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Handed in my mod powers and won’t be around much anymore. Stay beautiful, everyone.


Crush my head between your thighs Flanx and also happy birth.


Man the ending to Odyssey bumped the game to an 11 for me.


When you smugly ignore all the times Mario Odyssey tells you to look at the advanced controls menu, and after getting fed up with the motion controls not working you check the menu out of frustration to realize you were doing it wrong the whole time.


Had to remove a post for Odyssey spoilers, sorry about that whoever you were!


Guess who’s back, back again. Hypno’s back, tell a friend.


Just figured I’d let you all know that i may not be around for awhile. Currently in the emergency room waiting to be admitted for frequent suicidal thoughts. Might end up in an in-patient program, might not. Either way, just want you all to know whats u


I want Sucker Punch to suck my pucker.


TIL that finding impactful, meaningful primary sources for a research paper is exhausting and stressful when given a short deadline. All I wanna do is get sad on League of Legends, but instead I have to get sad writing papers.


Why did Scott Pilgrim ever dump Knives I mean come on now.


Played Pokemon Platinum (first time, played Diamond/Pearl before tho,) Pokemon White (this replay made me a lot more fond of Gen V,) and Pokemon X this month. Decided to replay FireRed, and man the nostalgia hits hard. Dunno if I can play it.


Ok I know it's a double post but I was watching a video for my Early Childhood Education class and this woman showed up in the video and spooked the shit right out of me. Are you ok lady?


Pokemon Discussion: I think that one of the best additions to the series over the years has been one of the smallest: Eviolite. A simple hold item might not seem like much, but an item that incentivizes not evolving some Pokes is great. Cont. in Disqus.


Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes That make me think the wrong thing


Chickity China The Chinese Chicken


The Barenaked Ladies are the most important contribution to music in the past 50 years.


Oh, so that SNES Mini I ordered from Amazon UK that said "does not ship to the US" arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Never played a single game thats on it. What should I play first?


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