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In the past 3 or 4 months, I've gotten Malthor through all of the JoJo anime (113 episodes) and 87 episodes of Hunter x Hunter 2011. Been a blast introducing my best friend to some of my favorite series, even if they're long as sin.


Got Level 72 mining in Old School Runescape and my Berserker Helm. Having fun still, been great so far~


When a main road in your town goes under construction with no announcement/warning from the township for the 4th time in 3 months.


Thanks to a certain user, I was able to crudely see 20 minutes of gameplay from Monster Hunter World. For the most part it looked pretty great, though there are a few things I'm worried about. Crossing my fingers that its good.


Definitely have newfound appreciation for the mod team after helping out for a bit. Not having the luxury of noping out for the day after lots of stupid bullshit is tough.


The pictures that you have seen of Wes are all lies. This is who he really is.


It wasn't until the Nintendo stream that I truly understood why extra mods were brought on for E3.


Will this make people shut up about Metroid, or make them talk about it even more? I'm very worried that it'll be the latter.


I may not like Polygon, but sometimes Nick Robinson is pretty fucking funny.


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