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True love is hard to find. Happy for you, Dere.


*plays that one George Michael song*


Man I dont even like Sonic and I kinda want to get Mania...


Speaking of birthdays, I found a picture of what I can only assume to be the creation of Occams.


You were born today but long ago. Happiness.


So, I bought the Crash Trilogy the other day. That's all well and good, but I forgot that my only PS4 controller suffers from both a broken left analog, and broken dpad. Forget the shitty Dark Souls meme, this is true agony.


Unpopular Opinion: All of your garbage opinions are harshing on my mellow. Also Belch of the Wild is underwhelming.


Found an old picture of myself while cleaning out my closet. Man, what happened? Time is cruel.


If Occams ever had a kid, I imagine this is how things would go.


The End is Nigh? More like the end of sanity is nigh. Not even 40% completion and I have 1109 deaths. Why I, a person bereft of any platforming skill chose to play this game is beyond me. *Goes back to playing more*


Learning how to play fighting games is like learning a new language. Never really played a fighting game for more than 20-30 minutes before today. Spent a good 6-7 hours trying to figure out Skullgirls. At least I won a few games against my friends.


After beating Pyre (current GOTY) I felt the need to play another indie, so I picked up The End is Nigh. As someone that's incredibly bad at platformers, this is masochism incarnate, but oh so rewarding when I finally succeed.


So after binge watching Better Call Saul (and loving every second of it,) I decided that I'm gonna rewatch Breaking Bad to help fill the void until Season 4.


Dere, why did you never tell us that you were a doctor?


My friend bought me Dream Daddy and it's something special.


Pyre is on the fast track to becoming my favorite Supergiant game, which would in turn make it my favorite game. God, I love this studio so much.


Bass has more followers than me on here so I guess it's time to end it all.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes, it really means a lot to me. It's crazy to see so many of you send some words my way. I'm incredibly thankful that I found this website a few years ago, cause I don't know what I would do without y'all. <3


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