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Had to call our car insurance today (no bad reason, just changing some stuff) and holy shit I was on hold for like .000005 seconds. Lady also sounded like the happiest phone person ever too. WFH in a nutshell I think.


Huh. I did not realize you can get like 12 branches from any tree. Just pick up the ones it dropped and keep shaking it. Just remember after the third shake you are just playing with your wood.


Gotta be careful checking qposts. Trying to stay surprised with AC and I keep seeing what happens tomorrow.


Looking at a bunch of unhatched chicken eggs over here like "Should I count you?! Should I!" I know I shouldn't but the eggs are *right there*.


I don't know how to eat it but by God I'm going to try.


My biggest takeaway from ACNH so far has been that every villager I've met I've really liked. Even ones where I'm like "You seem kinda boring." they end up growing on me super fast.


For all my Animal Crossing Buddies. I've got the 9 (woops I meant 8) stone setup in comments here. Works every time with no aiming.


Poncho gifted me a hat. I will cherish it forever. Also front shot of my character in comments. I love this game <3.


My recent cblog was a bit more timely than I realized. We visited both Target and Trader Joes today to get some food we are low on. Everyone was chill. TJ had a line with huge spaces between people to keep the store mostly empty. Nobody mass swiping.


Holy shit. 2x exp on Warcraft for the next month. I am guessing I'm one of the only folks that still plays it here but WOO! That's exciting o.o.


Step 1: Breathe

  Hey Folks!   The ole penguin has been noticing a bit of negativity on the qpost and he wanted to try and help a bit here. I mentioned it in a comment to another user but I want to start us off with a short video from my fav...


I mentioned it elsewhere but I'm wildly disappointed we aren't all living our lives with those cool full hazmat suits. What a waste of a moment. This could have been our chance to all be in bright yellow onesies talking through hazmat hoods.


Coworker called in sick today. Sure glad they don't want us working from home yet :p. Good news is I basically never touch my face (causes me to break out) and long before this outbreak I compulsively wash my hands. Will see how this goes.


Nobody asked but have you ever wondered why they are called "Essential" Oils? It is because they capture the "Essence" or smell of the plant they are derived from. Basically people misunderstood "smelly" for "important". Marketers capitalized on the goof.


I can tell I'm out of touch because I look at all these lists and I'm like "Huh, I don't know who any of these people are." Except for Idris Elba, who is wildly famous from his blockbuster role in CATS. I think that's the only thing he's been in?


My boss told me to chill earlier and no shit the AC has been on for three hours now in the office. I'm like 70% icicle at this point. I'm onto him!


Reggie is taking the reins at Gamestop. Can't say my body was ready for that! http://news.gamestop.com/news-releases/news-release-details/gamestop-appoints-reginald-fils-aime-william-simon-and-james


So the plan is I'm gonna make an excel sheet of all the great game suggestions folks have made and I'll either be streaming them or recording my play, either way we'll have VODs. Gonna be a busy couple years :).


Square definitely hitting hard with those preorder reminders. Luckily it looks like they didn't, in fact, cancel my order. I hope lol.


Random observation after a somewhat long debate today. Critical thinking makes me yawn a lot. I feel like my brain overheats or something.


Disregard my original comment about FF7R. Looks like ole Rico didn't get the memo on what random battles means lol. We cool, looking forward to FF7R. Especially that statue.


This'll be my last reminder since I believe I've got enough games for the rest of the year. BUT if you have a game from your life, new or old, you'd like seen played there is an inflammatory cblog to the side that would love to hear about it.


Oh my gosh! Do you folks see that really inflammatory blog title to your right? Some oaf inside really wants to know what games you think they should play. Any platform, any year, any reason.


I haven't listened to dubstep in a great many years now. Decided to see if there was anything new to collect and it looks like the modern popular trend is just slowing down songs by 50% and added bass? Peculiar stuff.


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