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Loved Mafia 3's opening. The videos and interviews got me quite curious to learn what happened to Lincoln Clay. If nothing else, at least he's a good looking fellow!


Gave Insible inc a try, but I just wasn't feeling it. Shame cause it looks so promising and everybody seems to love it. Decided to save my patience for Xcom 2 later! Gonna try Mafia 3 now.


Finished Syndicate. The "modernized" shooter, I mean. It's surprisingly not bad, just utterly unremarkable, though if I was a fan of the original game, I'd certainly be pissed.


Finished House of Cards. Frank Underwood was sorely missing, unfortunately. The tone of the season was totally different, and what's up with all those murders? And the ending, holy shit. What a load of crap.


Welp, things aren't looking good for Starbreeze. After filing for for Bankruptcy protection, they've now been raided by the Swedish Economic Crimes Authority and one arrest has been made.


Infamous Fist Light already done. It was just a Fetch quest. Sorry. I'll see myself out.


Infamous Second Son is done. I'm surprised how much I liked it given the first game was just okay. And it's the perfect backlog game, so to speak. Doesn't end too soon, doesn't overstay its welcome. More in the comments.


Infamous is looking good so far. The first was good if not great, never played the second. Delsin is sympathetic, the game looks good, and I have kind of a soft spot for binary morality systems. They feel a bit like traveling back to simpler times.


I liked the original Homefront,but gave up on the sequel in less than 2 hours. The open world was not at all what I expected or wanted. It also didn't help I played it on PS4 and I'm a relic that still hasn't adapted to shooters on consoles.


So, good NVGR news. I was almost morbidly obese, if not technically already there. Over the last few months I lost 20 quilos, which is almost half the total goal. It's already making a huge difference.


The great Knack experiment has come to an end, made it to chapter 5-4 before my patience ran out. I might have actually finished it without the annoying 1 or 2-hit kills that forced you to replay annoying sections.


Has anybody played Knack... and liked it? Is there such a thing as a Knack fan?


Now that Im done with that stupid Mass Effect thing I can finally turn my attention back to real games.


Reapers are destroyed, and my Mass Effect journey has come to an end. What a ride. Few if any game series get me this emotional. I probably wont, but I'm tempted to start it all over again just so it won't end.


I'm trying dating again after an almost year-long self imposed break. Last week I went on a date with a super hot tinder girl that somehow was even hotter in person (it's usually the other way around). Exciting!


Finished the Citadel DLC. Oh man, oh man. All the feels. So good. So funny. They really went all out. Make me wanna play the whole trilogy again just so it won't end. Fanservice done right, and a wonderful way to say goodbye to the gang.


I'm totally going to try Garrus' lines next time I'm on a date. "Do you come here often? Anyone who does is probably an alcoholic". "You look like a nice person. Quiet, introspective, but decent overall".


I believe I'm about to start the point of no return in ME3, all that's left is the Citadel DLC.


You'd think an "apex race" with mind control powers could solve the problem of synthetics destroying organic life by simply commanding their organic lackeys not to make synthetics rather than... creating synthetic weapons that can turn against them.


Finished the Leviathan DLC! Omega is a bit better from a gameplay perspective, but Leviathan is great lorewise. Taking a close look at origin of the Reapers, who created them and why they do what they do was pretty cool.


Last Prothean Javik was probably a mistake. I'm taking him everywhere mostly because he's the new guy, but it just feels wrong that almost nobody ever says anything or so much as looks sideways at the freaking live Prothean walking among them.


I caved once again and bought super cheap games I don't need due MASSIVE BACKLOG, altogether they add up to being not so cheap and they may or may not be played one day. Anybody else joining me in the walk of shame?


What's the deal with everybody acting like the Krogan genophage is a big mean injustice forced on innocent Krogan? Has everybody forgotten the alternatives were complete annihilation, either of the Krogan or of everybody else?


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