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Caught the neighbor kids today trying to "watch" the eclipse when it had already passed. "I can see it!" No you can't, its gone. "I can see some purple!" Because you're looking at the bare sun and burning your eyeballs out of your head. Related.


Atelier Sophie, Nights of Azure, and Dangonronpa in the PSN Attack of the "Blockbusters" sale? Hmmm...


Pelvic thrust! WOOOOOO


That's Gravity Rush dusted. Seriously frustrating and tedious game, but I'm ready to start GR2 since it looks waaay better. Shitposting of Kat in 2B cosplay to soon commence.


My Vita getting some love with this lot.


I wonder what it is about Hentai and tentacles. I have a theory that they're so prevalent because of a subliminal and unconscious obsession with octopi and calamari, due to Japan being an island nation, therefore being dependent on marine life for food.


Holy crap, I didn't realize at all that Omega Boost was published by Sony and was developed by Polyphony Digital. Talk about forgotten and underused IP's. *fantasizes about PS4 remake/reboot*


Went ahead and jumped on that Prey deal so I'm hyped to play that. I didn't realize Mick Gordon did the soundtrack. You can definitely hear some DOOM in there.


Seeing some of the posts about your Sonic Mania Collector's Editions and that box art is...ummm...huh. Is Sonic offering...a tugger? You know, the old five-finger hug? A HANDY? lewdbutiapprove.jpg


Speaking of Metal Gear Rising...


I got into Dubstep/EDM way late, so I kind of regret not witnessing the odd trend of using pics of anime girls (with GUNZ?) as thumbnails for videos as it developed.


And Happy Birthday to Toshaka! The QP experience wouldn't be the same without your incessant shitposting.


Damn, NieR hype just won't quit. That nice little article on the FP and Bass's new blog, and it's not even #2Btuesday yet. Can't stop. Won't stop!


I love how intense Wipeout can get (2048 in this case), and I'm only on the first speed class. Just the badass music, awesome sound design, and visuals work together to create this beautiful symphony of chaos.


Making my way through Gravity Rush. Very likable game with character and heart, but with poopy combat and disorientating visuals. Still looking forward to playing GR2 though.


Not a bad little haul.


Oh, wow Kat in gym shorts? Starting it off right, I see. 👌


*Buys Gravity Rush 2. Gets home. Puts disc in PS4. Immediately queues 2B costume dlc download*


#OPtoid Currently going through this now. Not as good as the first season's, but I still watch it every time and I rarely do that.


Layers of Fear is awesome. Absolutely oppressive atmosphere and maybe the only game ever to justify the use of absurd head bob. The disembodied whispers through the PS4 controller is a very nice touch, too. It's $7 on PSN if you have Plus.


Rei and Leona Heidern in Shoebill form? The ride never ends...


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