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This looks very enjoyable! It's inspired by older Metal Gear games, and has a pretty cool sense of humor. There's a lot of equipment and stuff going on. From the makers of Unepic, which was charming. Oh, it's got a demo now too.


I see so many of these damn commercials that this gave me a good laugh.


Don't mean to be a downer but I woke up in the middle of the night and got on the news. I'd read about this, but between seeing this and Huntington Beach KKK rallies.. I'm just depressed. How you treat people like this? My fault for keeping up w/ the news


This song is a bop. SZA vibes.. so chill. !


Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner. Or a friend. Or a city.


One of the most powerful hip-hop tracks of all time. Relatable and honest. RIP DMX


PS5 ain't arriving today. Called customer service, they said it's delayed bc of high demand. Not cool. They now say it arrives Sunday. Hope so. She said they're going to discount me 10% but the website says I'm saving $100. Wow, if true.


I ordered some new shoes. Also bought my friend a different pair, because he's a great friend. And I'm still waiting on Walmart to tell me my PS5 shipped. Still says it's due tomorrow, but the clocks ticking on that I guess.


Figured I'd share some computer tips from time to time. Starting with TreeSizeFree, an app that shows you where on your PC your data is taking up the most space. Nowadays with SSDs sometimes being smaller, it's very handy to make some room.


This is why I use AT&T. Seriously though, their spokeswoman is a total hottie. Milana Vayntrub. Take a hike Flo from Progressive.


Decent Sunday. Cleaned, napped, saw Kong vs Godzilla. Been a decent week overall. And! Can't be more happy that Matt Gaetz is getting a downfall befitting of a low-life side-villain. That puts a smile on my face.


Was on the floor posing with Teddy but he wanted to lie down I guess. Good to see some of the best people ever posting their lovely selves here! #selfietoid


I made and egg and olive sandwich. My mom used to make them and I hadn't had one since I was a little kid. Simple, something different.. pretty good!


Crab Maison. It's quite a good recipe and it came out great.


I went to turn off notifications for The Council and the two options were to "Join" or "Ask me again later". Where is the "Disable" option!? Goddamn modern website developers.


Got a box today. Let's see what's inside.


I just love service businesses that put in their advertisements that they're Christians. Maybe a bible verse also. That would be like hiring a plumber because they're.. pro-second amendment. Lol, so lame.


With all these shootings.. did anyone watch Rampage (2009)? Uwe Boll movie. I watched it a decade ago. It wasn't bad. I'm queasy about violence so it was effective in making me want to hide under the bed for the rest of my life.


I cut the shaggy boy's hair Saturday and Sunday. I still have some detailing to do, but he is lookin' pretty good. Good bonding time when I'm cutting his beard and then around his butthole.


My favorite part about the Snyder cut is the jalapeno flavor.


I just thought about how we refer to games or books as copies. "I got a copy of that.""Let me borrow your copy". Like, the best way we can identify certain things is to refer to them as something that has been duplicated? No, I'm not high.


What's the best Beastie Boys track? Is it No Sleep Till Brooklyn? Is it.. Sabotage? OR, is it Brass Monkey? No, no, no, the answer is: Intergalactic. It's quite possibly the best hip hop track ever made. Great video too.


I can't believe I managed to snag a PS5 from Walmart. Since they're going to still be dropping every 10 minutes for maybe the next hour, I'll post this video which I watched and then was able to get one in the very next scheduled drop.


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