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Aww yeah, got the ok to opt out of overtime Friday night. Now I've got all day Friday and the full weekend to play God of War. Haven't taken time off for a game release since...ever, really. Should be lit.


Son of a...GRRRRR! Just had a spoiler for Dad of War pop up in my recommended videos on YouTube. I think we're all pretty good about this stuff around here, but just so it's out there, don't be a douche and post spoilery stuff. It won't end well for you.


Damn, I was expecting 9's, but not all of these perfect scores for God of War. So fricking excited for next week.


I'll probably pick up the DS remaster at some point, but I don't know if I can ever enjoy Souls as much as BB. The trick weapons and transformations, dashes, the outfits and setting. If there's one thing BB has that Souls doesn't, its style.


"Why would they make a giant Rei slide and put in a mall?" Let me answer that question with another question-why wouldn't they?


Best God of War 3 (remastered) for the first time since release. Man is that a good game. Better than I remembered. Just great pacing and overall polish in almost every regard. The whole opening alone is one of my favorite bits in gaming.


Catgirl Kaede on Friday.


Apparently I bought Vib Ribbon on PSN a few years ago and completely forgot about it. Huh...


Seems I'm not getting carded anymore when getting beer and smokes, at least not as often. I guess I'm finally starting to look my age at nearly 30. It was a good run, I suppose.


I haven't heard this song in forever. Still badass.


Oh shit, Happy Birthday Jiraya! One of my favorite dudes here. Super funny and your hauls are epic and make me smile. I hope it's a good one.


This is gonna be a long ass wait until the 20th. I need it now.


Watched a few episodes of Kakegurui last night. My impressions in a nutshell...


Merry Easter Fools Day. Or wait, that's not right. It's all very confusing. Better just post bunnies.


Sat down to play some Monster Hunter last night and noticed the playtime. Before even starting the first mission or killing ONE enemy, I had spent 3 hours just trying out weapons.


Alright, finished. Hunter Kyou and her trusty companion, Briefcase Joe. I am ready to hunt the monsters. Pic in comments.


FYI: Monster Hunter Worlld has gotten a $15 price drop at a few places, namely Best Buy, Amazon and Target, which is where I picked up a copy today.


I want Far Cry to get away from the quirky bad guys and shenanigans to the tone of 2, where it's super bleak and it's more about just surviving and not being a badass. Doing morally grey and terrible things for terrible people just for a quick buck.


Been getting some serious use out of my Vita(s) lately. I truly love my imported blue Slim model. It's just so damn beautiful and badass, and it even kind of reminds me of Rei's hair color. Truly the best!


It is time to catgirl.


I'm a bit worried about Kratos having rpg stats all of a sudden, but holy shit, this game looks absolutely badass.


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