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I just got home, wondered why I had like 20+ emails from Destructoid comments, and to complete shock my blog from two months ago was featured. Probably the happiest moment I've had in a very long time, shouts outs and much love guys.



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Welp, lost my job at the grocery store I work at. Went in today and was told I wasn't "meeting expectations" I asked for a reason and he just said "we have high requirements, sorry" angry and depressed all in one now. Great feeling would recommend/10


Only thing that comes to my mind after reading front page Destructoid is this song... Good news is I have a job interview tomorrow at a grocery store down the street as a produce clerk, exciting stuff! Gonna save up my money for a quality camera.


So I just spent the past 20 minutes in Pokemon Yellow fishing with a Super Rod in the Safari Zone looking for a Dratini...


So we made an "official" email for our channel, infinitebacklog@memeware.net, forgot to check it for like a month and just checked it, we got a invite to a beta for a game that is now already released. I feel pretty stupid right about now.


I've caught a nasty cold my voice is completely gone, coughing, sneezing... I haven't touched a video game in like two days, just been binge watching BoJack Horseman which is a horrible idea because this show is depressing as fuck...


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