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Sekiro is out for delivery, but until then, catgirls.


Sekiro has shipped. Wooo! Cant wait until tomorrow...but I don't get off work until 6:30 at night and have to go back in at 5 Saturday morning. Who decided games come out on Fridays now? I want a name. GIVE ME A NAME


Ugh, it's needs to be Friday already.


Latest haul, with a particularly high LEWD factor.


Just going to kickback this Friday night, have a few beers and watch some anime instead of play any games. First up, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (again). God, this OST is just unreasonably good.


"Present day! Present time! HAHAHAHA"


Welp, got Sekiro all preordered. I was probably gonna get it regardless, but after seeing a clip that showed you can chain grapples mid-air? Sold.


I was really happy that Maria from Bloodborne was in the PS4 theme that Sony made for International Women's Day. It shows that they haven't forgotten about it and are proud of the game and, hopefully, more is to come.


Oh dizzamn, just realized that Sekiro is out in 3 weeks.


Wait what. COD 4 remastered is one of the PS+ offerings this month? Gee, it's probably only one of my favorite games ever. I think I can accept that.


After getting pretty far in the Marine campaign of AVP 2010, it's surprising to me that, at least to my knowledge, you've never been able to slap a pulse rifle and flamethrower together like Ripley did in Aliens. It's so badass.


Just watched Stargate again for the first time since...well...the 90's. Man, what a nostalgia trip.


I just thought up the saddest but frightengly believable what-if situation. What if EA decided to put Dead Space themed armors in Anthem? On top of that what would be worse, if they made them micro transactions or free?


Seems to be a resurgence in the interest of Cowboy Bebop around here. Rightly so. I'll never forget staying up late one night as a kid and watching Ballad of Fallen Angels with this scene. Nothing short of life-changing.


Woah. I actually feel a little ill after watching these. The rabbit hole that is MGS2 just never ends.


That's Dead Space 2 completed. Again. Seriously, I've played through it at least 7 times over the years and I still can't wait to jump right back in to NG+. If that's not the sign of a great game then I don't know what is.


TGIFF: Thank God It's Fuckin' Friday, and I actually get a full weekend this time. I think I'll get drunk and marathon Dead Space 2. Yeah, that sounds pretty good.


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