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Teddy and my friend's Shih Tzu, Mao, on a trail. Hot but not too bad. Dogs got worn out though.


So EA is releasing Madden 22 on PC this year, but it won't get this years upgrades & features that consoles will get. So it's a full price roster update? This might be the biggest gaming publisher scam I've ever seen.


Weaving together an interesting story to tell someone is great when there isn't someone who is constantly trying to guess the next part. They're either wrong & derailing the story or thy're right & endup stealing the moment someone has been waitng to say.


Oh great.. Texas can't do cold or hot weather now. Residents notified to set temps to 78 or higher. It's just only recently started getting in the mid-90s, wtf.


There's something special about how honest Tiny Tim was. And that he endorsed certain products so much, like preferring Ajax much better than Comet. And Jergens body shampoo.


Just catching up on some news.. They made this a game?


I helped an elderly lady in my hood w/ her PC & she sent me home w/ some cooked bacon, lol. That Russian lady brought me baby carrots for Teddy and a bag of dark cherries for me. Another lady brought Teddy treats. All within a week!


I know I'm late to seeing it, but that Queen's Gambit show was really good. I guess it wasn't anything mind-blowing as far as the plot, but it was a really pleasant watch.


I saw this on Twitter so I looked up what it was for me and it's Home Alone 2, lol. Truth.


Hell yeah, look what just arrived. Universal seat belt alarm stoppers, so I don't have to hear the car dinging at me. They're also bottle openers, so there's.. extra danger I guess?


Had the new BK chicken sandwich last week and it's really very good. I think I'll go get me another one.


I never knew Tonya Harding had a bar. It's called Club Nancy


What is this downside That you speak of What is this feeling You're so sure of.. Well, that's it for Shameless. Great season. Sometimes it got stupid, but it was still always a really good time, and damn it was such a good ensemble. Cheers to them!


This older lady thought her 6 year old computer might be too old but I was like, it's perfectly fine with a new SSD. "It'll be good for work stuff, web stuff, bedroom stuff-" What did I just say. She goes in her russian accent, "I don't do bedroom stuff."


My bff and I have the rules mostly down now to be able to run some scenarios by ourselves. The main scenario we did last night was awesome. Me, the lone survivor nabbed the gold chest right before the last enemy died of poison, lol.


Fuck ebay, fuck custom builds, fuck spam calls, fuck apple. This week sucks.


The robocalls are so intense for me these last few weeks, and obviously, I have to answer my damn phone. Even the spam warning isn't accurate. Thank you for letting me complain.


Finished season 3 of Master of None. Interesting decision they went with to have Lena Waithe's character basically be the central focus. It was alright. I miss Aziz Ansari though. Well, guess I'll rewatch the Thanksgiving episode.


Am Bueno. Topo Chico making a hard seltzer is 👍👍


I tried playing my recent purchase of MK11 on my PS5 and the damn thing wouldn't let my friend play against me using a ds4. What a fucking bummer. What bullshit.


Dtoid not posted a HZD / HFW stream article yet.. they probably will, but there's the YouTube link anyways,


Anyone else in a video game jump over water when possible as to not get the character's shoes/boots unnecessarily soaked in water?


Someone worked overtime to try and make this comparison regarding color that is so false and unbelievably cherry picked. The anti-Sony crowd just makes me cringe so hard. But I still keep checking out their silliness.


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