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Aww yeah, E3 is just around the corner. Only *checks calendar* 3 weeks left....3 WEEKS?! What the frickin'...it just won't get here.


Well, the Sorceress' running animation is one of my favorite things in games now.


Totally forgot I had this preordered, but yay!


Hmm, I haven't seen it get mentioned around here, but there's some rumors that Code Vein is coming out in July. Gotta admit, I totally forgot about this game, but creating my own hawt vampire waifu sounds preeety sweet.


Still have some stuff to finish for the God of War platinum trophy, but I feel like starting a secondary game up on hard mode. Also, photo mode is live, and it's pretty fun.


Kratos: "Only fire when I tell you to fire." Atreus: "I'm sorry..." Kratos: "Hi Sorry, I'm Dad!" -_-


These Valkyries in God of War, man. I'm getting my lunch absolutely handed to me something fierce. They make some of the tougher Bloodborne bosses seem like a bunch of bitches.


Picked up some goodies today.


Oh yeah, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a thing. Damn, this is really turning out to be some of the best past couple of years in gaming, hands down. We are truly are born unto trouble, the trouble of too many amazing games.


That wave of realization of going back to work Sunday night with another 3 plus weekends in a row of overtime to come.


Well, beat the main story in GoW. Might sound hyperbolic, but this is one of the best action adventure games I've ever played. Ditch the cynicism if you're on the fence, this is a landmark experience that everyone owes it to themselves to play.


Second weekend off in a row. Thank god. Speaking of, gonna use this opportunity to try and beat God of War so I can stop worrying about spoilers and finally get to talk about it. Also, catgirls.


Oh wow, I just noticed in GoW that breaking the little destructible objects in the environment refills your Rage meter a tad with every hit. I love doing that in games, and to have it actually feed into gameplay benefits besides just finding stuff?


GOD damn...God of War is something else. I keep trying to find a place to stop and reflect, but it just keeps ramping up in scope and complexity with every passing section. It's an amazing feeling that I haven't experienced in a long time.


The wait for God of War to get here is brutal. Catgirls, grant me strength!


Aww yeah, got the ok to opt out of overtime Friday night. Now I've got all day Friday and the full weekend to play God of War. Haven't taken time off for a game release since...ever, really. Should be lit.


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