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I gotta get my sleep schedule back on track. Made a good attempt to sleep by 1am last night but just lied there for an hour w/ pup and kitty. Got up and slammed some beers to try and help but no. So I played CS Source which was not a good idea...


Yes, social media is not something I'm a big fan of. I would never be on Instagram because it's just not realistic and its full of narcissism. Michael Crichton got it right in my favorite book ever, The Lost World.. Ian Malcolm quote from 1995 in comments


Finished MINDHUNTER S1 this week. Cool show & good timing bc S2 started today. Lead actor was in a show called Looking that I watched.. And it's OLIVIA from Fringe! I love her, her deep voice and all, lol.


Must watch. I don't want to "spoil" it as otherwise I'm just listing everything you will see, but there's so much going on after the nuclear powered missile explosion in Russia. I'll talk about the weapon in my comment though. Some srsly Metal Gear stuff.


I fucking hate eBay.


I just finished The Loudest Voice, Russell Crowe playing Roger Ailes, bscly the story of Fox News. Truly a revolting person and I kinda teared up at the end when all the women come forward, feel bad for Gretchen Carlson (Naomi Watts), and srsly, fuck Fox.


Dog Haus for dinner, brandy alexander's, tequila, games, some people smoking. Happy Saturday night


I have no idea how I ended up with this CD back in like.. '93. It was awesome, it was dirty, and it still holds up.


Got back into GTA V. Never played through the PC version, but I beat the PS3 one. I just need some mostly mindless driving and shooting. Also thinking Octopath Traveler. Does that have a lot of grind? I like grinding in RPGs as it's also kinda mindless.


What's up fuckers!?!


The new Aziz Ansari Netflix special "Right Now" was pretty terrific. Lots of good audience work and also a pretty good amount of time on white people getting "woke", cultural stuff and all that.


McDonald’s Japan beverage cups not PG-rated when viewed from certain angles


1st 3 eliminated from BB this year. Something similar about all of them can't quite put my finger on it. Friend said it's like the cafeteria where ppl end up sitting w/ ppl that they look like, but damn the house majority all white & this is how they roll


These sick people taking mucho deniro from the NRA, voting against sensible gun regulation at every step & have the nerve to blame the games & the entertainment industry, all the while embracing hate speech and supporting a vile asshole in the white house


Tried playing Siege last night but was soon teamkilled, called n-word and talked shit to by these very low-iq sounding young adults. I actually felt bullied. I made the video to report them.. I didn't' let them ruin my night though, pic in comments.


Texas is on fire right now. I'm about to abort.


Nearing 4 years since his passing, Sir Richard Attenborough, spared no expense.


Sonovabitch I didn't know any other 4 non blonde songs but fuck, they really jam. Listening to the album on Amazon Music.


Wild Turkey 101. Also, very sweet latin girl tonight told us she was a photographer and her camera had 35 megapickles. ☺☺☺ She IS an Awesome wedding photographer, but was a little white girl wasted. Megapickles. That's a good one.


I love marketing, but I hate TV ads so much. Talking to actors like they're real customers, even using bad iphone footage to sell it, Honda tooting own horn about how they are doing charity.. I guess I just like sincerity. So, here's a classic! #musictoid


This here is for you peoples, two


This here is for you peoples


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