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Pee times posted for Avengers. Normally I'm good but with trailers not even starting until 10:50pm @ my viewing, I'm probably going to be feeling the pressure. 1:54 minutes is a good time. Runpee app says what happens during the scene but notreadingit yet


I don't even want to read good reactions to Endgame. Also, wtf internet!On Google News, Entertainment section.. headline "Uh, there's evidence in GoT that Blah guy gets blah blah'd & blah blah". Wow, in the headline!?? Have some respect!!


Beat Oxenfree. Neat that it has replayability in a cool way after you beat it, but this and Night inthe Woods just put me to sleep. They're fine talking sims, or whatever, but hard for me to really enjoy.


If I post on Flixist articles and nobody sees it, does it even exist? Ponderous.


Sooo this Japanese town has a mascot war going on, and best mascot is Chiitan, because he doesn't give a fuck. This is my favorite thing now and I hope you like it too.


Beat Night in the Woods. I really liked the writing and character interactions and all. Story is alright and I'm glad I played it. 7 games beat this year! Maybe I can beat another short game before I start Days Gone in a few days. Also, Gregg Rulz OK


Teddy mean muggin' the photographer. Me, I don't take many good pics. #selfietoid & I'll post a few more in the comments. Have a happy weekend.


Apparently we will find out the best time for pee break in Endgame by Wednesday the 24th. I'm usually okay but I'll have probably had a couple beers before 10:40 showing, and want to enjoy some at the Alamo.. & some people will choose the diaper solution.


Been in love with my new toy for the past week. It and a little bit of grease do the job oh so well.


If you eat out a lot, each chain now has its own app with discounts & reward systems. Some are no good (Subway) but several places let me skip the line, get $10 back on like every $70 & have coupons. Just a friendly little tip for those of us on a budget!


I tried playing Vampire:TM Bloodlines this weekend & while I was ready to commit to an aged game, dated graphics & all, right after the tutorial I wandered around for 20 minutes and couldn't proceed so I said nope, not having fun and quit. Moreincomments


Humans already using 1.7x the planet's resources, population increasing by 1 million people every 4 1/2 days.. Thanos time?


They say nature abhors a vacuum.. And so does my dog!


What's the last magazine you subscribed to.. or do you still subscribe to any? The last era of magazine subscriptions for me, back around 2006-2010 were FHM, Maxim, Blender and Time.


Hey does anyone live near Washington DC? Flixist is always giving away free movie screenings but it's like always in Washington DC, or maybe even Baltimore. Figured somebody might be in the area, or have a friend there.


Hiyooo. So AC:Odyssey is $20 for PS4 or Xbox on Amazon, as is Dark Souls: Remastered.


Fuck Microsoft. Switching old Surface to new one, the amount of passwords I've had to enter and re-enter is ridiculous. Passwords needed to create a pin, okay set it up, now enter the password again, etc,etc. Then Office2013 won't let me use productkey.


I recommend the decades documentaries on Netflix. Watched The Seventies.. now watching The Eighties. Cool little multi-part compilations w/ synopsis's of each decade. 70's best was serial killers and then terrorism. 80's is technology, so far.


SNL actually took a good jab at video games. Don't want to spoil it, but I'll say that, yeah that seems about right.


Well I recommend and also don't recommend watching the Adnan Syed doc. I was so intrigued and then hopeful and now I'm in a hole now because the justice system is so unjust and prosecutors and police too often don't care about facts. Poor kids 😢


What a week of shitty computers. Down to the last minute, this week has taken its toll on me. No more old men who have ancient computers and no more gaming desktops, bc I don't carry an inventory of every CPU & motherboard & they are no fun. Hold me Teddy


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