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For a series called chainsaw man, this shit is really horny.


Results are in, folks. I’m gonna keep slurping up those eggs.


Been saying this for years.


You know, I’m something of a gamer myself.


New year, new me. It’s time to come clean. I hate videogames. They all stink, and my opinion is fact. Sorry, nerds, but thats just the truth. My uncle who works at the government said videogames are going to become illegal because they stink so hard.


Gamers, its time to bring jorts back and rise up.


New controls in MH: Rise fucking me up, man. Still, having Mizutsune is an instant 10/10. Still gravitating towards my baby weapons of lonngsword + light/heavy bowgun, but I hope to branch out a bit with this entry.


Yeah, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is essentially a perfect sequel for me. Absolute treat of a game. Everything I wanted and more. Cant wait to see what Moon Studios does next. Wowowowowow.


Jojo is a gift from god


Took 45 inches of cyber cock over the course of 21 hours and 17 minutes today. Just remembered hearing that while advertised as being secure, cybercocks are prone to having trojan viruses. Is this true?


Beanman ~~ open the baked beans like a man. Glad that the new year is properly unhinged already as it should be.


After years of waiting for Ori 2, and even more waiting after it decided my PC was the antichrist and did everything in its power to not be played, im finally playing on switch now that my copy finally arrived. Probably retroactive GOTY. Pic unrelated.


Stone Ocean is wack. Araki huffed some diesel or something before writing that.


Posting again with an image for readability!


!!!!! Need these in my life


Why on earth is font resolution tied to some arbitrary graphical setting in cyberpunk oh my god i can finally read the text


I always farted on game streaming but this is pretty neat. Cyberpunk on phone because its 2020 and nothing matters anymore.


So because Cyberpunk is running like ass on my PC (my PC is also likely borked in some way) I decided to try out GeForce Now and while not perfect, its 10x better than on my own system and I can crank up the visuals and slap ray tracing on, all for $5.


No elden ring time to die i guess




Cyberpunk is.... perfectly serviceable so far! My hype declined as more and more was shown, and what we got is about what I expected. Its not bad, but it also doesnt feel new or special in any way to me besides the setting, and thats fine.


Am drunk is kind of bueno kind of not one of those nights you know anyway heres wonderwall


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