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Funny note on this whole disqus thing. I've never been able to see downvotes here. I only saw them in the summary when you click the red notifications bubble. I liked that model because I genuinely do not see the benefit of making negativity easier.


Can't really play ghosts or death Stranding (again) until after move. Tragic!


For anyone that couldn't get their Ubisoft rewards yesterday: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-US/News/000056669/Ubisoft-Forward-Rewards (Link also in comments)


What I find most funny about this whole Bakugan thing is that I don't know what it is. I missed the presentation and only know the name from qpost and discord. I'm building my own head canon now about what it is.


Wife told me she was concerned about our packing speed because one of the closets hadn't been touched. 30 minutes of grunting later it is empty. Not about to let concern enter this household >:(.


We already know that some people are insatiably greedy. This cannot be helped I don't think. All I want from them is to just admit it. Stop telling customers that higher expense is for their own good. Just own up to being greed monsters.


Everytime someone mentions Death Stranding I smile. That game definitely had an impact on me.


Should Video Games Cost More?

Hey Folks...!   There is a golden rule with questions in headlines. If a headline asks you a question the answer is almost certainly no. We can see that I've opened this post with a question but perhaps...maybe this time we are bu...


Imagine being a spam bot for tourism in the middle of a pandemic. That has to be one of the saddest robo existences.


Finally beat Shadow Tactics on the day it is leaving game pass. Good game, moderately frustrating, but the high points are fairly high.


The stars have aligned! You must both now battle to the death!


Whenever a YouTube channel I like uploads and I see that it is Cyberpunk content I get such whiplash. Because I'm thinking "Yay! New stuff to watch!" then "Boo! I already know I want that game :'(..."


Thought yesterday was Friday. Woke up today thinking I didn't have work. That's a real sticky wicket!


He collects the coin forever as the 10 second timer keeps killing him over and over. Someday he will be free. Someday the game will be done. #bassjamthing


https://www.twitch.tv/oafkad Streaming for the next hour or so for anyone interested.


If you've ever built a platformer you'll probably understand why this (almost) working is such a big moment for me. Slopes are...extremely non trivial. #bassjamboreethingy


Welp! That's Ni No Kuni 2 Platinumed! I'm gonna take a brief pause probably from the next game to try and complete the Bass Game Bash thing.


All done! I'll upload the video to YouTube for folks that would like to watch on their own time. We've got a dude who jumps, wiggles his butt, and a clock that counts. The world is our oyster.


Alright. I'll be streaming for the next hour or two. There is no real plan but I'm gonna see what gets done and answer coding questions that anyone might have if I can. https://www.twitch.tv/oafkad


For me the mixer thing is pretty disappointing. Folks I met on that were *so nice*. I even had a viewer check up on my health when I stopped streaming for a bit. They were concerned I had gotten covid. Facebook is an enormous downgrade.


Alright. I've worked out what I'm gonna make for this Bass Jam thing. I'll be starting tomorrow after work and streaming it for anyone interested in C# Unity development. Work ends 6PM my time, so stream should start 6:30 to 7PM.


Got to see my favorite dog on our short walk today. We saw him going both directions on our walk. First way he was confused by these masked strangers. But after he got a sniff and recognized our smell it was party time.


Huh. "Online Trophies: 0, Number of missable trophies: 0, Does difficulty affect trophies?: No." I guess I'll be getting TLOU2? Neat.


I struggle to reconcile just how good the CNC Remaster is. The idea that a fairly priced and open source remaster of some of my favorite games would happen under EA is beyond belief. I expect to wake and be like "Oh! I've been in a coma since 2016!"


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