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Hit button accidentally. Okay so here's Teddy.


Girl Talk concert last night. That was fucking fun. What a pro!


So Daniels, the brilliant mind of Everything Everywhere at Once, used to direct music videos. This is another one and it's a (altered) one shot take which I love. Funny. And a badass song too.


4th time now tonight. Won't be the last. Everything Everywhere All at Once. No spoiler, no hype intended. I just think it's the best.


Everything Everywhere All at Once: the music video. Seriously though, Daniels directed this years ago. Brilliant.


I watched it on March 25th. Waiting on wider release to watch it again. It's the best movie I've ever seen. Everything Everywhere All At Once, drive however far to see it!


Back from my trip. It was the best vacation I've ever taken! I wish we could have stayed another night in Memphis because we loved it so much, but Frisby is wanting to go back SOON. I'm also.. really happy to be home. More to share in the comments.


Bro it's 10pm and we on vacay and this town is dry and I have to return to this hillbilly Arkansas bar by myself to kill a couple hours. Otherwise A+ vacation. Damn I'm sad it ending.. Other pics in comments.


Fishing with the cousins and nephews. Great to see family.


Got on my blue suede shoes... Walking with my FEET, ten feet off of Beale. It's been a great weekend so far!


I remember hearing this was awful but I had no idea how much. Basically frat boy disaster nu-metal music fest. 90% savages; young white males. I recommend it but definitely with a warning to anyone who might have trauma associated w/ sex assault.


I beat the FF7 Yuffie DLC last night. I took so many photos! Yuffie is such a great character and I really look forward to seeing more. It took me about 7 hours and I did zero VR battles. Yet!


One particular game from the xbox event today that caught my eye was SIGNALIS. I thought the artstyle & gameplay elements looked amazing. So I wishlisted it & now went to look at the full trailer and the introduction for it is by Guillermo Del Toro. Whoa!


With Cuomo leaving office Tuesday, it's Kathy Hochul who is in charge there now. What got her here is unfortunately a very, VERY, long series of male politicians being indecent and gross and having a scandal. Only Rachel connects the dots like this.


Randomly had a ringing in my ear.. I feel bad for anyone that has constant ringing in the ear. I've heard of several people with that issue. I have a floatie on my eye which can be annoying, but nowhere near as bad I'm sure.


Teddy's idea of playing fetch is me throwing the toy, and him dashing there and dashing back (bouncing, adorably) into my wide open arms and then him steering right past me. I'll usually fake like he avoided a tackle 🤗


Ever hear a serial killer call into a morning radio show and confess his kills? Jesus f'ing christ. I'm so horrified by humanity. why why why


Ever been reminded of something you did that you totally forgot? I completely forget that I dug a grave site for my sister's doggy Leslie.


It just gets worse. Good end result though.


Awwww it's nice when ex's stay in contact. I'm a proud idiot though. The more offensive: the better, sometimes.


Ha Ha HA! Kept the Karen out the paint!


I don't remember ever hearing about this plane crash. Something about plane crashes really possesses me.


Heard a duo of dudes playing About a Girl last night at a bar. So from one of the best albums ever, live or not. Well, #covertoid means I'll go with "Oh Me". Neervana!


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