Go a game? Yes, yes it is. There is no dispute in this discussion. A game by definition is a form of play or sport, where there are certain rules that dictate what a player can and can’t do, and some sort of objective...


Don't Blame Pokemon Go For Your Bad Parenting

A woman in Pennsylvania is blaming the new mobile title Pokemon Go for her daughters new injuries. Tracy Nolan, the mother, said that Pokemon GO lead her daughter across a busy highway during rush hour. Fortunately, the 15-year-ol...


I'm playing through AC: Syndicate right now. So far, it's far better than Unity. Far better.


My review of Anarcute - a game about destroying the city with cute animals.


My review of Anarcute - a game about destroying the city with cute animals.


I'm playing through The Last Story on Wii. Not bad, but does look terrible visually.


Can the Nintendo NX Become my Primary Console?

I’m a relatively young gamer. The first platform I owned and played a ton was the Gameboy Advance, which I received for my fifth birthday from a relative. From then on, Nintendo platforms saw the vast majority of my ga...


Question: How do I know if Bloodborne is NOT for me?


Is it just me, or is there a severe lack of JRPGs on the PS4?


Why is Playdead's Inside So Good?

Disclaimer: Very light spoilers for Inside are contained in this article. Playdead’s new release Inside isn’t a particularly fun game. It doesn’t lead to the dopamine-like release of giddy emotion that other games m...


I originally played Bioshock when I was like 12 years old. It'll be interesting to replay it, I must have missed a lot of the references the first time around.


I don't know how to quantify my awe of Inside. The game is incredible, and I can't even understand why.


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