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Oh my god this bellend Stadia guy is the same guy who worked for Ubisoft and said it was too much work to animate a female protagonist. What a fucking loser


Insider info about NASA’s impending announcement about the moon:


Pillars 1 finally finished. Great game! So far Pillars 2 is just as great but wowee did they change all the systems


Which one of you is responsible for this? Not even 5 minutes into Pokemon Gaia.


Almost done Pillars of Eternity, after having an off and on relationship for 5 years. Truly my only gripe is the difficulty; it just never feels right. You can have rip your scrotum off mode or you rip everyone else's scrotum mode. Hoping 2 improves that!


Mike Martin inspired post. Also, belated Happy Birthday, dad. I swear I wrote a post on the day, but I guess I was writing posts in my head again instead of, you know, posting. I can't match some of the things others have said, but peep the comments.


Gajknight inspired post


Checked on my Runescape account for posterity. Upon logging in, instantly knew it was compromised as the username was different. Checked inventory and bank; all they did was sell what was equipped, left 1mil in my inventory, and got mining to 99.


The monkeys paw has curled a second time and my wishes for Sans Undertale and Minecraft Steve in Smash have come true. I cant wait for that third finger to curl — cant wait for Master Chief to waltz in but its Halo 5 Master Chief and everyone cries.


Pillars of Eternity is so good but the balancing is so bad


Imagine if Microsoft sat down Todd Howard and told him Fallout was being given back to Obsidian. This would be the ideal timeline.


3080 sold out even faster than the PS5s lol


Been conflicted on whether to get a RTX 3080 or PS5 -- the 3080 for sure and apparently the PS5 are both opening orders/preorders at undisclosed times tomorrow. I guess that means I'm getting neither since they'll both sell out instantly.


I guess I’m obligated to shill this bop


Oh, to be in the same row as Dear Esther. A fate worse than death.


Cant stop playing Slay the Spire still. Got the OG characters to Ascension 12+, Watcher up to Ascension 8. I will stomp this dumb game into submission.


Read my first western comic today! I really enjoyed it. I came across the artist on Twitter and loved their art so much I just said fuck it and bought the book.


After a solid year without a full-on anxiety attack, I collapsed at work today from an attck. Such fun explaining to a boss who doesnt get mental health.


Really liking River City Girls but my god are the basic mobs tanky as sin. It feels wrong to knock down a guy for the 5th time and he just gets back up


Having never played a beat-em-up before, River City Girls is proving to be a trial of patience. I know its me and not the game, but wow I’m just dying.


Having never played a beat-em-up before, River City Girls is proving to be a trial of patience. I know its me and not the game, but wow I’m just dying.


I think I’ve passed the 100 hour mark in Slay the Spire which in the past has been the point in roguelikes where I have mastered the game and stop losing. Slay the Spire breaks that trend lol. Game is hard. Only a 33% winrate.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the single most busted Steam game I have ever touched. At launch it was unplayable framerate, now after giving it time and trying to go back, every time a cutscene happens it desyncs my controller. How? why?


Sekiro backlogged again because I’m back on my Slay the Spire bullshit. I dont think I’ll have the fortitude to get all the way to A20, but I have Ironclad, Silent, and Defect all up to A7. :P i hate and love this game. Mostly hate


Alright fine. Shoes are yellow on one side, red on the other, pink interior. Had to include my fav socks too :p


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