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I'm glad I heard so many bad things about the Warcraft movie, I went in expecting trash and ended up not only enjoying it but getting fired up to replay the Warcraft saga! So I tried playing Warcraft 1 (which I never did) and...


I tried to finish it, but Control was feeling like a chore, so I dropped it. Now I'm finally going to see what the Halo hype is all about thanks to the Master Chief Collection.


I was hoping to enjoy Control a lot more than I am. The story and paranormal hook, to me, haven't been strong enough to make up for what is, at its core, an unremarkable shooter.


I've always believed Diablo 2 was better than Diablo 3. After buying D2R, I now realize this was just nostalgia clouding my brain.


I have no idea how this happened, but somehow, after buying a bunch of new games, I ended up not touching any of them so far and totally hooked on Diablo 3 again, of all things, which I hadn't touched in 6-7 years.


What do you do after clearing your steam backlog? You start building another backlog, obviously.


Does Life is Strange 2 get better? First episode has not hooked me so far.


I finished Coteries of New York and Shadows of New York. As a World of Darkness fan, I really liked them, and it put me in the mood for more VNs. Hmm, the Corpse Party series is on sale, maybe I should check them out. Is it good?


I finished Greedfall. Much to my surprise, I was hooked from beginning to end. I highly recommend anyone interested in this type of game to look past the AA production values and give it a shot.


It's very fortunate that criminals in medieval times compensate for the lack of modern technology like dna/cameras/fingerprints by helpfully detailing their crimes in letters they leave on the floor or tables so I can always prove everything.


Anyone played Greedfall? I'm really liking it so far, hopefully Spider gets the chance to make a bigger budget sequel.


Interestingly, it seems that, just as the Apple vs Epic case was getting a ruling, a new law was taking effect in South Korea that's largely going in the same direction, mandating that app store owners allow developers to take payment directly. However,


I finished P5 Strikers! As I feared, the combat threatened to push me away after a few hours, but the Persona bits were good enough that I set the combat to easy to quickly blast through it and kept going.


It happened. I cleared my Steam backlog! Meaning I either finished or tried and wrote off all the games I was interested in. Go me! Naturally, upon that realization, I promptly bought more games. It just feels wrong not to have Steam games waiting for me.


Persona 5 Strikers: this is totally the last jail and you're totally about to take down the mastermind behind everything. Me:


Why does the Switch pro controller have a ridiculously long battery life compared to the competition? Are Nintendo engineering wizards or do MS/Sony deliberately skimp on it?


Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world, or close to it, yet JRPG teen characters tend to call anyone older than 20 "gramps" or "granny". There sure are a lot of gramps and grannies in Japan!


Persona 5 Strikers really showcases the Switch's age. The total lack of anti-aliasing and lower resolution makes for some extreme jagged edges to the point that it's often distracting in a way I rarely see.


Not sure Persona 5 Strikers combat will keep me interested for 30 hours, but I'm absolutely loving how much it feels like a real persona game with Warriors combat rather than just a persona-skinned spin-off.


I don't know why some games bother to give us occasional dialogue options that are the just the same answer worded in different ways.


I know this is just how it is and there's no use being upset, but I can't help but be depressed when I see people in the Steam Pathfinder forum outraged at the "woke propaganda", meaning a female guard has a one liner about her wife... and that's it.


I finally finished Pathfinder Kingmaker, only took me 150 hours, and that's with getting the ending before the "true" final chapter. I highly recommend it to any fans of CRPGs, especially with a mod to help with quality of life improvements.


PSA: Steam has incredible savings on this Pathfinder Bundle, you absolutely do not want to miss it.


I've been playing Pathfinder Kingmaker for 100 hours, I'm still level 10 on chapter 4. It's huge! Hard to believe it was the first game of a new studio on a Kickstarter budget!


I'm loving Pathfinder: Kingmaker so far, especially after installing the quality of life mod Bag of Tricks. After being disappointed by Pillars of Eternity 2 despite loving Pillars 1, I'm glad this game is hitting mostly the right notes.


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