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Did a little shopping on my day off. I think I made out alright.


What a balls ass week for gaming news. Activision patenting a matchmaking system that encourages lootboxes, $30 costume pass for MvCI, and Visceral is no more. And it's only Wednesday.




So after beating Senran Kagura PBS and it seeming totally disconnected and standalone in nature at first, it turns out that it's actually a direct segue into SK7. That's...pretty frickin' cool.


Holy shit, the grind in Senran Kagura PBS is real. Cards take the place of XP to upgrade characters, weapons, and other skill cards, and they take forever to get to max level, but theyre the most time consuming requirements for the Platinum. Fuck.


Here's a SFW cat girl 2B, but know that I'm against it! The SFW part, that is. .


Apparently the soundtrack for Inside was recorded...umm...inside...a human skull. That is extremely metal. But seriously, that's an awesome idea, and it totally enhances the shock wave sequence when the music kicks in.


Bought Hellblade yesterday. Myself being bipolar and suffering from depression, it was the perfect opportunity to finally pick it up and support a good cause. I won't lie though, kind of wish they had at put it on at least a small sale.


When you started #2Btuesday and people like everyone else's contributions more than yours.


An anime girl playing and commenting on a dark and grim game like Inside, one of my favorite games ever. Incredible. Sugoi. My life is complete.


Yesssss. Been looking for Rez for a very long time.


I noticed on PSN that FakePlasticTree has been playing Bloodborne, and now I see Strider is diving in as well. This pleases me.


Oh no...Meme-chan has finally invaded my life.


I just blew my own mind with the thought of fighting Ludwig from Bloodborne in his second phase to Ludwig Von Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".


The only cup head that matters.


Bought a GBA SP at a garage sale a year ago at least and its been sitting in my cabinet ever since. Been taking it to work and playing Castlevania: HoD for a week at lunch for about 15 minutes at a time. Still havent had to charge it. What in the what.


Also, Happy Birthday to MetalDeer! One of my fellow colleagues in LEWD-ology.


I log on today and find my Resident Evil Remake blog from 2 years ago is front paged. Much surprise. What a way to start off the Month of Spook. Thanks, and cheers! Pic somewhat related

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Prey is super cool. It's not really scary, but theres a definite survival horror aspect to it, and I think its the closest we've come so far to Soulsborne in space. It's pretty hard and requires constant vigilance and observation.


It's been a long week. Time for some cat girls.


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