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I just bought a brand new ASUS RTX 2080 Ti for $500!!! Dude. DUDE. DUUUUDE!!! Guy called me looking to get $800, acted like I wasn't interested, offered him 300, he said 650, I said 500 max. I'm so happy.


Caught up on the Jim Jefferies Show this weekend. This segment about the Akashinga (The Brave Ones) really impressed me and made me happy. An ex-commando leads a team of strictly all female African anti-poachers. It is definitely something special to see.


My blue-haired, bird masked, puffy woman coat wearing character. I love this game. Snuck into a bandit camp earlier and survived a fight with 4 bandits, no potions either. I'm trying to make some coin before I explore other lands. Highly recommend!


Outward is apparently pretty darned good! I'd say it's BotW minus climbing. I started over twice bc I didn't realize I'm just a little weakling. I'll now make little trips out of the village and gather staff to craft and sell to get more powerful. So good


Alrighty, I'll contribute. HZD.. one of the dozen really beautiful screenshots I took (pretty bc the game is pretty, not necessarily the "photography"). #Screenshotoid


Had a great day today. Splurged and bought Outward, Satisfactory, Ashen and Mutant Road Zero. I deserve it, even if I can't imagine playing them all. #fuckthebacklog lol


Kamala Harris is the best candidate. I still like others, but I LOVE Senator Kamala Harris. So professional, she shuts down her opponents, and never loses a race.


I will vote for whoever is not Trump, but have to agree with this, that the concept of someone being the "most electable" is broken. I still believe in some being "not electable", like AOC or MAYBE even Bernie, which is sad, but others are more so than JB


Days Gone is like an open world Resident Evil 4. Anyone that likes RE4 would absolutely love Days Gone.


I guess this is my most recent mom talk. I actually found it somewhat cathartic. Love your mams.


MS Windows complaint: When I tell you to eject my drive, don't tell me the device is busy. 1. No it's not, I have stuff closed. 2. If there is, then go ahead & keep working on it instead of telling me no, bc I right away go click eject again & it works. ð


Since I don't listen to or interpret rules well (Ask Wes!) I didn't post this in the right spot. #VGTwinsie


Boutros Boutros Boutros Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali


Lifehack: You can learn GoT characters names very easy once you you get in arguments with people about the show's identity politics and have to IMDB everyone for an hour. "Oh that's who Euron is" and "That's how you spell Cersei" but also "Who is Dany?"


New Spider-Man trailer was awesome. Very comic-booky and it being the final movie in then Phase 1 of MCU, hope you saw End Game first.


Days Gone. Good thing it has lots of auto saves because there's a good chance you could waste gas driving somewhere only not to have something you need to proceed, or just need to go somewhere else first. It's harsh the first time or two but you adapt.


Yeah I don't like SotC anymore. Best to leave it in the memory and let it rest there. It does look nice in high res at 60fps, but I don't have time for climbing and falling over and over again. It got me mad. Why would I spend my night like that??


Well I bought a new in box Ps4 Pro.. Ad on OfferUp.. From a girl at a motel 6. Was only $285. Also I ate at Hooters.


Finally able to start Days Gone (family member came to town Friday so I had to put it aside). So far I like it alot, though I wish it was running on my PC so it had a higher framerate. Not even a Pro could get me 60fps :( Yay new good game though :)


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