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21st Birthday at last. Feels good.


I forgot to mention that my dad told me that since its my 21st birthday this Sunday, I could ask for any one gift within reason. So I asked for a LEGO set I’ve wanted for years that recently got reprinted. LEGO Taj Mahal baybee. Best gift ever.


Found a random Game Informer from a few months ago and saw it had a 300 Best Games of All Time list. Super Mario Bros. 2 wasn’t even in the top 5. Rigged list.


Unless things really go downhill, Octopath is my current GOTY


Major Octopath spoiler in the comments


Octopath is grand thus far. My only complaints are very minor, such as too little guidance on some side quests, minor balancing gripes, and lack of unique weapon sprites.


I’ve done chapter 1 for 4 of the characters in Octopath and have come to a conclusion: Cyrus is the best.


I dont even know Voltron and I want this Lego Voltron set...


This guy cool and I think ima buy my first Gundam.


Happy born day Mrs. Blues, make sure to pinch Mr. Blues in the bum for good luck. Or just because. Either works.


The End of the Fucking World was pretty fucking good.


FFXII Update: I love FFXII, but I also hate it. No game has ever bored me so much, yet kept me so engaged at other times. Its like a perfect storm of love and hate. Reached Pharos Tower, so I think I’m almost done.


FFXII Update: I do not like FFXII. I want so desperately to like it, but it seems its just not for me. Im trying to decide between trudging through to the end, taking a break and finishing later, or just dropping it.


I dont remember if I posted this before, and even if I did it deserves to be posted again.


I played several hours of Hollow Knight and didnt enjoy it very much. Suck that nerds.


Holy shit 4K looks phenomenal. I’ll have to get used to 30FPS again unless i feel like upscaling (my computer is really good, but not 60FPS 4K good.) But speaking truthfully, I didnt expect the difference in quality to be so intense.


The FFIII DS remake is still the best FF game.


Decided to get an affordable well reviewed 4K TV, my first foray into this wild world beyong 1080p. Excited to see how my games run on it.


So i totally remembered I have a SNES mini and never really touched it other than a little bit of A Link to the Past. Ive never played any of the games on it. Which ones are good?


FFXII Update: I’m starting to get bored, the past few areas have not been too interesting and it doesnt feel like any progress is being made. I’m trying my best to stick with it, but it seems im not even 50% done and thats disheartening.


Idk why I’m always tempted to read youtube comments on videos about games I love, when I know I’ll just be hurt.


I remember these days...


It got worse. One of the Board of Education members made a Rick and Mortu joke. I want to die.


My God, I’m at my girlfriends graduation and the Valedictorian legit just asked if a hotdog is a sandwich. Why must my demons haunt me?


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