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As much as I like rooting for the underdog and would be nice to get Germany out of our way, I can't bring myself not to cheer for Germany. I have so much respect for them. What a team. What a spectacle. What determination. Hats off. This was amazing.


Welp, looks like Iceland's fairy tale has drawn to a close. What a shame. Watching tiny Iceland make it to the last 8 would be glorious!


Since I started watching world cups in 1994, we tend to do better when we arrive discredited rather than as one of the favorites. Despite this lucky victory, it seems the trend continues.


I just finished both seasons of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist, I think, for you gringos). Holy shit did it live up to the hype. I'm sad it's over.


According to Breitbart, Trump "caved to left wing hatred" by pledging to end family separations. Humanity was a mistake. I was kinda surprised. He obviously felt it was costing him politically, but I didn't think his base had enough humanity left to car


If I buy a gaming laptop with a GTX 1050, can I expect to at least run current games at PS4 quality, meaning 1080p30fps?


A threat from Dutch authorities compelled Valve to pull CS and DOTA item trading in the country. Their issue seems to be that the items are "transferable", not with the boxes themselves, so it doesn't look like our salvation is at hand. Link in comments.


This is truly the underdog's World Cup. Even England is winning.


Welp, that was disappointing. Infuriating, more like! Brazil wasn't at its best and Neymar was a non-factor, but we didn't lose to Switzerland, we lost to the referee. There's no point to VAR if the referee won't use it and nobody can request it.


What's the point of VAR if they don't use it? That was some awful defending, but the EVIL Swiss guy clearly pushed our defender before scoring that header!


I've officially caught World Cup fever. Even Morocco vs Iran was exciting, and the fantastic Spain 3 Portugal 3 was the perfect start to the big league games. The world is lucky Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Portugal and not in Germany or Brazil!


Trump blaming Democrats for his decision to end DACA and separate immigrant families is like an abusive husband telling his wife "look what you made me do". And it works. Jesus Christ.


Great start to the World Cup. Go Russia! Hopefully this is a sign of great games to come.


Holy shit, now even Fox News is reporting on Fortnite skin leaks. It's officially time to bow to our cartoonish overlords.


I hope something good comes out of the Trump-Kim summit, even if toned down rhetoric is the best we can realistically hope for, but damn it's freaky how much more comfortable Trump looks with Kim than with friendly Western leaders.


Hotdamn, watching Deadpool 2 was a waste of time and money.


How does Trump possibly reconcile record low unemployment with his "trade is killing American jobs" rhetoric? Does he think he's so awesome he can lower unemployment to 0% if only trade didn't get in the way?


Anybody ever heard of an American tech company called Qriello? They supposedly have an office in my Brazilian town and want to hire a fluent English speaker, but a Google search left me concerned it might be a scam.


Trump now threatening to tank Europe's and Japan's economy by targeting their cars, when even American carmakers are opposed to such moves. How can he not understand that when the world's biggest economies suffer, the rest of the world does as well?


When do I unlock the Zelda bike in MK8 Deluxe? I've 3-starred all the 150cc, Mirror, 3 200cc cups so far, played a fair bit of online and have 2755 points, or whatever it is the score is called. So far no Epona bike.


Dark Souls? Bloodborne? Pfff. Real HARDCORE gamers who don't waste time with casul shit and want to really TEST THEIR METTLE play Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze!


“In the end, Mexico’s going to pay for the wall,” Trump said. “They’re going to pay for the wall, and they’re going to enjoy it, OK?” The man can't even talk politics without sounding like a rapist.


Bayonetta 2 finished! A significant improvement from 1. Bring on Bayo 3!


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