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Guess That Videogame Sample Vol 1!

As we all know, many songs today use samples from video games, so this is the first in a series of howevermany. Here we have "Ryders" by Saigon & Memphis Bleek. OK so the above video sampled from Bon Jovi's Runaway as pointed out by Shi...


Possible Outrun Wallpaper (dtoid inclusive?)

This is a piece of art I was working on like a year ago and forgot about, but since I remembered it today and remembered how close it is to completion (not too far) I wondered if anybody would want me to make a Dtoid version (say with Mr ...


The console I bought was....

The 360 ELITE with Assassin's Creed and Devil May Cry 4! Off to open and enjoy it now! When I get a gamertag I'll let you guys know. BTW excuse the crappy webcam image, its been sucky ever since I updated it's software.


If you had to choose out of the following games:

OK so Christmas time is nearing and among the stuff I'm being given I want to ask for a Wii game, but I'm not sure which one to ask for (read: get). The contestants are: �Resident Evil 4 (never played any of them but I know alot about the...


About this "new" idea that Okami is coming to Wii.

You know that Wikipedia had it like a week ago right? Anyway here's hoping that it controls well. Did You Know�: �That the Japanese Mario Party DS website is up? �That Sonic & other SEGA characters will be appearing an upcoming tennis ga...


Justice Would Like To Cordially Invite You To

ROCK YOUR BODY! Don't be so quick to walk away Dance with me I wanna rock your body Please stay Dance with me You don't have to admit you wanna play Dance with me Just let me rock you Till the break of day Dance with me Got time, but I ...



So I return to DToid after completing my maternity leave and I see that a few of the more main Dtoid folks now have rankings. Thus I anticipate my ranking with great jest. Only to find out I get the WORSE RANKING EVAR! It's worse than the...


Destructoid's New Colours (No Trademark here.)

Which colour do you prefer with the green? I must say I prefer the classic orange rather than the modern Silver Sheen. This post is sponsored by Gaybear22 and his curious friend Gaybear33* Also does anybody know if the White & Green ...


Oh JP titles on PAL Wii's, cool, wait HOLD IT!

OK so we all found this out a few days ago or from Dan Gale's post about it that Japanese games are hitting PAL Wii's, so I thought all was well, after checking out the link on Dan's post I see: "The first of this week�s retro treats is th...


Quick Smash Update: The Rumo(u)rs Were Wrong!

Well everybody was saying that the Ice Climbers would not return but looky now! The Ice Climbers The one in blue is Popo. The one in pink is Nana. And the two of them get along great! ...I think. These two move as a pair, with Nana aut...


Who did I randomly meet while in the mall today?

First a random intermission: CHOCOLATE RAIN! Anyway so yeah I met COOLIO! No clue what he was doing there, he had to go, all the workers in the store had a group photo with him but I was the only one who got a personal pic with him...


Ms South Carolina on Today Show!

Finally the answer she's been waiting to give! Good quotes include: "My friends and I, we know exactly where the US is on our map." "I was overwhelmed." (she says it like overwound) "Everybody makes mistake, I'm human." & Yes I know ...


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