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Picking up my Mazda RX-8 tomorrow!


Had quite a stupid-filled week, and it's not even over. At least it's time for catgirls.


I hope we get a release date for DOOM Eternal at E3. I just realized that, sure, I'm excited for more demon slaying, but I'm equally if not even more hyped just for the new soundtrack. Related...


Off to see an IMAX viewing of Avengers with my nerdy mom as part of her Mother's Day present. Should be fun.


Happy Birthday Mike Torchman Sounders-guy. May you bathe in the blood of your enemies.


Rewatched Iron Man since I kind of have Marvel fever. Damn is that a good movie, and it's blowing my mind how good some of the songs are and how they sound like they would fit right in an Ace Combat game.


Guys, I might be getting myself a Mazda RX-8. ;)


Picked up The Division for $20 last week and I'm actually really enjoying it. The soundtrack is especially good.


Its almost funny how bad a character Aiden from Watchdogs is. The first mission he goes to his nephew's birthday after not seeing him or his sister for a year after his niece's death, and he doesnt even get him a present or say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Well deserved 3 day weekend is here. WOOO! Aaannnd all the things I plan on doing...


That's Mass Effect 2 completed again. Now onto 3. Despite its infamy with the ending, I'm eager to see how it holds up. Haven't played it since it first came out.


Oh my god, I seem to have encountered a glitch in Mass Effect 2 that I've never come across before. The galaxy map theme is playing on an endless loop no matter where I go, and even double tracks itself. I feel like I've reached a higher plane of thought.


No new games are really doing anything for me lately, so I've been replaying the Mass Effect trilogy. It's crazy how much some of the dialogue and music is ingrained in my psyche. I seriously almost teared up during the reveal of the Normandy SR-2.


The Weebing of Soulbow begins...


Felt like watching the Nicolas Winding Refn "trilogy" (Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon) over the weekend again. OGF is still probably my least favorite, although I did like it more on a second viewing. That fight scene though is just great.


I didn't know I wanted all of the Combine radio chatter and Overwatch announcements in HL2 compiled, but I'm glad someone did it. I love the terminology. "Stabilization delegates"=Combine soldiers. "Anticitizen One reinfection"= Freeman tearing shit up.


Not limited to From games, but I admire how they can create immersive worlds while not being afraid to just let their games be "games". You acquire loot in Sekiro by just holding square and absorbing it into you. A far cry from RDR2 and SUCH REALISM.


Impressions on my hour or so playing Sekiro last night: pretty damn good. Haven't died once yet and beat the first mid-boss (big Shogun boi) first try and only got hit once. This combat really speaks to me. Can't wait to get off work and really dig in.


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