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Jimmy Kimmel Live is filming at a Mexican restaurant right by my house. I'm told I'm sitting in a good spot. Look for me on TV 😄


60 Minutes did a really good piece on Hong Kong protests and China. Even at the end they talked about the censorship issues. So did John Oliver last night, but for some reason no mention of Blizzard bc it's "vidya gamez, I'm sure. https://cbsn.ws/2VEW61T


🚨 Free game for this weekend only 🚨 https://store.steampowered.com/app/522040/Princess%20/


It's hard to believe that the two games I'm bouncing back and forth between are MHW & Yakuza 0. I had to be really patient with Y0 bc it hardly lets you play the game the 1st 3 hours, but the story got good & I get the style now. And MHW is just fire.


Watching Colbert and Jon Batiste played some lovely Final Fantasy music. The save game tune. Edit: Easy to play clip in comments. https://twitter.com/i/status/1181780812028694529


I might have missed something, but has anyone seen our friend Tohsaka? Probably spelled that wrong, but he's a fellow computer repair guy in Little Rock. I swear it's been at least a month since I recall him posting.


Life is good. Took apart and put back together sinks & declogged them, paid off my car note, business is good, income is good, temp of 78° outside, helping a couple of people get out of some bad situations and into a better place. I'm in a great place.


I'm rich! Finally. Actually I think I got my class action settlement for the Vita 3G thingy first. Anyways, brb time to go ostrich coat shopping.


This is bullshit. Police? Amber's family? Some fired up blue lives matter white person? They are a dime a dozen in Dallas. Fuck this shit. 2 innocent dead, 1 lady going to do like 5 years. Something's wrong. Dallas News


Good weekend people. Too many games, going to see Joker tomorrow, we know for sure that Trump will be impeached.. what's not to like?


Last night I loaded up that shredded copy of Iceborne I found in my street a week ago.. I love it! I'm just at the beginning of MHW (xbox) but what a class act this game is. I wanna play it all weekend. How do you look at the art and not want to play it?


Regarding climate change.. 1, I love Gina McCarthy. She's a boss. 2, I hadn't seen that snippet of Gretta Thornburg's speech, but it's extremely moving.


I have hodophobia. Just got back from a road trip and never had bigger anxiety attacks than what happened the first night. It was like I had been drugged. It got better, had some good visits, but I'm not going anywhere for a good while. so glad to be back


When you revisit your old friend and they basically have everything you ever wanted in their basement..


My friend found this in the middle of a street in our neighborhood. Disc inside and flawless. ..it Has been calling my name to play..


Real controversy.. I decided to play BFV bc of the new update, and 40gbs, then 30 Gbs.. and now 13 Gbs later I'm still waiting after an hour or so. That's a lot. It was already updated a week ago. Goddamn Origin, or whomever is at fault.


I see people putting the $ sign behind the number, like 30$. Advertisements do it, Americans.. I never knew that to be correct, but people are doing it more and more.


Why is this dumb song so stuck in my head? Danny McBride and crew wrote it, Walton Goggins performing.. it's such a Christian yuckity yuck song. Anyways, good show.


We learn etiquette from our parents so in turn we also learn what we behaviors we dislike in people. What do you recall that your folks didn't like that now you don't like? My examples in comments.


Aw hell yeah, my friend has never seen Tropic Thunder before so I'm going to watch it with him tonight. I hope he appreciates one of the best scenes in cinema. "What do you mean YOU people?" ... "What do YOU mean you people".. *grunts* "HUUH!??"


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