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Happy Born Day, Bear Bot Zed. May it be filled with emotions, but only good ones.


When you click on your profile and it loads instantly for the first time in months. This isn't your grandad's load times...


How me and my hot German boyfriend are with each other. He’s currently napping and I dont know what to do with myself.


Just watched the first episode of Devilman Crybaby and its lit. Picture somewhat related.


Imagine waking up in bed next to this gentleman.


Divinity: Original Sin is the best game I’ve played in ages. I may retroactively make it my GOTY from whatever year its from.


Got Your Name on Blu-ray for Christmas and forced my dad to watch it with me. Against all odds, he liked it enough that he asked if we could watch it again, but dubbed instead so he could follow it better. Huh.


Merry Christmas. Big moist thanks to Bass, Anthony (Amna) Marzano, Vxxy, and Robo Panda Z for the gifts. And a big warm hug for the most important person in my life, Malthor. <3


Watched a few episodes of Mushishi and The Muppets Christmas Carol with Bass, Malthor, and Vxxy to get into the holiday spirit (something I struggle with.) Had a great time watching it with them, and it cheered me up a lot. :)


Malthor doesnt like peanut butter and our marriage is falling to pieces because of it.


God, the 3rd season of Broadchurch is so bad. Wish they ended the series after S2.


Gamestop offering price guarantees for Battlefront 2 trade ins. As Malthor put it, “If even Gamestop turns on you, you’ve lost.” What a fucking disaster.


When you get notified about a 2 year old comment getting upvoted


Sly Cooper 2 is the pinnacleof video gaming and anyone that disagrees is a lemon.


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