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This wins today. It involves 3 Warios, Smash and people with a lot of time on their hands. It's a Tweet so I'll post in comments


🤢🤢🤢 Hooouuuaaggghhhh 🤮🤮🤮


Bars and restaurants are to be closed and I already know there will be speakeasys. Crazy and kind of cool, despite the risk.


Alamo Drafthouse by my home had an EMPTY parking lot this weekend. Spent 2 days at the bar beside playing pool and watching live music. Very dead. Left waitress big tip tho https://www.flixist.com/of-course-no-one-saw-anything-this-weekend-226139.phtml


Teddy is 10 years old today! Bought him a pup cake and he got out and had a slice and a patty at Keller's. Cake in comments.


Crowd filled late night shows need to end. Howard Stern is the most amazing production of this sort of genre and there's never any audience. You get the best interviews and the best staff moments and maybe everyone can evolve from Carson style late night.


Shooting pool with BFF Frisby. His new stick I bought him for coming back from last ever deployment. Goddamn is everywhere in Dallas deserted! Glad other people are taking this seriously.


Prepping. Prepping for the incoming wave of Tom Hanks has Corona virus jokes. Something something Philadelphia.


We might be in a pandemic now, but if we make it to June you can expect to get this cute thing in the mail around then. Preorder open if you like. Link is to wilfoftheblues Scentsy page. Only $5 down! https://bit.ly/2Q7G9jv


Yep, Silver Linings. That's the movie she was in for this picture, lol.


Looks are meaningful to me, but having a fun, witty and down to earth personality is most important. The 4 happen to have oodles of both.


Tried FFVII demo. Mixed feelings about the combat but enjoying. Get to Scorpion guard fight. Nah. It's a mess. Broken.


I watched Ford vs Ferrari. Pretty good movie with really good racing scenes at the end. I wonder if Europeans would like it or if they would not want to see a movie based on the premise of American Wins! (Shallow interpretation of course, but still)


Key lime pie is totally the best pie.




Damn. Uncut Gems.. That was a wild movie. Definitely in my top 3 from 2019.


I highly recommend High Maintenance. I forget it's one of my favorites until I'm watching it. Basically a weed guy on a bike meets new people and you spend the rest of the episode observing their little short story type going ons. It's really good!


Was for Yang, then Amy.. Now I gave my vote to Biden. Believe me, it's really hard for me to decide between him and Sanders. As much as I like Sanders policies, Joe's aren't bad either. I believe Sanders is more of a gamble, so I need the safer bet.


I mis-grabbed a 16oz beer shortly before orgasim and it fell and exploded everywhere.


One of my favorite sketches in a long time. I just can't ruin it by saying one of the cameos, but the other one is.. ah I can't ruin that one either. BUMP, it's Jake Gyllenhaal. Watch.


2nd case of coronavirus of unknown origin in northern California. WHO raised the risk level to very high, one level below pandemic. BUMP: New unknown origin case in Oregon. These people don't travel or have contact with identified sick people. Interesting


#8GuestsDeadOrAliveDinnerParty David Spade & Chris Farley is a lock. Then Mark Twain, Bruce Lee, Doug Stanhope, Typhoid Mary, James Carville and Jesus Christ. In reality I should probably save a spot for a good friend to get to share the experience with.


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