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Reconnected with my ex. I guess she was too much of a anime nerd for me to deal with back then 😉 Ugh. Always with the anime. We're both new people now though. Siege girl will be even cooler though. I bet.


I can't stop playing Half Life Alyx and it's 2:30am. I feel like a child. I loved the progression in my life from Atari to N64 and beyond, so this is doing that again. Peace and love and headcrabs.


I spent 4+ hours with Siege girl today. She's a really good person! Came to pick up her computer and we just talked and talked. No idea about anything else, but I made a new friend. She showed me Siege highlights and she is pretty good with Caveira. 🤫


Oh man. This extremely pretty and shy-ish college girl came in (sat in chair across the room, distancing and all) and said she played xbox. I asked what she played. "Rainbow Six". I said, "Siege!?" lol, she's like yeah. Omg I'm so impressed and smitten.


Today is the day that Destructoid has made the least sense to me.


Built an ultimate gaming rig for a guy who does knee replacement surgery, and settled on being paid in 64GB of RAM and $100, lol. I gave 32GB to my bff and kept 32, so now I have 64GB of RAM. Why? Because :D


I just put in a return for Doom Eternal on Steam. I'm just not liking it. Only barely in, so some upgrades will likely make it more flowing, but I don't think so. Too much going on for my taste. Probably clicks better with a gamepad, but that's sacrilege.


DC? No. Capital of the US right now is NY. Cuomo is stand-in President. His briefings on this pandemic right now is true leadership. Safe day y'all.


WalMart has a good delivery service w/ free delivery for like $12/mo but w/ people ransacking the stores, it's basically down now. Crazy bc it would help with not spreading the virus and also keep our supplies from being hoarded by setting limits.


Tried Doom Eternal multiplayer last night and it's like a 5+ minute tutorial on how to play the demon. I am a bit let down I guess. I'll give it another go, but it felt like I was learning the rules to a very in depth board game, not fps shooter.


No selfie, but I'll share this. So as it happens so often, this lady came over and instantly fell for Teddy. She's here for me to look at her computer and 3 minutes in my house she's happily clipping his nails! Who does that?? I love my customers.


This wins today. It involves 3 Warios, Smash and people with a lot of time on their hands. It's a Tweet so I'll post in comments


🤢🤢🤢 Hooouuuaaggghhhh 🤮🤮🤮


Bars and restaurants are to be closed and I already know there will be speakeasys. Crazy and kind of cool, despite the risk.


Alamo Drafthouse by my home had an EMPTY parking lot this weekend. Spent 2 days at the bar beside playing pool and watching live music. Very dead. Left waitress big tip tho https://www.flixist.com/of-course-no-one-saw-anything-this-weekend-226139.phtml


Teddy is 10 years old today! Bought him a pup cake and he got out and had a slice and a patty at Keller's. Cake in comments.


Crowd filled late night shows need to end. Howard Stern is the most amazing production of this sort of genre and there's never any audience. You get the best interviews and the best staff moments and maybe everyone can evolve from Carson style late night.


Shooting pool with BFF Frisby. His new stick I bought him for coming back from last ever deployment. Goddamn is everywhere in Dallas deserted! Glad other people are taking this seriously.


Prepping. Prepping for the incoming wave of Tom Hanks has Corona virus jokes. Something something Philadelphia.


We might be in a pandemic now, but if we make it to June you can expect to get this cute thing in the mail around then. Preorder open if you like. Link is to wilfoftheblues Scentsy page. Only $5 down! https://bit.ly/2Q7G9jv


Yep, Silver Linings. That's the movie she was in for this picture, lol.


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