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I do hope at the end of the day everyone here knows I care about ya. I might not always agree and I might not be as heated or passionate about a topic. But I'd be awfully sad if any of you got hurt. And I genuinely get bummed when it does.


This video makes me feel old, hah. I'm like "Shit lots of things going on, I can't make heads or tails of it." Looks really pretty though. Looking forward to playing it.


I'm apparently getting Destiny 2. My boss likes it and 38 dollars (+5% more back in points on amazon as gift cards) for all the current content seemed alright. If I do all their silly achievements I can even get a pretty (imo) nice looking shirt.


I spent my 5 day vacation mostly playing Witcher 3. I looked back on it last night to see if I felt like I should have done more productive stuff. Overall I feel like no, W3 was the right decision.


It's 114 outside right now. My skin started hurting 10 seconds or so into our short walk for drinks.


GMs Literally Only Want One Thing And It's Fucking Disgusting


My current best. Played a round last night before bed and ended up getting 3rd place. This naturally lead me to playing a handful more rounds after that. The guy who killed Scrandon (my killer) actually replied to me on twitter haha. Small world.


Haha. Damnit. Got another pervert on my twitter. I even have the "hide sensitive stuff" thing flagged. Can a man browse twitter without seeing someone absolutely getting it! No? Well ok then! :'(


I guess I can't hotlink this so that it loads automagically but here you go: https://i.imgur.com/Cgiv7c2.gifv I love it. (Will also link in comments)


I was on top 5 and accidentally placed a bouncy trap beneath me in a small room. I didn't know what to do haha...someone heard it and found me and that was all she wrote :p.


Fortnite is so dumb but in that fun way. I don't even care when I die. It's all about hiding like a coward and then shooting inanimate objects I mistake as players. Good times.


Tried out fortnite. Was on for the event and ended up being right beside the whole thing :0. Screenshots after I get ice cream.


Saw a dozen comments on my last post about seeing porn at work and being startled. I clicked that "read comments" button with a lot of hesitation.


Twitter shows you what people you follow like (for some reason). Turns out someone I follow really likes porn today. Not something I had planned to discover while at work lol.


You ever write something, hit enter, and then realize it could be interpreted rudely. Then just as you are editing it you see "Someone is typing a response."


Steam finally got another sale out of me. I can't really turn down $2.50 cent steam link. Absurdly cheap hardware is a definite weakness. Steam Software abstinence continues though.


You can't escape opinions from places you don't even visit. They will hunt. you. down. Annoyed me more than I'd like to admit.


If you are interested in having a VPN, Engadget suggests this lifetime offer which is good for 5 systems (lifetime): https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/28/online-privacy-vpn-unlimited/ Only 8 hours until it is over.


I love his enthusiasm. I need more of this in my life. More people that can just kinda lose their shit and be joyously happy.


I do kinda wish that editing qposts didn't move them to the top of the stack. I'd rather it be done with a bump button. Sometimes...


I hear it on good authority that you can get interest free credit card offers. Now, the actual cards themselves? Insanely high interest rates. The offers though? Smooth as a baby's bum. Not a fee in sight.


What's your favorite joke? I'll tell you mine in the comments.


6% of people are in denial. Judging by this super scientific survey. (Or merely fat fingered like I tend to be when selecting things)


Time to prepare for your microbiology exams! Listed out below are all of the most important parts of the Prokaryotic Cell Structure!


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