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We learn etiquette from our parents so in turn we also learn what we behaviors we dislike in people. What do you recall that your folks didn't like that now you don't like? My examples in comments.


Aw hell yeah, my friend has never seen Tropic Thunder before so I'm going to watch it with him tonight. I hope he appreciates one of the best scenes in cinema. "What do you mean YOU people?" ... "What do YOU mean you people".. *grunts* "HUUH!??"


Any music fans here? The score for Succession is like the best soundtrack ever. Please check it out, it's 1:34 long. Plus Kieran Culkin is in it and he's friggin' weird and brilliant. Best character in a brilliantly funny show.


Played like 3 hours of Borderlands 3 on PC w/ our new friend here, Hokogan. We had a really good time, especially since we agreed this is the best version of the game, and also I thought this set piece was a pretty cool thing. Good release!


Current status, they're filming an episode of The Burger Show at my spot. YouTube show. Pretty nice sized production crew. Neat!


Today is the greatest.. Everything I work on is gold, I'm making money and more importantly I'm making people happy. I am excited to go to an event soon and I got news today that gave me hope. The last 3+ years of darkness might be over. Pray for me.


I realize that in games with blood and gore settings that it'll by default be set to normal, and then I get disappointed when I can't change it to extra. It's like, "No psycho, it's 'normal' or 'off'" ...Lol


As if taking $400M from Puerto Rico to fund the borderwall isn't bad enough, we are defunding military projects set up as a response to Russia's aggression in 2015. Looks like they'll be invading more again soon.. w/ permission.


Joycons are $70, I just want very occasional 4 player Mario Party or Mario Kart. Having a couple girl friends over Sunday for Beat Saber, etc and considering just buying a whole new Switch. Still need MK8D also, but not finding any deals on a bundle. Help


He's a player, diarrhea giver, Tried to grow his hair out, When friends were listening to Slayer, I would like to find him Friday night, Hanging out with mom and trying on his father's tights


Don't know if I want to continue with Control. I don't care for media with illusions, bodies floating, odd. I want explanations. I like mysteries that have a for sure ending, not ones that make you speculate. Is it full on like a TwinPeaks or EventHorizn?


I don't know what to do with myself today. Mr Starr took my best picture ever though. I always hate myself in pictures.


Went all out and ordered a ton of sushi, etc. Good start to my next few days of staycation.


Saw Trumbo. Bryan Cranston plays Dalton Trumbo, a writer who was one of hundreds blacklisted in the 50s over unfair concern of being a communist. So he wrote big movies like Spartacus & Roman Holiday but never could take credit. A little strange but good.


Families who legally came to the US to have their sick children receive life saving medical attn are being told they have 33 days to self deport. For many little children, this is a certain death sentence. We have reached peak evil here in the States.


Dug this out from the garage. Happy Friday humans! Good work today, maybe some Taco Bell later (They're removing the Cool Ranch Taco in a few days!), then Keller's for some beers, then come home and WoW Classic. Might not answer phone calls this weekend.


I know all there is to know about The Crying Game. Beautiful movie but weird scenarios.. only thing I knew about it was the part in Ace Ventura that referenced it. I definitely didn't know there would be guns. I thought it was more of a plain drama. Hmm.


Finally saw this. I figured she was some reporter that followed a case, but she was just a single mom looking for work that got hired by some lawyer to file papers & she noticed something, investigated & then became the biggest direct action lawsuit ever.


Chappelle's new special was extremely funny. Every review is negative because yes, it's "shocking". Some people just don't get what comedy is though. They want to filter out anything that they've been told is "offensive". Personally I loved it. Brilliant!


I'm very upset that BoneyMacaroni (heh) was too long of a name... So I am now BoneyBalogna, playing on Incendius. I've never played Horde or PVP. Should be fun!


Writing my memoirs. Really just a very basic recounting of the path I had to get where I am today. Part 1 is almost 2 pages size 11 font. Just the defining moments, the twists and turns. I'll post part 1 sometime soon in the blogs. Be kind y'all.


Square dispute with a crazy lady, an eBay return invalidated.. tax stuff, bills, lawyers, insurance, pet care, car care, home care, my own care.. when you're depressed and don't want to wake up, this stuff isn't helping. Feel overwhelmed, I'll be okay tho


I gotta get my sleep schedule back on track. Made a good attempt to sleep by 1am last night but just lied there for an hour w/ pup and kitty. Got up and slammed some beers to try and help but no. So I played CS Source which was not a good idea...


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