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Happy friday. I bought Hades, just because it is $10 with the Epic coupon. But I'm so in love rn with FF7R, who knows when I'll get to play it. It's one of my favorite games ever as of now.


I just had a guy get off work from an Amazon warehouse and pick up his laptop and he says the buzz is that preorders start at midnight, but.. don't know if that's EST, CST or PDT. Or even true. Just putting it out there in case.


Ugh I wanna go play FFV7R but I can't yet. Started it last night, beat the scorpion, and ran around the streets kicking butts before saving and calling it a night. It's so good!


Dallas Stars win in OT! Going to the Stanley Cup baby!!!


1 person working at my closest post office. 7th place in a line that hasn't moved in 10 minutes or so. 8 people behind me. Thanks Trump.


Tried using the Brave browser for a few months but it makes logging into websites a real pain every time. Time to give Firefox another chance.


Well I'll be damned. Bought a CPU / motherboard bundle at Microcenter for a build for a customer and got an email with a Steam key for The Avengers. I didn't even plan it. What a nice surprise.


Bought and had Nutella for the first time today. I thought it'd have something else to it because I'm a little underwhelmed. I had it on a peanut butter sandwich. It's no pimento cheese I'll tell you that!


Any recommendations of movies about seedy, grimy, criminal New York City, like 70s through early 90s?


Played Paper Mario (64) last night for the first time. It's SOOOOO good. Got through the first dungeon, and the game keeps opening up. And I met Bombette who is so lovely. And that Koopa Bros boss battle music, mwah!


Teddy rolled in shit on a trail earlier so he got another bath. (There's a dog bone on my head #doghacks)


Teddy hates a bath. Time to brush out his hair so it doesn't tangle. Happy Saturday evening people.


I beat Super Mario RPG last night. Well, I got to the final boss and then just watched the ending on youtube. Same difference. Paper Mario time now I guess.


Haha, got 'em!! (Respectfully, I'm posting the image in comments..)


I love Natalie Maines. Realist person, stood up in country music about the iraq war when many wouldn't. But I guess this song just makes me think of my mom. Harmonies.


I just learned I've been tying granny knots my whole life.


It sucks having family you love and old friends you'd like to kinda lightly keep up with, but then they idiots.


TLOU2 question in comments..


I jump over or avoid water and puddles in games, and try not to ride through fields with crops growing. Part of my ocd I guess.


New Jordan's arrived yesterday just in time for #shoetoid. Inspired by early 90s designs and I love 'em.


I wish I could find high quality stills of the art from the ink animations in Ghost of Tsushima. Omg, I want them printed and hanging on my wall. Absolutely gorgeous work, but I can't find them anywhere.


Got a new book about the Texas Rangers and all the stuff they did (Lots of really, really bad stuff). Also, apparently Sam was a Texas Ranger.


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