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Finally finished Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Now I only have to complete the last game to finish the series and get my PhD in OBJECTION! This series is great. It drags on a bit too much at times, but it's worth it. I wonder what lawyers think of it.


As a side note, every time the I countered the prosecution's argument and they were like "can you prove it? Otherwise the trial is over" I wanted to scream "IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND MAAAAAAN" :)


Finished Full Throttle! It was surprising how much I remembered considering it's been 22 years. Damn. Also surprising how short it really is. Back then, without highlighting stuff and Google, man it took me a while. Now I want a The Dig remaster!


Hah! I finished the Crash trilogy remaster! Damn I'm good! Woooooo!


Dear lord, the racing levels in Crash 3 are god awful and not at all fun. Who the hell thought this would be a good idea?


This is a longshot, but does anybody still play Monster Hunter 4? I recently got it on sale and just started it.


I miss Persona 5. Wish I could play it again for the first time. What an amazing experience.


I just finished the Death Note anime. It's amazing.


God Xcom 2 on PS4 has horrendous load times, bizarre glitches and even performance issues at times. For a game that's far from cutting edge, it's inexcusable.


Yesterday I was robbed at gunpoint right outside my house as I was leaving in my car. What a wonderful feeling! Maybe I should leave the country again :(


Finally finished I Am Setsuna. By which I mean that I reached the final dungeon, had zero patience left to continue playing and looked up the ending online. It was a disappointing ending.


I finally got past Road to Nowhere in Crash Bandicoot remastered. I nearly gave up. I definitely don't remember struggling so much with this game.


I started watching Friends again, and I noticed for the first time it's remarkably politically incorrect by today's standards. Also, it made me feel really super old.


So, the Marvel hero series on Netflix are surprisingly good. I have very little prior knowledge of the characters (heard of Daredevil and Punisher, never heard of Jones, Cage or Fist) but I'm loving them.


Comments don't load for me on Chrome for some reason but load just fine on Microsoft's browser. Anybody else has this issue?


Fun fact: I spent most of the game thinking all the PCs from Yakuza 4 had returned before remembering one of them was missing, and I couldn't for the life of me remember ANYTHING about him without Google. Talk about forgettable.


Yes! Done with Yakuza 5! I felt it was the weakest mainline Yakuza game (not counting 0 and 6 which I haven't played), but still pretty good.


Thank god Haruka's idol segment is over and I finally get to gloriously beat up punks again.


Also, for the love of god, please, please, PLEASE MAKE SURE THE BAD GUY DOESN'T HAVE A GUN BEFORE TURNING YOUR BACK TO HIM. This has infuriated me since Yakuza 1, and it happens every single godamn time.


Imo, Yakuza isn't better with lots of PCs, it's worse. I put up with it in Yakuza 4 and now 5, but I definitely don't look forward to it. I'm glad they seem to have ditched that idea for Yakuza 0 and 6.


Yes! I finally borrowed a PS3 to play Yakuza 5, the last remaining pre-PS4 Yakuza game I had left to play (other than Dead Souls), and just in time for the Big in Japan sale. Can't wait for the download to finish. Yakuza is love. Yakuza is life!


http://nypost.com/2017/07/08/were-losing-a-whole-generation-of-young-men-to-video-games/amp/ Today I learned that jobs are plentiful and people need only stop playing video games if they want to work. Crisis solved!


I just noticed the Xbone section is gone, replaced by a nice, clean "Xbox" section. The new Canadian overlords are already cleaning the place up! It's the end! Run for the mountains!


So, I went out with a "feminist" who didn't want to split the bill because "women spend more than men to look good for dates". Of course, the speech in other circumstances is "women dress up for themselves, not for men"! Sorry lady, you're so paying!


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