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If anyone wants to see the birthday thing with Death Stranding.. pics in comments. (As soon as I refresh and can post them, please)


I turned 37 today. Wanted just to sit and play Death Stranding all day but I made the day more about making sure Teddy got to enjoy the nice weather, while it last. No gifts aside from a few cold ones. Just happy to be alive, in all honestly. Love yall.


Imagine getting a My Buddy doll when you were a kid. It'd be like, "You know how you have no friends and no one wants to play with you?" Lol.


I just received my car title in the mail! No more $450 monthly payments on my 2016 Elantra limited, which will be nice. Shame it's value is so low now for as good of shape it's in and under 20k mileage. Oh well, it's mine.


The Targets nearby me must be like partially a model auditioning place.. it's nuts. Too bad I suck really bad at small talk w/ random people, especially in stores. Even if a cashier tries it I usually go into shock and can't think of a good response.


Have had this saved for the right time.. this one goes out to Steel Squirrel, lol


Happy birffday Chris! Hope the weather there is pleasant and not too nippy! And we're nearly birffday twins, only 5 days apart :) Scorpios... passionate, yeah


Arcades (In the Western world) were never better than in the 80's.. or 90's? I have to go with 90's for games but 80's for the scene. Also, I'm bored as hell.


There's no way trick or treating was ever better (in US at least) than it was in the 80's. 80's had the best popular halloween films and was pre too-much-safety. I dunno.. just a thought.


I put way too much time into this costume. #Ween


You know.. they're trying. It may not be the best thing ever, but hopefully it's enjoyable. Now Watchmen, on the other hand.. that show is bringing me great joy. Really good.


Beat The Outer Worlds @ 21:59 minutes & completionist run. But, 1 quest was marked botched bc of a bug. A favorite companion of mine is said to be dead even though she is alive & well, so that's great. No big deal, will play again someday. 7.5/10


8 minute Death Stranding launch trailer


It's not the best choice..


I might have sang out of tune / But they did not walk out on me / They lent me their ear / And I tried not to sing out of key / We- Are family / I got all my sisters- and ME!(Done in the style of a gospel-like sermon)(What I woke up thinking about)


Letting people know Eddie Murphy's back, on Netflix in a biopic called My Name is Dolemite. I haven't seen an Eddie Murphy movie like this in some time; we're long overdue.


For the super spooooooky season, this song is appropriate. Good song and creepy video. Her and her brother Finneas O'Connell are an amazing talent, from a super cool family. #spoopymusic


*Lied +15XP* ..And about 10 minutes in and my dishonest ways have led to a good person's death. Good? Bad? I'm complex.


And this is what happens when people go around calling hotdogs sandwiches when they are distinguishably just not. They are yummy though.


Cold open from Stephen Colbert last night. I usually skip them, but this one is pretty relevant and chuckle worthy.


I laughed so hard at this. WWE 2K20 is a glitchfest. https://twitter.com/MrMacho419/status/1186541489456893954?s=20


No customers today :( I played a few games but kinda hard to start anything w/ Outer Worlds a couple days away. Rewatching last 2 seasons of Breaking Bad, only seen them once. Saw the first three seasons 3 times, but somewhat forget the rest.


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