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GRRR!!! It just keeps crashing! I have mods that are supposed to fix this but it's not working. Random, but it's like every 5 minutes it crashes. And I don't even know where I'm supposed to be going!! Dammit man.


I'm done with Kingdom Come. Hunger & sleep don't add anything to the game, but are big burdens that get in the way of fun. Combat is no good. Don't want to mod it. I think I'll start Sea of Solitude. It's only 4-5 hours. Then what from the list?


Made a video of my Rainbow Six Siege moments from last night. 1st, a clinch victory you should not try at home, then I protect my bff, then a "how did I survive that moment", then a "look at that doofus run towards me like an idiot" kill. Please enjoy!


I went full psycho and installed 7 Corsair LL series fans, 4x140mm and 3x120mm. 16 RGBs each in a light loop, 4 inside, out on outer loop. The things it can do, the presentation is awesome. It plays pong, sending a "ball" from one end to the other, haha.


Witcher Trailer (Teaser)


This whole section of the monologue is good but it leads up to 4:05 in where Kimmel makes the strong case against "if you don't like it here, you can leave". Brilliant.


Rewatched season 1 of HBO's show Succession. It's so great and the theme music is a classical masterpiece. The man behind the music, Nicholas Britell, is kind of a genius. Yeah, this is my favorite opening music to a show.


So it's Pepsi, but with a Coke aftertaste. Probably a good suicide would produce the same result, but soda fountains don't often have both brands.


I don't think I ever had New Coke, and yeah I'm going to drink it all because it's what you do. Not set in on a shelf and wait for it to appreciate in value.. nerd.


Just waiting for the acid to kick in..


Anyone else think the whole Beyonce being a deity thing is a bit contrived and bullshit? Every actor and interviewer promoting The Lion King talks about her as if she's the Christ Child. Same with Oprah, who is definitely a flawed person to idolize.


Stranger Things 3 is the best single season of any show ever. Hardly a dull moment, hilarious, tight pacing and the whole cast (and more) got to contribute terrifically. Wasn't even a big fan of 1 and 2, that's how great it is. What an accomplishment!


I might take a trip to Scoop's Ahoy on the U.S.S. Butterscotch soon thanks to a partnership with Baskin-Robbins 😂😂😂


Anyone have a recommendation on a nose hair trimmer? I'm tired of plucking. Or whatever Wes uses on his bootyhole might work too.


Watched Bohemian Rhapsody earlier which was terrific. Stranger Things S3 really good so far. 2 episodes in. Watching it while I play Kingdom Come Deliverance, where right now I am learning alchemy. Chill Sunday.


I love this bastard. Oh man.. it's so pretty.


Aw yeah. Took my sweet time putting this together today and got the exceptionally rare result of it working perfectly the first time. Someday soon I'm going to deck it out with RGB fans but for now I'm perfectly happy with it!


Massive locking of 80+ people in holding cells with capacity of 40 for more than a month with NO SHOWERS, only bologna sandwiches, no kid care, etc etc etc... this is performative cruelty and for me there is no celebrating America this week. Please watch.


Siege time. 3 vs 3 little quick matches in this new limited time western themed event.


Finished The Act on Hulu. Girl has mom with Munchhausen by proxy syndrome, grows up thinking she's sick as hell (and more). Poor thing got such a raw deal in life, but it's really engrossing as a drama. Now Better Things S03. I love Pamela Adlon!


Go USA! Time to kick these England wankers in bollocks! 0-1 USA SCORES!!!!!!!!


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