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When he does this, I turn around and he's always looking at me. He knows I'm going to come rub that belly. I love his majestic fur. #pettoid


I'm a lucky person right now. Happy Saturday to you all.


Need to start painting my Gloomhaven figures. Guess I'll practice on these first.


Oh Amazon. They emailed me saying I won't be getting Ghost of Tsushima until the 22nd, the following Wednesday after the release. I didn't complain about the delay with TLOU2, but I'll just pick it up at Target or something.


That Bruce Lee doc Be Water was really good. Recommend.


Well here's a combination I never thought I'd see.


Boomers don't be givin a fuck. At a bar, at a table off to the side with my friend & there's a small dance floor packed full of old people dancing with no masks. Jesus Christ.


Probably a good idea to clean your faucet aerator once in a while. Mine was disgusting. At least I drink my water from the fridge.


The child arrived today! Thanks wilfoftheblues for posting about it 😊 Teddy mad he can't play with it though.


I'm not a scheduled food dude but I could eat eggs Benedict every Sunday for Brunch.


My Ninja 8 in 1 airfryer oven came in a little bit ago. In 5 minutes I had absolutely perfect mozzarella sticks. Anyone have a product like this and if so do you have any recommended recipes or uses for it?


Teddy and I are supporting our local vet a lot this week. First it was check-ups and prescription dog food, but now he has a ear hematomas (An ear bubble, like MMA fighters get) and hopefully it goes well and he heals well. Happy Friday y'all!


For the authorities 'round here: Do gif posts get deleted after some time? My post got deleted, right below house4lyfe's chicago hot dog post.


Oh man. I actually bought this sucker. Not totally new to tabletop games, but still pretty green.


When shopping, grab a cart from the parking lot because 1, it brings a cart back to the store, and 2, it allows you to test run it so you don't spend your time shopping with some squeaky ass wobble cart.


By the way.... Dave Chappelle's 27 min special "8:46" that he dropped a few days ago is terrific. Only 27 minutes and it just leaves you wanting more.


Congrats to qtoid friend Hokogan and his newborn baby! The kid knew the state of the world and begged to stay in, lol, but thank god everything ended up okay. In fact, better than "ok".. Baby was born at the near midnight hour of 6/9. I'm a proud friend.


Bill and Ted 3. Thanks Sam! https://www.flixist.com/bill-and-ted-are-back-in-new-trailer-for-the-third-film-226377.phtml


After removing weight limit in Witcher 3, I decided to mod out durability and mod in fast travel from anywhere. Both just add time wasted between every other mission.


Today I looked up a song from a Walgreens commercial 😂🤣 It's a pop song to pomp and circumstance but it's got a little bang to it. Don't judge me. Kinda sounds like an Aluna George track.


$10 off purchases of $20 or more. You just have to checkout and pay on the eBay app. I bought a 128GB usb3.0 flash drive because why not. I love flash drives. Can't have enough of 'em.


This is such a good jam and it's been an earworm of mine lately, even though it's like a year old. SHIT.


I'm not big on game altering mods but from now on any game where I can carry around several hundred items, including 15 swords and multiple outfits, all while performing quick combat actions.. I'm modding out inventory limits.


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