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Man! This sonic statue is enormous! Box picture with blurry Venus in comments for scale.


My only real goal on any given day is to try and help other people have a better day than I'm having. It's not much but it gives a fairly good excuse for waking up in the morning.


I love the costume selection in Agents of Mayhem. You can make your team look like a number of great marvel characters. Like the Hulk, Iron Man, and Bishop! It's not a "great" game but I'd definitely call it a fun time. Maybe I'll review it...maybe...


Woke up at 4:30 am to surprisingly intense pain across my torso. Ended up not going into work today. Played some more Agents of Mayhem while hoping I didn't hiccup or sneeze.


I'm really enjoying Agents of Mayhem. One thing I'll note is that it is SUPER obvious the PS4 can barely run it. When you see smooth FPS in tiny buildings you suddenly notice the bad FPS outside. Still! Fun time.


Technically politics but I think its funny enough to get a pass. Gave me a good chuckle.


My collectors edition of Sonic is coming a few days from now. Which means that this Agent will be causing Mayhem elsewhere tonight. HEH! Wordplay!


Thanks to those that came to watch! You got to see me stumble and (occasionally) succeed at making blips blorp. - If you aren't already subbed. I'm streaming game development multiple times a week. I can't promise you'll learn how to do anything the best way but I can promise you'll learn how to do things in some fashion.


"Daddy, why can't we use tiki torches?" "Well...2017 was a strange year. Don't even get me started on the pogs scandal in December of 2017."


I'll check out NMS again soon and get back to folks on the campaign. Chris Carter will have beaten it four times in multiple languages by then but hey, do what you can knowing that he's omnipresent.


Revisiting the statement about the blueness of things, like...the sky. Fun times! Life is weird.


Casual observation. The entire game of FF14 appears to be smaller than the latest patch I need for DOOM. Modern PC Gaming is strange.


I think the biggest takeaway from qposts today is that you can, in fact, have a wrong opinion.


Autoplaying video ad with sound on an article. I uh, wow. Just. Holy shit.


One of the first things I'm tempted to try tomorrow is running DOOM in 4k. I'd need to cart the PC into the bedroom though. Gonna be a long long workday.


I'm just saying, we'd have more independent thinkers if everyone would agree with me.


Hey. So I'm an old man now and have no idea which of the 900 different versions of the 1080 to buy. Anyone have a suggestion for the best buy for the $$$? There are fewer types of pasta sauce than this darn card.


I'm only ever really concerned about hurting the feelings of people I like. Problem is that I like basically everyone I interact with.


According to Dante, Jason Mamoa will play me in my upcoming biopic. Reasoning given sounds spot on.


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