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Stay classy folks. Love you all, gonna take some time off though.


XC2 is one of my favorite games in quite a few years. Somehow it also manages to have one of the most embarrassing DLC passes in about as long.


Sometimes, everything just seems to go wrong :p.


I appreciate that Nintendo is never one to turn down a new drug. Their development team are just huddled in a room with blank walls knocking back some wild shit. Hours pass and they walk out of the room. "Wii've got it."


If this Nintendo Announcement is a Wii Fit for the Switch I'm gonna be so happy. Largely because Liz will be so happy. And a happy wife is a happy life.


Hey folks! Do you happen to have a YouTube account? Wanna help a 30 something weirdo change his YouTube channel url? I need 100 subscribers. I'll have streams there soon, daily(ish) short vids on thoughts, and other fun things!


Bit o' me rambling about why the Tide Pod Challenge is a non-story. I grasp the irony of talking about it meaning its kinda sorta a story. But at least for me its for different reasons :p,


Now that cblogs are faster we can all learn about dildos.


I found the nightmare version of 9+ on Disqus. *Lights twitter account on fire and runs*


Nearly responded to all the switch dock questions in a new qpost. Commenting works like...10% of the time for me and pages load slower than 56K. Someone destructed the toid a little too well.


Got the Insignia Switch Dock from Best Buy. It's sick! Gonna use it for my switch streams instead of the official one. Keep that in the bedroom. (Bow chicka bow wow)


Occam's time has come once again. http://darksiders.com/


*Sweats bullets reading that summary* Like a basket of ball eating spiders. Not about to get near that. Haven't finished DV3 yet O.O


When is the last time that EA released an excellent game without a bunch of bullshit and it got torn apart by people? I know a game or two that sold poorly but they were still well received. I just always hear them as the victim but I'm curious.


Anxiety is a motherfucker. There is a fine line between fun banter with someone and my body saying "They are trying to kill you! Kill them first!" Obnoxious.


Trying to recycle more but this goes straight into the bin.


Alright, he finally told me. It just took incredible social pressure.


Torchman won't tell me what chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 he's on. He's so mean. I bet there isn't a single meaner person on Destructoid. *looks around* Nope, I can't find a one.


FFT is apparently 5 bucks on Android atm. Tempting.


Finished Xenoblade a big before new years. Made its way far up my list of favorite games this year. I miss good JRPGs that don't just bottom out randomly. Nice to see they can still be made.


Merry Christmas Eve/Day, ya'll. I'm gonna probably be kinda invisible until 2018. Be good to one another. If you get the urge to be mad about something small, remember instead to be mad at Torchman. Only if we all unite in this effort will we see peace.


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