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Calling all dtoid dads: I need your help completing an essay for one of my classes. I only need 3 papas to fill out the info/answer the questions, but it could still be interesting/useful if I got more responses! Form/question in the comments.


If Randy fucks up Borderlands 3, I’ll fuck up his little bitch boy magic sets and also make him tell me the secret of the female orgasm.


No spoilers, but 4 hours in, Sekiro gets a solid “its alright” from me.


It’s nice to have a relaxing evening after working playing Mario Kart and watching JoJo with my girl. She needs at least 100 more years before she can face me in MK8 though.


Who else has sex dreams about Brad Leone? Just me? Okay.


Got an ice-pick headache tonight; good fucking lord I could do without that ever happening again.


I got my first paycheck on the same day that my dad got his last; he retired after 40 years at the same place of employment.


Shovel Knight’s campaign is done: Like Hollow Knight & HLD, I have changed my tune regarding this game, though I really suck at this one. I only died to two bosses, but the amount of times I fell into pits.... I shiver at the thought.


Sand-Hand get in Shovel Knight. I like the Sand-Hand.


I dare anyone who thinks teachers are paid too much to spend a full day in a pre-school lol. I love my job but I am exhausted when I get home.


Man I am BAD at Shovel Knight. This is gonna be a journey.


Hang in there Phil, my father, my first lover, my captain my captain. May your immense girth fight off all that ails you, and may you be blessed with hookers and blackjack and blow.


First day on the job involved paid training, catered breakfast and lunch, and bowling for team building. Pretty decent time, tbh.


Hollow Knight has ironically left me feeling empty inside after ‘finishing’ the game, and while I’m adoring Wandersong, I need something on the Switch in the vein of Hollow Knight. Maybe The Messenger?




Just finished up a 90 minute practical followup interview for a part time assistant teacher position at a preschool and it reaffirmed that education is the field I belong in. EDIT: Job Get


Again, the Switch has opened my eyes about a game. Hollow Knight is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played, maybe even top 5. Same goes for Hyper Light Drifter, though thats only top 10. Wandersong next, then my white whale: Cave Story+


Hollow Knight got a lot more fun when I finally threw away my manchild pride and just went on the wiki.


Im incredibly bad at hollow knight but at least this time around im “getting it” more. I still think the map system is awful but I’m learning to live with it.


I would like to give a big moist hug to the developers of Hyper Light Drifter and Donut County. These two games (the most recent two I have played) reminded me why I love games and why the indie scene is where its at.


BK did nothing wrong. EDIT: I totally forgot I ever posted this but I just remembered it and it seems there was a failure to communicate. I meant BK from Donut County, not the Burger Kaiser.


Are there any other games that are similar in terms of gameplay to Hyper Light Drifter? Im craving more.


I’m retroactively naming Hyper Light Drifter as my GotY for 2016. This is everything I desire in a game, and more. Fuck the 800 dash challenge tho :)


When the run is good:


Lol I didn't play all that much this last year. I did play close to 200 hours of Gungeon on Switch tho....


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