DeS: New features announced for FIFA 19
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Woot, full weekend for this guy! Hope everyone else has a good one, too. Also, catgirls.


So I guess RE2: Remake is my Game of Show. Cathartic to see it looking so good and coming out so soon. 2 was my first RE and was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the series and survival horror.


God dammit, I had fully accepted that Bloodborne 2 was not happening, and then Deracine gets revealed and now I'm speculating like hell that it is some kind of stealth tie in with Bloodborne.


The "harvesting" of your victims in Vampyr is one of the most poignant bits in a game Ive seen in a while. Walking them to a dark corner against their will, all while this cacophonous and sinister track grows louder. Man, what a cool game!


Oh shit oh shit oh SHIIITTT. The guy that hinted of the Shadows Die Twice teaser at TGA says that it's going to be at Microsoft's conference and it's published by...Activision? Don't care, hype overload right now.


Just went over the EA conference recaps.


Apparently PlayStation UK tweeted this earlier today and then immediately took it down. Hmmm, new PS4 game is getting announced tomorrow...


Went ahead and picked up Vampyr. I didn't follow the game at all up to release, but finding out it's a game with a dark and foggy turn of the century London with Bloodborne-esque combat, it sounds tailor made for me. Looking forward to diving in.


Over the weekend- "I wanna watch a movie. Something I havent seen before, and since my weekends are ass because of third shift and overtime, time is scarce, so it should be on the shorter side." *ends up watching entire Godfather trilogy again on Netflix*


Mini-haul! Complete copy of Suikoden for $15. 👍


I'm not sure what outweighs the other now; my hype for whatever Shadows Die Twice is, or for it to just get announced so people can stop mindlessly saying its a line from Tenchu. Around 5 months and not one screenshot or video to prove it. Irritating.


Picked up a used 32 GB Vita memory card for $35. The fact that's an accomplishment is pretty sad, still...


Aww yeah, E3 is just around the corner. Only *checks calendar* 3 weeks left....3 WEEKS?! What the frickin' just won't get here.


Well, the Sorceress' running animation is one of my favorite things in games now.


Totally forgot I had this preordered, but yay!


Hmm, I haven't seen it get mentioned around here, but there's some rumors that Code Vein is coming out in July. Gotta admit, I totally forgot about this game, but creating my own hawt vampire waifu sounds preeety sweet.


Still have some stuff to finish for the God of War platinum trophy, but I feel like starting a secondary game up on hard mode. Also, photo mode is live, and it's pretty fun.


Kratos: "Only fire when I tell you to fire." Atreus: "I'm sorry..." Kratos: "Hi Sorry, I'm Dad!" -_-


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