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Avatar The Legend of Aang is pretty good. Kind of a shame it's trapped in a morning cartoon.


What did you guys play in May and what was your favorite? It was an atypical gaming month for me, I only finished one single player game, Quantum Break, and mostly played Magic Arena. I hadn't played Magic in ages, then I found Arena and was hooked again.


Anyone likes Yooka Laylee here? I tried it, but the controls felt off, kind of floaty. Should I give it another chance to see if it clicks, or what you see in the opening section is what you get?


The news that the Dark Souls series is closing in on 30 million sales reminded me of when Atlus brought Demon's Souls to the West but only ordered 50k copies at fist out of concern there would be little demand. Now I feel old.


Much to my surprise, I'm addicted to Magic Arena. I haven't touched any other game in over two weeks. I can't even remember the last time a non-single player game took over my life like this. Not that I mind, if there was ever a time for that, it's now.


Sheesh, I go away for a week and suddenly everyone is having unpopular opinions.


Anyone here plays Magic Arena and wants to cast spells together? And by "together" I mean in each other's faces. I started a few days ago and I'm hooked.


Took me 5 tries to win my very first Crash Team Racing race on medium difficulty. Damn. I've either lost all my gaming mojo in my old age or this is no Mario Kart. Or both.


Nioh mapping interact to circle and dash/dodge to X is doing a number on my brain.


This is probably silly, but knowing that The Evil Within 2 is basically set in a VR world, even if the stakes are real, makes it feel less compelling to me, like I'm playing a game inside a game, and I never liked theses kinds of settings.


Went back to Luigi's Mansion 3 after Three Houses, but I just feel no desire to keep going. I've played 8 floors, and like the previous games, it's a fun novelty that wears out fast. I wish I could see what so many people like so much about this series.


Finished FE Three Houses. My heart is stil racing. Let's talk about it! Major spoilers, obviously.


Am I missing something, or the weight mechanic means iron weapons are often the best weapons throughout the game in Three Houses?


Things I'm learning with FE Three Houses: war makes everyone way more stylish.


I never imagined a Fire Emblem game in which battles play second fiddle to exploration and tea. It's even more surprising that it works as well as it does.


Wait, Fire Emblem 3 Houses has no weapon triangle?? What sort of mad heresy is this?!?


Really bummed you can't play Super Mario Party with a pro-controller. I have a pro and a Joy Con pair, and can't play with 3 people :(


Apparently, after the very first battle, Fire Emblem 3 Houses asks you to choose a side. Knowing literally nothing about anyone, I did the only logical thing and picked the cute waifu.


The animated Resident Evil movies are orders of magnitude better than the live Action ones.


50 hours later, Tokyo Mirage Sessions is done! I wouldn't quite call it the Wii U's best game, as our very own Nekro did, but despite its many problems, I couldn't put it down. Now I want to see what a proper SMT X FE game would look like.


In Fire Emblem, when you class up with a master deal your character usually looks the part, fancier or more powerful, or both. In Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the upgraded Mirage usually becomes hideous for some reason.


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