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Loved Bloodstained, considered putting it in my top 10.. but after getting double jump I went through all the places I couldn't reach before, and now I can't figure out where to go next. Ugh, I've wandered for 2 hours, I hate that.


I'm part of the Yang Gang now. Donated $15. I'm someone that constantly thinks about retail dying, jobs are disappearing & people are becoming apployees (Uber, Amazon etc). After climate change I feel the biggest issue is where will people work in 10 yrs?


I highly recommend the Netflix doc The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. I think it went places and tackled some subjects I never expected it to. Crime doc and also something maybe some younger men will watch and it could help them somehow. It's crazy, just watch!


"I charged the guy. Always charge a guy with a gun. With a knife you run away. Run away from the knife. So you charge with a gun.. with a knife you run."


Dang, Bloodstained is really good. Only 10 minutes in, but I'm digging it. Are there cosmetics that show on the character?


Did you know that some people don't sort comments by newest? Unbelievable, I know.


2 people I haven't seen here in forever. Names not exactly right but.. Rudorph? Guy really hated Epic Game Store, heh. And Kenshi?.. was a bit to the right politically, had like a aviator anime dude avatar.


Watched Sully. Very Americana corny in some parts but everything else was great. Then Patriots Day which started off with some bubbly banter between people but then got super dark. It actually kinda was giving me anxiety, but I totally recommend it.


I never got into Rush, but I decided to look up Neil Peart drum solos and this one was fun. I thought maybe he just was jamming but by the end, no, it was all very much planned. Brilliant.


Careful PC Monster Hunters, reports are showing that Iceborne is deleting saves, both local and cloud. Might be from not playing the vanilla version for a long time and then booting right into Iceborne. Incompatible save files formats.


It's interesting how when you take away southern accents and NY and Boston accents.. and that Fargo accent, that then then all the other Americans have the only accentless voices in the world. It's just pure speaking, nothing else.


Found the manual for my ice maker so I could disassemble it and fix the tray which was slowly leaking when it was being filled with water. It then took forever to remove the penis sculpture.


BOGO deal. Fazeberry was alright but Grape is Disturbingly good. Been off coffee for 3 weeks now, and I don't miss it. I love the taste, but 4 cups a day isn't good for ya. Happy bday Soul. Way to make the last day of the decade all about you.


Sick all weekend but I watched all of The Mandalorian. Reminded me of Heavy Metal in some ways. Definitely was also very much like Kung Fu. In a way, it makes me want to compare it to SW 7-9 being Anthem, and this being Apex Legends. Very good show.


Happy birthday RiffRaff!


Go waste your money on a new pair of speakers..


From the Transformers episode of The Toys That Made Us. Post war toys from Japan. Also, Transformers were probably the coolest toys back then, and I had like, the Cassette deck one and that was it. Amazon has reissues for like $50 each. Tempting.


Laundry Day is going nice here. Teddy is bored but he'll get a walk soon. I'm going to be really selfish for once and spend all day playing DQBuilders2 and not feel guilty about it. Later some EggNog. Happy to be alive & that's a good enough gift for me.


Had so much fun yesterday playing Mudrunners with Hokogen and 2 of my local friends. We found a map with a really rough trail and we found a truck that rolls way too easily.. it was madness! Everybody winching each other only to roll themselves over 🤣


It's that time of year again


Playing this last night was 100x better for me than watching the new Star Wars. I honestly forgot these particular type of games existed, but what a simple and addicting pleasure they are. The Star Trek one was better though. It drops cards.


Oh that's sticky. Horny is an emotion.


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