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Why did I ever stop playing Bravely Default? This is just a better version of my favorite Final Fantasy game (III)


Octopath demo made me crave some good jrpg fun, so I reinstalled Bravely Default since I mever finished it. I figured I'd just start from scratch, but that was made painful when I saw a 50 hour, unfinished, save file.


Found this picture the other day and the first thing that came to mind was "Did Angie make this???"


I hope Mario gives Toad sloppy a sloppy riimjob in a gas station bathroom.


One time while ai (EDIT: I) was hanging out with a girl I liked, my dad texted me a picture of himself taking a shit and asked what I wanted for dinner. #Embarrassmentoid


When you actually get a good teammate in a game.


Thats what happens when you put ketchup on a hotdog.


I have no idea why, but I've had the sudden urge to play WoW. Currently installing for God knows what reason. Gonna make a new character since I love the grind, but I dunno if I have it in me to play Horde this time around. Night Elves 4lyfe baybee.


I have a bad tendency of staying away from bands or albums that seem to have obnoxious fans, but I finally gave Neutral Milk Hotel and Bon Iver a chance. I now have 2 new favorite bands.


Happy Birthday, Bathroom Boy. May your shits be memorable on this day.


Fine I'll do it too so you can all bully me for the amount of Gen I pokes in here.


If someone already posted this, I apologize. Havent been here in a few days.


Wakes up from a 12 hour fever induced sleep. Sees that the SNES Mini was realeased at 1am. Am I still having a fever dream?


True love is hard to find. Happy for you, Dere.


*plays that one George Michael song*


Man I dont even like Sonic and I kinda want to get Mania...


Speaking of birthdays, I found a picture of what I can only assume to be the creation of Occams.


You were born today but long ago. Happiness.


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