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I keep playing Siege instead of my other games...


Ok... first up on the backlog list is..... Cadence of Hyrule! And then I’ll finish Dad of War I swear.


Ok I think I did this before and never followed through, but I really want to do it this time. I’m gonna need your help picking a handful of backlog games for me to tackle, and in what order. I want to finish at least one game per-week this summer.


Sony realized I was playing Siege and intentionally blasted PSN to hurt me.


BotW 2: Link gets lost inside of Zelda’s thighs and has a hallucinatory dream.


I have played over 10 hours of Siege in the past 3 days. I’m a lost cause, folks. Sorry that i couldn’t keep fighting the good fight.


Today in E3: Microsoft did the same thing as last year and I was happy with it. The Bethesda stream proved that life is without meaning and we will all die sad and alone. Devolver did the meme again and it almost made up for my Bethesda induced headache.


Siege is pretty ok.


Prediction: Pokemon Gen 9 drops Dynamaxing in favor of allowing you to genetically fuse yourself with a select 35 Pokemon from Gen 1, once per battle. Really cant fathom why they introduce game changing mechanics, never iterate upon them, then a new idea.


Calling all miniature painters: I have to paint my first mini for DnD. How do the thing..? Help?


Death Stranding theory: Reedus is just Reedus and the fetus is Kojima. The dark entities are Konami executives.


Also forgot to post cat. Here’s my oldest cat, Hobo. He chonk.


DM ran Sarah and I thru a practice run tonight to prep for our first ever DnD campaign. I sniped some goblins, took their scalps, tripped and slammed my head into a tree, & spartan kicked an elderly goblin mother onto her child’s crib killing the baby.


Do me! Do me!


Started working on my first DnD character tonight. So far: Chaotic Neutral, Female Tiefling rogue, great charisma, working on a backstory. This is pretty fun in and of itself. Female tiefling is 100% inspired by a pic Strider posted ages ago.


Since my cute nemesis Gaj posted a retro spin on the Halo theme, I will post an even more retro take on this iconic tune.


Well, despite my early doubts, The Messenger is a new favorite of mine. Picked up the Castlevania Collection and boy I cannot get into the original, but Super Castlevania 4 is pretty okay.


Curious to see how bad I am..... for those who played/remember, how many deaths did you accumulate in your first playthrough of The Messenger?


Got to the metroidvania phase of The Messenger and now I get the hype.


Got a Hulu subscription and finally checked out The Handmaid’s Tale. This show makes me feel sick to my stomach. Time for episode 2.


I got Yoshi’s Crafted World for my girlfriend as she loves Yoshi but doesnt typically play many games. Never seen her so wrapped up in a game before, and it warms my heart. It’s a really cute game, even if its easy as sin and makes my ears bleed.


New Jersey is a really special place. Found this gem today.


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