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OK so I really like Anthem. Despite some complaints, the cooldown on special powers are very, very short compared to Destiny and others and zipping around while hitting combos with partners feels great. -more in comments-


"The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition."


What's this soup you all speak of? Sounds like some inferior less thin and runny version of Gruel. Now come have some GRUEL with me. GRUUEEEELLL. You'll eat your GRUEL you'll like it. GRUEEELLLLLLLLL. #teamGRUEL


Wow, I haven't seen Spawn in anything since, well.. Spawn! As a martial arts fan, might even go to the theater to see it for that one single night that it's there.


"Cannibal Club" movie trailer. As said by Flixist (they are on fire today), Very NSFW. How long will this trailer be available on YouTube? Also, this looks like a masterpiece. Predicting Editor's Choice Award.


Staff post. Movies for those that aren't necessarily in love with today.


Flixist has their review up for Alita: Battle Angel. Seems like I first saw the trailer for this 4 years ago. Probably less, but seems like forever.


I hit post one time.. darn dupes.


Just helped a guy named Mark Miller. Made me think of a lady last year I help that - no shit - her name was Stormi Daniels. She told her husband she wants to use her maiden name again. Anyone here know anyone with a famous name? Or have one, lol?


Just beat Dying Light: The Following. Ending was annoying. Timer, med-kits don't come back after a death, you seem to take more damage and the boss fight was dumb. Not sure I liked the story ending either. 4th game of the year beaten though! :D


I thought I'd share my #shelfie. Of course I have boxes of older games in the garage, but this is a comfortable amount to keep in reach. Bigger photo in the comment. I'd love to hear any thoughts about it.


Beat Secret of Mana remake last night! Took several more hours of grinding out a magic than I expected, but worth it. Also, the penultimate battle w/ Thanatos has my favorite alternate track in a game where I spent 98% listening to the original OST.


Division 2 beta is alright. I'm remembering the joys of using a special on a baddie only for someone you're playing with to take them out before your gadget does, making it a total waste. Also, hardest enemy is Delta-03.


Is it possible to not have OCD but still need to wash your hands every 10-15 minutes?


Completed Ori last night! Was a good challenge but no more platformers for now. Next I think I'll wrap up the final dungeon of Secret of Mana since that'll be quick, then The last bit I have left of Dying Light The Following. Then all the Spidey DLC.


I don't know the nuances of Soulja Boy (and no I don't wanna) but this was a good bit.. I like the character. And they bring up his soulja boy gaming console, lolz


Where do you get your news from? Not talking gaming or media stuff, but about current events and politics and what not?


Impressed as hell by flying around in Anthem. Right away, like whoa. Looks and runs stunning, especially on PC.


Don't forget to keep Flixist in your browsing habits or you'll miss articles like this. And let Dtoid know you want them in your feed along with games.


I wish more people (read: anyone at all) would check out Flixist. I RSS it and get good movie and tv news and there's like no one ever there. I think they stopped putting Flixist articles on the main site's feed bc of complaints :(


Stupid domain name price guessing game. Guesses?


Hey now, long time, etc. Just saw this story of a teen in Dallas missing, now found. Who does he look like??


Now this is what playing games with friends is supposed to be like. LAN party of sorts, 3 friends playing ARK while letting a bud play Arizona Sunshine. I'll try and get one with me in it later when we start again. Also, there are 2 dogs in this picture:)


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