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My Aloy has finally bought all the purple weapons and armor and upgraded the inventory to the max. Can I sell all my machine parts and animal materials or am I going to need them in the DLC?


I usually ignore most of the clutter in open world games, but in Horizon I'm collecting all the junk and doing everything I come across. Not sure what it is about it that compels me to it. I'm almost level 30 and I haven't even arrived in Meridian yet.


After getting used to Starcraft 2 I couldn't get used to the archaic design of SC1 when I tried to replay the remastered campaign. Then I found out there's a damn near perfect recreation of SC1 and BW's campaign in SC2. Modders are amazing!


I'm confused about Horizon's weapons. I'm on my way to the Carja city still using the starting bow. Not sure which weapons are better or deal more damage.


Very much sold on Horizon so far. I've just passed the proving, and I'm MAD!! I'm going to get you, fuckers!


Finished the Sleeping dogs rerun. What an amazing game, might be my favorite of its kind. It's a real bummer it didn't sell enough to merit a sequel, there's nothing else quite like it. Now let's see if Horizon Zero Dawn is as great as they say.


Remember when crashes and other such errors were only an issue in PC gaming? Those were the days.


Maybe I should stop hoarding Plus games and only add the ones I have at least a passing interest in. I really doubt I'll ever play most of the obscure ones, and it's getting annoying scrolling through tons of games to find the one I want to install.


Dug deep into the backlog and played Hunted: The Demon's Forge, a 2011 medieval Gears of War with light RPG elements. Gave it a fair shake, played for about 3 hours, but turns out the mediocre reviews largely mirror my own feelings on the game.


Sure, I'll listen to the seductive demon girl and pick up something called a Death Stone that just so happens to be lying next to a dead body. What could possibly go wrong?


Shadow of the Tomb Raider done! It wasn't the dramatic step down I feared, fortunately, but it could certainly be better, especially the narrative. It felt like they didn't really have enough material for 3 games and just kinda winged it.


Messy legal Shenanighans may be about to unfold between CDPROJEKT and The Witcher's creator. He, in his own words, was "stupid" and rejected a percentage of profits way back, insisting instead on a lump sum payment.


Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to kill NAFTA by changing almost nothing and renaming it. Now he gets to claim victory, his dumb supporters get to shout MAGA and the region's economy gets to breathe a sigh of relief. For once he delivered a win-win!


I'm embarrassingly bad at Shadow of the Tomb Raider's navigation puzzles. I set puzzle difficulty to easy so Lara tells me what to do and sometimes I still have to ask the Internet. How the hell did I ever finish the unforgiving PS1 games before Google?


Really, Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Again it's about an artifact that can remake or destroy the world and a villian that sacrificed his life to find it? Didn't I literally just do that?


Rise of the Tomb Raider done. It has issues like the previous game but it's a grand time, and my god it is so beautiful. Sometimes it feels like playing a movie. On to Shadow. I've heard concerning things about it, but I have to see how it ends.


I accidentally sat on a chair in Rise and just couldn't stand up! Sure enough, I found threads of people similarly stuck in chairs. You have to press a totally unintuitive key that I must have missed to stand up. What a weird dev oversight.


Possible Rise of the Tomb Raider spoiler in the comments.


Sega is charging 250 Brazilian monies for Valkyria Chronicles 4. Oh they're so cute. That's even more than the $60 rich Americans pay. For reference, these days new PC AAA games usually go for 130-180 around here. I hope they don't sell a single copy.


Damn, mere minutes into Rise of the Tomb Raider the game crashed, my computer froze, a message popped up saying there was an error and windows needed to reboot, and it rebooted by itself. I'd never seen this kind of error before. Scary.


Finished my Tomb Raider replay. Holds up very well, though the pacing is a bit off, especially towards the end. On to Rise!


5 years later, Tomb Raider 2013 still looks fantastic. Makes you wonder why we even needed a new generation in the first place.


Not going to completely give up on it, but I'm gonna put Xeno 2 in the backb burner and maybe take it slow to see if if clicks eventually, for now I'll focus my gaming time on something else.


Who the hell thought it was a good idea to fill Xenoblade 2's starting fields with level 30, 40 and 70+ enemies and making them ambush you when you're barely level 10?


Holy shit, I lived to see the President of the United States being laughed at to his face during his speech to the United Nations. I say this with no satisfaction and a significant degree of concern. I don't like this timeline.


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