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I need some Ween every once in awhile. 1/2


Me just getting a mount finally


Been puttin' in that work w/ FFXIV. My level 30 Arcanist, finally with a mount.


Read that bigger chains like Ruth Chris, Shake Shack and Potbelly all got like $10-$20mil in relief that was intended for actual small businesses. But even for actual small bizs getting loans, isnt the money just going to the wealthy landlords in the end?


Forgot I had bought the board game Plague Inc back in 2018. Pulled it out Wednesday and friend was like, "Can we play it!?" We made a special rule that when you lost a country, the person to the right of you had to cough on you. It was fun.


Resubscribed to FFXIV. Here is my dunce looking character Cuzi Loto. One day he will be worth a damn, I hope. On realm Coeurl, if someone happens to be on there also..


Indubitably the best Ozzy song he's made in about 2 decades. Needs more play.


Real time and John Oliver were good this week. They are 2 shows that really can pull off this kind of format. But SNL? I know it's already 50%+ bad, but omg it was awful. Props to Tom Hanks though.


He stands out a bit from the big doggos. I love my Teddy.


Went ahead an ordered FFVII Remake. I am going to loan it to my friend's wife who loves the series and is presently furloughed, and I'm inspired to play it also. It's totally why I wanted a PS1 back in the day.


Sanders is out, and I'm so so thankful. Been to his rallys but he's not electable. That said, I worry about the validity of election results, turnout etc way more lately. https://nbcnews.to/3c6sfXn


If money is tight I recommend switching to a safety razor. I spend about $5 a year I'm shaving my face. And I may be wrong but I think you're instantly 75% more classy.


AT&T user here. Having issues for last month. Can't send texts and especially MMSs. Sometimes MMSs go through if I disconnect from wifi. Now the send button on my phone isn't even clicking. S10+. I don't know why I keep buying Samsungs.


Reconnected with my ex. I guess she was too much of a anime nerd for me to deal with back then 😉 Ugh. Always with the anime. We're both new people now though. Siege girl will be even cooler though. I bet.


I can't stop playing Half Life Alyx and it's 2:30am. I feel like a child. I loved the progression in my life from Atari to N64 and beyond, so this is doing that again. Peace and love and headcrabs.


I spent 4+ hours with Siege girl today. She's a really good person! Came to pick up her computer and we just talked and talked. No idea about anything else, but I made a new friend. She showed me Siege highlights and she is pretty good with Caveira. 🤫


Oh man. This extremely pretty and shy-ish college girl came in (sat in chair across the room, distancing and all) and said she played xbox. I asked what she played. "Rainbow Six". I said, "Siege!?" lol, she's like yeah. Omg I'm so impressed and smitten.


Today is the day that Destructoid has made the least sense to me.


Built an ultimate gaming rig for a guy who does knee replacement surgery, and settled on being paid in 64GB of RAM and $100, lol. I gave 32GB to my bff and kept 32, so now I have 64GB of RAM. Why? Because :D


I just put in a return for Doom Eternal on Steam. I'm just not liking it. Only barely in, so some upgrades will likely make it more flowing, but I don't think so. Too much going on for my taste. Probably clicks better with a gamepad, but that's sacrilege.


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Horizon: Zero Dawn is finally A decent little game that could have used some design tightening and a bit more variety in its play mechanics, or maybe a shorter A solid 7/10 I liked it but hope a sequel makes


Holy shit! Kingdoms of Amalur is getting remastered! <3


Happy 1st anniversary in the west, Persona Q2 New Cinema


Im not big on game altering mods but from now on any game where I can carry around several hundred items, including 15 swords and multiple outfits, all while performing quick combat Im modding out inventory


Not bad

Gus TT Showbiz

Smokey sees you! #pettoid


*ANGRY GOAT NOISES* got two more models left to finish the box, but im waiting for a paint to arrive so i can paint em


Controversial: Dont put politics near MY Can we take this statement and throw it in the trash where it belongs? A good chunk of games are inherently political especially the big, story driven, AAA You cannot get away from



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