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I am going to make a film starring Jimboxxx and Kaz Hirai please fund my kickstarter.


When the Dualsense get the big drift. Lovely controller but this is easily the fastest a controller has ever crapped out on me. Joycons and DS4s at least gave me the courtesy of at least a year.


For womens day I’d like to thank all of our wives/girlfriends for dealing with us. You ladies are the real ones. You lift us up so we can make fart jokes on a niche gaming website. Legends.


Felt cute might delete later


God of War 2018 is such a fascinating game. I’m beyond glad I gave it a second chance, but perhaps more importantly it’s one of the only games where I feel that it has multiple fumbled core systems/elements that but is also close to 10/10. Weliveinsoc


I see Pokémon has finally entered the PS2 era. Gen 4 got fucking robbed lmao. When mom says we have pokemon at home lookin ass. FFVI phone port lookin ass. Whyyyyyyyyy


Picture of me that encapsulates my mood about the past year ft. my newfound receding hairline.


After 5 years of not knowing what the fuck life is or what im doing with it post high school, I got accepted into Rutger’s social work program. Finally one piece of good news in this past piece of shit year. Time to get turnt.


Life has many doors ed boy


I havent even fought a zombie yet and Half Life Alyx is up there for retroactive goty. Idk why I slept on it considering it was among the reasons i got an index. I have discovered that VR is great until I need to move in VR space via thumbstick. The pain.


Control is wack


I have now played 2 Resident Evil games. 5 I played years and years ago with a friend, just finished 7 a few minutes ago. I guess its a hot take but wow they really shit the bed in the last act. I should have known after the boulder punch.


I remember when me and the boys still played PS4 Siege. Then they went and got salty on me. Smh @ Frosty @ Dere @Gus @Renaud @Limo @Malthor @Torch too because fuck you


Crazy how there are people who honestly spend their time going out of their way to sour/criticize someone else’s enjoyment of something as banal as a video game. Living proof that your age has little to do with maturity. Disrespect your elders.


Despite Supergiant being my absolute fav studio since Bastion released, and being huge into roguelikes, I slept on Hades until just now. Great game, as I expected! Kicking my ass a bit which was surprising, but I have some wins now and its opening up :)


I think I have to go on the side of Griffith did many, many things wrong. I need eye bleach and a stiff drink


I thought years of hearing folks talk about how bleak Berserk is would prepare me for it. It’s so much more miserable than I ever could have imagined.


Mr. Chainsaw Man author, please don’t goof up on part 2. Part 1 was just fascinating. It somehow swims in tropes while also defying them. Such a strange little series.


It do seem to be like this as someone who plays neither series


Would you???


How is RE8 a horror game when the villains are this hot?? Horror more like heaven.


For a series called chainsaw man, this shit is really horny.


Results are in, folks. I’m gonna keep slurping up those eggs.


Been saying this for years.


You know, I’m something of a gamer myself.


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