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I finished Forrest Gump for the first time in over 20 years. People often say it doesn't hold up, but I disagree. It's still magnificent, even though it's almost like it's own cliche, since it's just like a long time staple of pop-culture.


There's another season of The Movies That Made Us on Netflix! Back to the Future? I don't think there's ever been a more perfect movie. And Jurassic Park is still just the greatest fucking movie ever. Aaand I love Pretty Woman also, lol.


Beat R&C:Rift Apart last night. First game I ever played and beat on hard mode. Feels good. 94% completion. Truly a wonderful game; probably game of the year for me.


10/10 Good infotainment. The US has a big history of taking in foreign translators and their families after wars end. It kills me to know we're not quite doing enough to evacuate those in Afghanistan. (That parade though.. aww)


What a show! I mean, what a shit show.


Back in the day... Saturday morning cartoons: yay! Sunday morning programs: Why so bad!?


Still no power. Hot as hell. Sent Teddy to friend's house so he's okay but I'm burning up. Cmon they texted me at 3am it'll be ready. That is 5 minutes.


Still no power. Hot as hell. Sent Teddy to friend's house so he's okay but I'm burning up. Cmon they texted me at 3am it'll be ready. That is 5 minutes.


Garbage truck knocked over a power line around 4 hours ago on my street. Energy Co in TX says at least 4 more hours. Hope the worker isn't fired, unless he was drunk or something. He did not look happy sitting on the curb in the hot hot heat.


Never cared for this song but it's something about the right song at the right time. I guess it's related to changes. And recovery. Might as well be.


Nearly everyone I grew up with that never moved away from those small Midwest/southern towns are idiots.


Zaila Avant-garde. Hadn't seen this side of her. Genius 14 year old.


Little brownie piece. Am bueno. And me and my friend and me and myself and Irene too.


Every phone call for last 10 days is something I don't work on. Broken desktop monitors, Ms Surface hardware issues.. Niche issues. Hard not to just immobilize. So I'm on my couch all day listening to my old radio shows.


Anyone else ever order like way too much Chinese food? I just spent $60, before the $11 tip for the driver.


I introduced my friend to Texas attack and I really expected him to be better at it. I'm now interested to Tetris attack his wife.


Hooters, but for buttholes. Tooters.


I reject girls that have low shields around their heart. I have a low shield around my heart.


My margarita. Is buzzed. Am bueno.


Looks like a faithful movie adaptation to me.


A rat done bit my sista Nell, with whitey on the moon. Her face and arm began to swell, and whitey on the moon. I can't pay no doctors bills, but whitey's on the moon. 10 years from now I'll be paying still, while whitey's on the moon.


White dudes: voter fraud, votes for deceased mother.. slap on wrist. Black and in TX? Vote before parole is over (using provisional ballot)? 5 years prison. Or 40. Yeah, in 2021. Poor Hervis Rogers.


Texas Democrats are the best Democrats. I wish Democrats would work this well on a national level.


From the creator of Law and Order, Dick Wolf.


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