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I remember these days...


It got worse. One of the Board of Education members made a Rick and Mortu joke. I want to die.


My God, I’m at my girlfriends graduation and the Valedictorian legit just asked if a hotdog is a sandwich. Why must my demons haunt me?


I hope I can be a great parent like these two


Confession: I liked FFXIII


FFXII Update: Finished Dreadnought Leviathan. Heard something about stealing from a wolf mob outside of The first city. Got a dagger from it. I now kill everything in 1 hit and Fran is still hot.


FFXII Update: Discovered the bliss of turbo speed skelleton grinding, killed Nidhogg (fuck that hunt) and then found I was way overlevelled for the next story bit! Fran is still hot.


FFXII update: This game is weird and Fran is hot.


Welp, treated this E3 PSN sale as my summer sale this year. Gravity Rush 1+2, Odin Sphere, Titanfall 2, TLoU Remastered, H:ZD Complete, Unravel 1+2.


Man.... Todd is really trying to milk the inner 10 year old in me. 1:1 scale replicas of a plasma rifle, plasma pistol for relatively affordable prices..... figures...... why Todd? Why?


Gonna start FF:XII for the first time soon!


God this Ubi show


Well that's Battlechasers finished! A highly flawed gem that I wont forget any time soon :)


Lowkey Bethesda is selling a Fallout 76 standalone pipboy kit on their store but must have run out of time to actually announce it at the show.


Bethesda really killed it this year. I'm open to seeing how Fallout 76 is, seems really ambitious for them. Starfield, Elder Scrolls 6, Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Elder Scrolls Blades, new Prey content, Wolfenstein DLC. Good show. And Todd embraced the memes!!


Real photo of Occams at the playground as a child.


Can anyone confirm?


Picked up BattleChasers: Nightwar on a whim, and I’m loving it so far! Load times on Switch are complete ass, and I’ve had one crash, but otherwise its a really charming ode to jrpgs of old.


Who rember Brink? I think its a shame it didnt work out, I really enjoyed the concept and art style. If they had just fine tuned the movement and shooting a bit more, and included some real singleplayer it could have been pretty great.


Real photo of Torch writing a comment.


At the behest of one of my favorite Youtube channels, I’m going to give Fallout 3 another honest shot with fresh eyes.


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