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Kulve Taroth isn't nearly ad exciting as it sounded at first glance. The "siege" with "up to 16 players" is pretty pointless since you're in practice hunting with the same group of 4 anyways. The battle itself isn't all that exciting either.


Some of you may recall my panicked PS4 post a few days ago. Today I turned it on and it said the database was corrupted. It seems to have resolved itself with a simple reboot, but it looks like my console isn't long for this world.


I like the idea of vendors having limited caps in Fallout, but I really wish they had more. Going to 4-5 different places to sell expensive stuff is so annoying.


Since yesterday I can't play Monster Hunter online. Connection seems to be normal, all the online stuff is normal, the connection test is normal, but when I try to connect to MH session or make mine I always get a connection error. Wtf.


I saw a headline that read "James Comey Met President Trump on His Own Terms – and Came Away Looking Smaller", which perfectly sums up my feelings on the matter.


Konami has announced a new Castlevania game, oh yeah!!!!


Oh shit. My PS4 was behaving weirdly, so I restarted it, and now it won't turn back on. Well, it does, but after the Playstation logo the screen goes black. Shit shit. This has never happened before.


I've never done an AMA, so let's cross that off the bucket list. AMA.


Disappointed in the book excerpts and statements I've seen from Comey so far. From juvenile potshots at Trump to admissions that he let political considerations influence his decision-making, it doesn't seem like he's making a particularly good case.


Bethesda is famous for mostly two things: massive open worlds and horrible bugs. So why in god's name would they make a main dlc quest with a key a passage entirely dependent on the the AI working properly? Just... WHY?!?!?


I think I just fucked a robot in Fallout 4. We were flirting during a robot murder investigation, I thought I was just manipulating her to get her to spill the beans, suddenly we're in a room, the screen loads and I get the lover's embrace perk.


I'm almost starting to regret buying the GOTY version of Fallout 4 rather than just the base game. I'm the kind who feels compelled to do everything, and this thing is immense. At this rate I'll die of old age playing Fallout.


Can anybody explain to me why is it that killing a few hundred people with chemical weapons is supposedly unacceptable and merits retaliation, but killing hundreds of thousands with normal weapons is cool? Are victims of normal weapons somehow less dead?


I just saw on Norwegian media that a gas station was robbed at gunpoint. As someone used to a reality where murders and armed robberies are a daily routine, it still amazes me that there's a place in the world where "mere" robberies make national news.


Holy crap, Comey's book hits Trump way, way harder than I expected.


Caim goes to the Netherlands! Next month I'll spend 8 days with my mom in the Pays-Bas. It will be fun! Last time I was there I actually visited Shade. It was great. Maybe I'll knock on his door again. You know what? Don't tell him, it will be a surprise!


Whoa, SteamSpy is shutting down :( how unfortunate. Despite the limitations of its data extrapolation, it was basically the only place mortals like me could have an idea of how games were doing on the platform. Rip,SteamSpy. You'll be missed.


People who support white supremacists and actual Nazis somehow can't stop comparing parkland students to Nazis. What a world we live in.


What did you play in March? Here goes a quick rundown of Caim's March gaming activity. The idea is to make this a monthly thing to spark conversation and see what my fellow dtoiders are playing as well. Let's talk about videogames!


Muscle memory can be a bitch. When switching from Monster Hunter to Fallout 4 I keep tossing grenades in crowded areas when trying to run!


What is it about grown women with their own cars expecting me to drive across town to pick them up for dates? I'm not your chauffeur, ladies. We're meeting at the movie/restaurant/whatever, or not at all.


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