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Cant stop delivering packages. Must rebuild America.


Death Stranding is wack. Half of the time I love it, half of the time I want to drown myself in the tub. I just wanna ride my bike and listen to indie music you fucking monsters.


Started Death Stranding having avoider any spoilers since release. I have no idea what this game is. Not in a “oh man wacky kojima dtory” way, just in a “what is anything? Why is the text so small? What does liking do? Why am I online? Is it like Jo


Lost Legacy finished! I think I prefer Uncharted 4, but its close. Overall I’d say 4 > Lost Legacy > 2 > 3 > 1. I cant say I love the series, but 4 and LL are a good time, along with 2.


Uncharted 4 was great. I still think naughty dog sucks at bossfights, but other than that final fight and a bizarre meandering flashback smack in the middle of the game that brings things to a screeching halt, it was great. Lost Legacy in progress.


Still in progress, but after being beyond eunderwhelmed with Uncharted 1 and 3 (2 was pretty good,) Uncharted 4 is just great. Really nothing to complain about here.


Playing thru the Uncharted series and wow how did this series happen? 1 and 3 are just awful imo. 2 is fine bordering on good.


Last of Us Part II is all I could have asked for as a huge fan of the first. Great game. Way longer than I expected too.


Xenoblade 2 is a lot to take in coming off of 1. I like it, but everything is so insanely different and more involved mechanically.


Ok fine


Made in Abyss is weird. Like, the world building and story are pretty excellent, but man does it get... uncomfortable and weird.


Xenoblade Chronicles is probably now in my top 5. Holy shit those last few hours. Just wow.


Xenoblade Chronicles will pay for its insolence.


Who want go with road trip me with when?


Xenoblade Chronicles is in the running to become my favorite JRPG holy shit


This whole album is heartbreaking (And also fantastic), but the opening track in particular is just so raw. #depressingbutbeautiful


Finally picked Blasphemous back up, wrapped things up (just had 2 bosses left at the very end) and wow! That default ending sucked so much i went back to do the reqs for the secret/proper ending which (thankfully) was tons better.




OG FF7 completed, having played Remake first. Story holds up great. Combat holds up like a wet fart. Crisis Core time.


The Golden Saucer is where fun goes to die holy shit


I think The Midnight Gospel was made exactly for me. I love this.


Happy day siegeman gus


FFVIIR was amazing, and having not played the original didnt sour the experience in the least. I’m amazed I’ve gone all these years with essentially no spoilers.


My 22nd year of life has gifted me with a kidney stone. Holy shit this sucks


Vermintide 2 remains one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever played.


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