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My project last night was to reorganize my entertainment center. I labeled all my cables, added a battery backup, cleaned out lots of unnecessary cables and such. Feels so good.


Dex, the side-scrolling Deus Ex-like RPG cyberpunk game is 90% off right now. $1.99 on Steam. It looks pretty cool, so I thought I'd share the deal.


Look at this big son of a gun, lol. Heavy!


I did the duty. Voted.


Watching Class Action Park on HBO, a doc about that New Jersey anything-goes water and ride park. The interviews from the ex employees and visitors are too damn funny, I'm dying. People would do the stupidest things, it's crazy.


Caturday. My cat didn't like my new house so he ran off a few years back. At the old place he used to bang his head on the window in the morning and I'd let him in for the day, but there's nothing like that here. I still spot him on my street now and then


Blonde brownies, my favorite. Kind of like a big brownie chocolate chip cookie. They came out so perfect.


My friend has a thing against colder/room-temp/non-warm pickles on hamburgers. He basically thinks it makes it taste too pickley. I disagree, I think it's an unpopular opinion and I think his pallet comes from McDonald's.


I re-watched Speed yesterday for the first time in 20 years and it was pretty ridiculous. Also Metal Gear Solid uses the same soundtrack? Never knew.


Accomplished a few things today, and now enjoying this creme brulee milk stout and more Final Fantasy 7 remake. Trying to be happy.


I guess flies really are drawn to bullshit. Heehee. (Pence had fly on his head for like 3 minutes)


But does anyone even y'all?


I'm more excited for Star Wars Squadrons then I thought I would be. I hope it's fun. I wonder if I'll appreciate it better without VR and a HOTAS than with it. I'm going to start with both though.


I last managed my desk cabling 4 years ago and decided to spend a few hours getting it nice again. It feels incredibly good now that it's done.


Twas nice, but sad to see the Stars lose. My first love the Blues won last year so whatever. Congrats Florida hockey team.


O man o man o man. What a great game 4 to 4. Hope Stars win in overtime. Crosses fingers.


First day with my new chair, and it's awesome. The arms actually adjust so they can fit under my desk so I'm not having to lean forward awkwardly like the big executive chair I had. Good stuff.


Happy friday. I bought Hades, just because it is $10 with the Epic coupon. But I'm so in love rn with FF7R, who knows when I'll get to play it. It's one of my favorite games ever as of now.


I just had a guy get off work from an Amazon warehouse and pick up his laptop and he says the buzz is that preorders start at midnight, but.. don't know if that's EST, CST or PDT. Or even true. Just putting it out there in case.


Ugh I wanna go play FFV7R but I can't yet. Started it last night, beat the scorpion, and ran around the streets kicking butts before saving and calling it a night. It's so good!


Dallas Stars win in OT! Going to the Stanley Cup baby!!!


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