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Playing Witcher 3 almost constantly for a couple weeks now has me realizing just how much big RPGs fit into my lifestyle. It's kinda nice to just sit down and have that consistent thing waiting for me. Been so relaxing and lovely.


Every single time I play Fallout Shelter I name my vault "069" and every single time I snicker a little.


Took Phil's image and spruced it up with HD quality squares around what really interests me. Other stuff is mostly a "maybe if folks say it rocks after release", but these are my for sure excitement bits. 2019 looking gentle on me.


One thing I really enjoyed about my time at E3 is that literally nobody I talked to was a pessimistic pile of negative energy. Were they there? Oh I'm sure, definitely after 2PM at the very least. But it was a lovely fun time with friendly people.


I loved Origins, if Odyssey is even 3/4ths as good as that I'm gonna be in for a very good time.


My train of thought "Damn, that looks like a copy of an Arwing." A minute later. "Oh fuck me. Do want."


Starlink has a dumb gimmick. But it is that kinda dumb that I love. I want dorky spaceship amiibo strapped to my controller :o.


"The stakes for Rico have never been higher." I'm feeling threatened by this Just Cause 4 trailer.


Be the change you want to see in the world. If qposts are a drag, ya gotta post fun shit, not leave. Here is someone riding my dream mount in warcraft. A huge cock.


Anthony Bourdain was one of those people that I dreamed of hanging out with just once. Sitting down in some place unknown and having a meal for the very first time. I never met him but I'll genuinely miss him.


I've made it into the end game of Pokemon Quest. It has a few glaring flaws (mostly the move tutor system) but otherwise it has been a pretty silly little romp. With a few small tweaks you could make a 'full' game out of this. It isn't missing much.


Pokemon Quest is the perfect companion to trying to be productive. You tell your little buddies to go on a genocide run and they bring back the spoils of war after slaughtering every living thing in a zone.


My reaction to Pokemon Let's Go went from tempered excitement "Aw they stripped out so much." to very excited once I found out it wasn't the next "main line" game and that is coming for Switch in 2019. So yeah, this'll be a nice filler for me! :D


Kinda spooky that every website ever seems to be carrying sensitive data about visitors. Like...most of the ones I frequent don't need to know shit about me to do what I need them to do >.>...


Totalbiscuit has passed away. Seemed like a swell guy. What an awful way to go out. Like a week or two ago he was talking about how he'd spend the rest of his life gaming and relaxing with his wife. Bummed to see he didn't get to do much of that.


Oh man I just heard about that terrible controversy with an upcoming FPS game. They've made a terrible mistake causing the game to be grossly inaccurate to actual war. I hear your character respawns when you die.


Reading ZombieCorps story like "This sounds like LA." then I get a few comments down and see "LAPD" and nod. If you can avoid living here I'd recommend it to anyone interested. Not that it ends up being an option for most who need a job. :p


That moment when you get everything working. Very pleased.


GM is gonna be masturbating constantly for the next two weeks. More power to him. The envy is real.


Without a hint of condescension I absolutely adore heavy metal covers. They are unashamedly adorable to me. Heavy Metal bands kept that over the top aesthetic of youth and carried it on forever. All the bone and skin and stuff. Just great.


Rabbids is like "You wouldn't buy a gold edition of a game you already own...would you?" And I look at them with a sneer, pulling my wallet out. "Of course not, that's a stupid idea. I can't imagine you thought this would ever work."


Actually, sticking with my original plan of not spreading the negativity of strangers. The original message was about some jerk being a jerk. But lots of people on the walk weren't jerks, so that's nice. Leaving gif because it represents how they were act


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