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New SRW announcement lines up with new Gosaurer merch. Could be cool.


I called the Gridman Episode 2, twist! I called it! Literally Takashi all over again!


Had a really good Duel Links match with somebody. They had an LP Boosting/Lava Golem stall deck while I was running a Blue Eyes UD fusion fakeout deck with Draw Sense Light locked. Took us 25 turns and it ended up running the full 30 card decks.


I'm kinda glad I grew up with a group of both boys and girls. Seeing people lose their minds over that VC4 scene with Kai/Raz is kind of eyeopening to how different personalities can lead to different types of relationships.


Silly question for people who've played all the games: Is Kingdom Hearts' overall narrative easy to understand? It gets ridiculed a ton for its narrative issues but is the series easy to understand once you understand the core players?


The Bleach movie ain't half bad. Sota does an amazing Ichigo though that's not surprising considering he played my boy, Gentaro/Fourze.


People are upset Spidey's working with cops? Seriously? I'm glad I don't live in the US.


My cat decided he was going to fall down and sleep on my PS4 HDMI cord. I don't think he realized that he fell and snapped the cord from the socket though.


Playing AC: Origins for the first time. This is comfy. The last one I played was Black Flag on the 360 so this pseudo-reboot works pretty well so far. Having a tough time getting used to R1/R2 as attack buttons rather than [] and /\ though.


Holy cow. Castlevania's really damn good. Shocked I put it off this long.


Its great to see people post threads that explicately state there is no proof only to assume that it must be true. Nuke the internet.


Seeing people bitch about VC4 is ugh. The first game was exactly the same. Just because you don't remember it being there doesn't mean it wasn't. Hell, the series has a tradition of "the Beach episode." Of course VC4's also going to include it as well.


I'm writing again. Anybody interested in a blog about what the current project is?


Oof. That Gw2 thing. I wonder how many sites actually researched what happened. Because I'm seeing a shit ton of bias.


Broly might've been memed into canon. I'm okay with this.


The Fate Extra dub is weird. I like bits and pieces but man, some of these decisions are weird. The fact that Rin's VA has been the only consistent VA in these is surprising considering how recast prone they are.


Going to be an interesting 4 years. Oof. Guess I'm going to be experincing the Harris years myself.


Hyped dissapointing that CCS: Clear Card's dub is a Funimation dub which seems to reusing the Tsubasa cast (which I didn't enjoy at all.)


Planet of the Monsters Goji is such an asshole. Like, he might be ever worse than Shin. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn son.


Yo; they did the Build twist. It's great. I'm glad they didn't change their mind midway like OOO had to with earthquake + tsunami.


I beat my first Souls game today. Cheesed but eh, still beat it. It was DS2:SotFS by the way. Looking Glass Knight is best fight but I loved the initial shots of the Aerie and Majula. Some really nice scenery in general. Now, I'm off to DS3!


So a friend got me hooked on Ultraman. We watched the Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle movie last week with the Revenge of Belial movie around Wednesday. We're tackling Geed right now since we've been doing the Zero/Belial centric stuff anyway.


I am so grateful for the block list. It's kind of hilarious because I never thought I'd use it.


This game is a treasure and at the same time, makes me sad Accel World's never gotten any games like SAO has.


Saw Your Name at a friend's house. Although I wasn't a fan of the narrative, it was a very, very, VERY pretty movie. Hard to deny how gorgeous it looks. I'd rank it on my personal ranking below Place Promised and Distant Stars but around 5cm/sec


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