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Guess I'm playing Ace Combat 7. HOTAS configured, and now the Vive.


Beta signups are now open for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine. https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/quarantine/en-gb/


Going to move on from Mutant Year Zero. Had a great time with it yesterday for 90 minutes but tonight I spent an hour and got nowhere. I encountered many situations, picked off a few dudes undetected, but there was a lot of reloading. I don't like that.


How is Bloodstained's multiplayer?


The Final Cut is a masterful Pink Floyd album & maybe one of the best musical experiences related to war. It's definitely something I got lost in so frequently as a kid. There's only 1 upbeat song on it though lol & I just discovered it has a vid. Enjoy!


Mutant Year Zero. After prologue, it got difficult. Changed to normal difficulty. Can't do it. Charming game, I actually lol'd, but like XCOM the RNG sucks! Who needs this crap. Refund please.


Finally I can move on. I'd write a blog about Days Gone but I think it'd just be a list of complaints. It's basically a bad good game. I wish I could have consulted to make it much more perfect.. I would have had some valuable input.


Act 3 of Days Gone should be called The Hunt for Growler Bottles. Jesus Christ, what a time sink this is getting to be.


Wrote a review for Howard's new book. All he does is apologize for years of great radio, try to convince non-fans he's acceptable now, and rewrites history to make himself looks as good as possible. Amazon accepted my lengthy review, picture an all.. lol.


My hair dude moved salons and it's really fancy. Also, all the ladies there have big beautiful asses. I think it's policy.


Thinkgeek has a half off sitewide sale as they are basically closing down their online business. Use code MOVINGDAY Even works on those dumb weeb Gundam models


Power back on. Yay. Also, Teddy got groomed.


Power went out Sunday at 1:30pm, electric company says my neighborhood will be out until Wednesday at 3:30pm. Awesome.. Well it's an adventure finding AC and Wi-Fi and power plugs. Something different.. Adventure.


Well this isn't how I wanted my Sunday to go. At 1pm a bad storm came through Dallas & wrecked the city. Many areas powerless, might not come back on until very late Monday. Found a Twin Peaks w/ wifi & nice booth to use my laptop. Still rather be home.


Happy SIXTY NINE DAY!!!! nice


Happy SIXTY NINE DAY!!!! nice


Happy SIXTY NINE DAY!!!! nice


Proper nouns r weird. I'm a human, I get named and you capitalize the first letter. I'm important now. Carbon is essential to life, while I am not and we just go, "hey carbon u r nobody u improper noun nobody". And we can't give every carbon a unique name


While it won't be as satisfying for purists, I'm sure, at least it has well thought out combat and maybe you can set the difficulty to nightmare.. and then everyone will be happy.


Don't buy Enter the Gungeon! It's free in about a week, on EGS.


Played some Overwatch and Siege last night with two friends. Apparently double XP weekend for Overwatch 6th through the 10th. I played bad but had fun and won as the Yeti in Yeti Hunt.


Anyone seen Seymour in the last week or two? I just realized he hasn't been present here for a few weeks.


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