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Finally getting farther than I ever have been in Silent Hill 4. Kind of dreading getting to the infamous second half, but I love the sort of impenetrable mystery and oppressive atmosphere I haven't felt since Bloodborne, oddly enough.


You know, the buddies in Far Cry 2 was really neat because they only showed up when you actually needed them, and if they happened to die, they're gone forever. You never had to, say, intentionally kill them to get them unstuck in a glitch. "AAA" GAMING


It's a regular extravaganza today. Now, to add my contribution into the mix. #FeetFriday


Haul time! Freedom Fighters was one of those games I rented tons of times back in the day. Good times.


So many games I'd like to play for the Halloween season. I've become obsessed with the Silent Hill 4 trailer again. It's just, ugh. It's so damn good.


Red Dead Redemption 2 in just a little over three weeks. Current status


It's Spooktober! I think I'll replay Rule of Rose. Still one of the most shocking, terrifying, yet heartbreaking and human stories I've ever experienced. "Love itself is just as brief as a candle in the wind, and it's greedy, just like sin"


Been replaying the Far Cry games lately and forgot how much I love FC4. It's seriously one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. Just standing and looking out-"EAGLE!" Woah wha-"WATCH OUT, HONEY BADGER!" OH MY GOD THESE ANIMALS ARE FROM HELL


why you do dis to me, From


Yep, I'm all about Chain Chompette.


Me: "Nintendo memes are just the absolute worst. Alright, so what's this Bowsette everyone's talking ab-WOW HELLO."


Well, it's my birthday. Yay for me I guess, but also happy birthday to my homie Inquisitive (2FLY4U)Ravenclaw!


Watched Hereditary last night. Just..WOW. "Ohhh...it's probably going to be a twist about the horrors of mental illness". Me by the end of the movie...


"Apprehension and Evasion"-Storming the Combine entrenchments on the beach with a pack of lions at your back with this track playing has to be one of the best "tables have turned" sequences in any game.


Welp, on vacation for the next five days.


Played a bit of ZOE2 last night. Man, this is great. Between this and replaying the Half-Life series, I'm getting a nice fill of kickass late '90s-early '00s techno beats.


"You're Not Supposed To Be Here"-I love getting the cannon on the airboat. Coming out of the tunnel seeing the Hunter Chopper ready for a fight, I just imagine Freeman smirking. ""Who's hunting who, now?" (synth and drums kick off)


"CP Violation"- It seems to get some flak, but I really like Route Kanal in HL2. It's where you get into the combat proper, sets up some basic world building, and start to feel like you are really throwing a wrench (or crowbar?) into the Combine's plans.


Going on vacation early next week, but still have overtime tonight and a wedding tomorrow to get through. Ugh, come on life. I got games to play. Also, #CatgirlFriday.


Finally completed the first Half-Life for the first time. That's a load off my mind. Xen was just as tedious as they say, but at least I was rewarded with this great credits theme. God, I love HL music.


Huh, so ZOE2 PS4 comes with a cloth patch of the logo. Neato...I guess?


How far we've come.


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