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Joyous anniversary of your umbilical cord being cut, Mr. Blues.


Gundy still hasnt paid for his crimes.


When Torchman tries to slide into the dms.


Watching the news before bed has left me in a sour mood. Not doing that ever again. The state of affairs in the world is just so pitiful that it hurts.


Oof, I forget how fun the Relic quests are in FFXIV.


If that hidden mode is Subspace..... Smash Ultimate could be the greatest game ever made.


Thinking of somewhere down the line buying one of those character redo potions to change up how I look, cause as it stands I’m Lightning but a cat.


Lallafels are true evil.


In honor of Torchman.


Its a shame the MHW x FFXIV event is limited to LV.70 characters is only for such a short time. Just got back into the game, and theres just no chance that I'll be able to grind from 50 to 70 in this short amount of time.


Fishing the day away in FFXIV is relaxing.


Anonymously reported a shitty post on Facebook and the page admin somehow found my name. Brilliant system, Zucc.


Suck my farts Gaj.


Season 1 of the wire was solid gold. Season 2 was almost as good. First ep of Season 3 has me doubtful, but we’ll see.


I’m officially hooked on The Wire.


Almost forgot to Kickstart The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. Leave it to Ed to finally get me to kickstart something.


Olberic and H’aanits stories done. I must say, the final boss of H’aanits story was an emotional rollercoaster, and forced me to rethink my strategies and switch things up. After doing so, and slapping its booty, I feel golden.


Ocopath one of those games where everythings fine and then you get to a boss that just eats your ass. I guess this is my punishment for never using Therion and thus not getting any purple chests. Perma unconcious is a nightmare.


21st Birthday at last. Feels good. Edit: Birthday was great, and it was the first one I spent together with someone I love. Wouldnt trade that for the world.


I forgot to mention that my dad told me that since its my 21st birthday this Sunday, I could ask for any one gift within reason. So I asked for a LEGO set I’ve wanted for years that recently got reprinted. LEGO Taj Mahal baybee. Best gift ever.


Found a random Game Informer from a few months ago and saw it had a 300 Best Games of All Time list. Super Mario Bros. 2 wasn’t even in the top 5. Rigged list.


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