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Anyone here that has Vermintide 2, feel free to add me on Steam if you wanna play sometime. It’s linked on Dtoid profile.


So I have a Buenos Aires Tetra thats just about 10 years old, give or take. I looked up their typical lifespan, and the internet is telling me they live 6 years with good care? Yeah well apparently they life almost twice as long if you do nothing at all.


Dangus please send me nudes


It's not a film for everyone, but if you're heavily invested in the worlds of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, I highly recommend checking out Angels Egg. It's clear that Miyazaki was heavily inspired by the film when you look at design philosophy in the series


Theres nothing more satisfying than mowing down a horde of rats with a bow in Vermintide 2.


Finally watched The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly today, and let me just say... yeehaw.


Down Under Dan is the pinnacle of video gaming, and Nekro must play it.


Undertale on Switch. Time to sell the console.




Dunking for Christ


Anyone else here seen The Neon Demon? If so I’m curious what you thought of it. Thoughts it the comments.


Apparently fans have already set up private servers for Demon's Souls. The legend never dies.


I cant stop listening to Carly Rae Jepsen. Help.


Happy Afterbirthday to British man.


Is Kappa Mikey the pinnacle of anime?


Who wants a free copy of FTL on Steam? Cutest boy gets the prize


[Bumpo] Bloggers Wanted Vote: After an arduous process of figuring out how to make dog fucking a viable contender, we have our final choices ready!


Late night advice


Upvotebot must have upvoted me 40 times in the past week. WHO. ARE. YOU.


Community Post: For the March "Bloggers Wanted," we're trying out something new. We're going to be asking you, the community, what you want to write about! Leave your suggestions in the comments, and we'll then put the 5 most upvoted topics to a vote.


Community Post: What game have you spent the most time with, and what made you play it for so many hours?


Todd is a sly one.


Community Post: what is your favorite game console (handhelds included) and what about the console itself or what games exclusive to the system make it your favorite?


The reality of Dark Souls Remastered dropping on Switch


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