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I'm still surprised that Bass loved Owlboy so much he is reviewing it twice! Talk about love. This is sticker star all over again.


Looking forward to the DLC. That was quite a journey.


So you might not know but the quiet leaving option in Animal Crossing (the minus sign way of leaving) is a really bad idea when multiple people are on an island. It can end up DC'ng many, or all, of the other people when you bail. Use the airport <3.


One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to write short stories on whatever forums I was active on. It died with the death of forums but I think I might try bringing it back now that dtoid has brought back the superior online chat tool.


You ever click that little comment button and get hurled halfway to hell? I'm always like "Am I above it or below it now?" Scrolling back and forth looking for the now expanded comments.


Howdy folks! IDK if you are interested or not but I'll be streaming the Bass Awards for the next hour or two. http://twitch.tv/oafkad


Platinumed the original FF7. What a beautiful experience. Maybe I'll finish up 12 plat.


Talking about childhood achievements. There was a class spelling bee where you had to stay standing until you got a word wrong. I was a bit of a dork but I was also lazy. So while I knew how to spell every word I faked not knowing so I could sit down.


I finished it so that I'd see Platinum as the final video faded to black. I still have many thoughts I might write up but I can finally get back to platinuming the original.


I'm that penguin that doesn't like phone calls. So, no, I'm not impressed with your fancy meeting setup. I just see wasted resources and inefficient communication delivery.


Few things seem to bring people together in harmony and friendship more than "Share your unpopular opinions." I like to imagine it is because we all sometimes feel alone and it is in these moments we realize we are part of a community or many communities


I play other video games when I'm playing MTG Arena. So when people get tilted and delay every single phase to the maximum time allowed I just enjoy my second game. Is perfect setup!


For those of you that know how crazy Gyruda is. I'm so proud of this ^^.


There are few pleasures more exquisite than drawing (or having ready in your graveyard) and Uro when your opponent has run out of gas and is desperately trying to race you. They were probably wondering why I was being so lax about keeping critters alive.


I just lost a boss fight after 30 dang minutes because I used a limit breaker and during the 6 hour windup the boss nuked me. I'm genuinely done I think. I should have just stopped once I beat this when I still liked the game.


I like the base game but going for Platinum in FF7R kinda kills my enjoyment of it. Gonna stick with some other games for a bit and come back to it once it isn't so hot in Glendale. Heat + Bullshit == Testing my calm!


Trying to Platinum FF7R lead me to get really thirsty for the OG game. The PS4 version has 3x speed option and honestly it makes the whole experience a joy. So many visual gags in the original game. Fantastic story telling.


It is important that if you ever pick up a game for the first time that you make sure to see if there is a leaderboard. And if there is, you want to see if GM is on it. And if he is, you want to make sure he's beneath you.


Earth has been around for billions of years and I just happened to during the time that Ogre Battle 64 was created. Things can be a little rough sometimes but I remember that and it gives me a smile.


One of the thousand or so benefits to WFH is that I can check out qposts without any concerns for all the lusty stuff you thirsty folks post. Super nice!


Huh so. Guess who just got the collector's edition of FF7 at their door this morning? The motorcycle is amazing, some tolerance issues on Cloud's hands. The whole thing is the highest quality I've ever seen though. It also came with a game I guess?


I love hideous hardware. So I'm definitely down for the new PlayStation controller. I hope the console is equally hideous. (No sarcasm here.)


Woo baby. Made (apparently) just over 5 million bells today in turnip sales! Halfway to the final stalk market achievo!


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