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Rip Kentaro Miura, news seems to be coming out that he passed on the 6th.


Already this year has had two great surprises for me between Resident Evil 8 and It Takes Two. It Takes Two in particular is the perfect couples game, at least for my relationship lol. Been an absolute blast so far.


Sometimes I just dont understand people


This was my best guess, anyone able to help out a friend with this? He just wants a ballpark idea if what could be happening.


Thank you, David.


A young man on a path to the executive branch.


Absolutdad gets his own post, for being that cool of a dude.


I finally understand why Gus is such a Star Wars dork. Happy day, cant wait to shoot your ankles again in HLL.


Fellow mayo walkers, you ever just go on some ill advised spice binge only to remember a day later how white you truly are?


Love to not have problems and take a moral high ground over people with problems.


Chad warden


Happy Day Occam and Jason. Got some gifts loading them into the car


Standalone post because sure why not


The holy day has come. First true 4/20 for me, and its gotta be done right


Got engaged today alexa play chug jug with you please


18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch! Big, hard, throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked! 18 naked cowboys wanting to be fucked! Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch! On their knees wanting to suck cowboy cocks! Ram Ranch really rocks!


Isaac Repentance is so good I guess its time to forgive the sins of Afterbirth+


If I have to see one more bad faith TLOU2 take I’m going postal. Amazing how many people who have not and dont intend to play something let it ruin their lives to the point that they instinctively fling shit at even the faintest whiff of TLOU or ND.


Just came across this and its pretty grand.


A shame that some publishers (Ubisoft) are willing to let their popular competitive shooter slowly die to flagrant and rampant cheating, because it would hurt the bottom line to invest in quelling it. Shame to see a game you love withering in real time.


Cant believe i was raw dogging life without 90 Day Fiance. This is the show for me. These people. The tangles of their lives. I want it all.


Thinking about buying The Council


Hancock when everyone goes on about The Council.


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