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Also who wants a copy of Undertale? It's sitting in my Steam inventory and looking at it hurts my soul.


I'm oddly excited to start Dragon's Dogma. Been awhile since I played a large RPG, so I guess that might be why. Hopefully it clicks with me! If not at least I have about 12 games from this year alone that I started and never finished that I can play.


The first of my Dragon's Dogma streams will start this Thursday, May 25th at 9:00PM EST. I'd like to do it a bit earlier, but this was the earliest I could start it to get in A-list names like Amna Umen, TheBlondeBass, and Torchman. EDIT: Bumperino


Jesus, people weren't lying when they said Thumper is exhausting. It's a one of a kind experience for sure.


So about a week ago after buying the LE Transistor vinyl, I noticed Supergiant provides a link where you can ask them stuff. I asked if they had plans for Bastion on vinyl and was told there were no plans, but to not rule it out for the future(Cont.below)


Well, it's been decided. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen has come out on top. I'll probably start streaming it sometime next week, but first it'd help to know who is interested so I can try to work out good times to stream.


"Destiny 2 will be exclusively available through the Blizzard Launcher" Suck.My.Cock. Where's John Wilkes Booth when you need him?


I have a short (like, really really short) blog coming out in a few hours, and over the next few days I'll try to work on a blog compiling my top 10 favorite albums, since the general sentiment on my last post was to share the music I enjoy.


Sometimes I hate that most of the bands and musicians I love are relatively unknown, since it's really rare to find others who know them/enjoy their music as much as me.


My final weighted average in my education course was an 88.07%....and my professor submitted it as an A- to the school. I guess that's what the winky face on my final exam meant.


Sitting out on my porch at 2:25 in the morning with a glass of whiskey, staring up at the sky, and listening to Brackish Water Jamboree is an incredibly relaxing experience. They're honest to God a great band, and good ol' Wes is a member! Check em out.


Got an email today saying that Supergiant Games produced a limited 200 copies of the Transistor Soundtrack on black vinyl instead of the normal white. As a self proclaimed Supergiant fanboy, I had to buy it, even if my wallet disagreed with me...


TFW Malthor isn't around to talk and you have an existential crisis.


Current video game OST vinyl collection. More pics in the comments.


Are there visual hiccups on the console versions of Prey (infrequent but noticeable missing textures, flickering textures, shadow pop-ins, collision problems) or are they exclusive to the PC port?


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