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Virtue'es last reward handles multiple paths far better than 999, but there's still a lot of patience trying repetition, and it's not always clear when it's safe to fast forward without risking missing new information.


35 Kilograms down! Only 7 more to go and Caim will be in near peak shape. These last kilos are hard and go slowly, but I SHALL CONQUER THEM ALL!!


Anyone here plays or has played For Honor? I might give it a shot now that I got it from Plus. My impression is that it's sort of like a team based PVP Dark Souls. Is that the idea?


I came across a "lock" in Virtue's Last Reward. It's not an ending, but progress is interrupted and you're sent back to the beginning to make different choices and possibly unlock that path. Interesting twist.


Very interested in how Trump's Emergency Declaration will play out in the courts. If it somehow survives the court challenges, it will be yet another sign of American institutions and democracy eroding. That's bad for everyone, not just Americans.


It's been almost 7 years since Borderlands 2,and 3 doesn't even have an official announcement yet. The market has changed dramatically since then, people move on. I hope Borderlands 3 kills it, but I fear they might have Duke Nuked themselves.


Breaking: Activisions explains they split with Bungie because Destiny wasn't making enough money. And here I thought it was because it was making so much money Activision felt guilty about it.


THQ Nordic has acquired Kingdom Come's dev, Warhorse. They are on a roll. Hopefully they won't collapse from overexertion.


If Bioware is gunning for some of that Destiny money, I don't blame them (though it seems they're kinda late), but hearing them pitch it as a narrative-driven game much like classic Bioware RPGs, only with friends, it feels like they think we're stupid.


I started Virtue's Last Reward immediately after finishing 999, but I think my brain needs a little break from all that reading and puzzle solving.


Well, 999 is finished. Technically. That was...sudden. I found door 9, and things are looking up. I'm thinking, hey we're going to escape! We Split up to look for the others, and suddenly...


I'm a nice guy and all, but if we're trapped in a twisted game of life and death with only 9 hours to escape alive and you decide to wander off on your own without saying anything, I sure as hell wouldn't waste precious time looking for you.


Dying Light, Caim's first game of February, is finished. It was great. I skipped The Following for now, as good as it is, I'm ready to move on after 40+hours and give my love to another game, probably starting with 999.


I know Steam's community features can be a nightmare for developers and the Epic store wants to avoid that, but I for one make extensive use of them and I hope Epic's approach doesn't become a new trend.


Today I heard, at a university no less, that a lot of tragedies are happening in our country because we're doing too much evil, such as killing, stealing, letting men marry men and women marry women. This is not a joke, sadly.


I asked on the Dying Light forum a question about bows and was told a DLC was bow was the best. Someone offered to gift it to me. I thought he meant the item in-game. Next thing I know I get an email saying my new friend sent me the actual DLC. Cool!


Ariana Grande gets a Kanji Tattoo. Americans pummel her for "cultural appropriation". Japanese dont see the problem, or even what "cultural appropriation" is supposed to be. What a strange timeline


Learning the stomp on zombies' heads move in Dying Light is a huge game changer,perhaps too much. I feel like I instantly went from wimp to badass.


Democrats relentlessly attempting to destroy one of their own governors over a 30+ year old photo while Republicans are laser focused on policy priorities to the point of ignoring even nazi sympathies and child molestation explains a lot.


What have you guys played in January, and which one was your favorite?


I had surgery to fix my crossed eye. Seems to have been successful, my eyesight won't come back but I look better and feel better. I'm also whitening my teeth and losing a ton of weight. Feels like I'm finally finding my way out of the darkness.


Broforce didn't get Caim's seal of approval, sadly. It's not awful, but not worth finishing. Dying Light, on the other hand, is looking considerably more interesting. That is, if I can solve a super annoying issue. When I quit the game, I'm always...


Anybody ever played Dead by Daylight? I've never played one of these asynchronous multiplayer thingies. Thinking of giving my PS+ copy a try.


I tried Sacred 3. Gave it a a good 2 or 3 hours to change my mind. It really is as bad as everyone says. Moving on.


Valve isn't holding back on expressing just how they feel about Metro's removal from Steam. I do agree it's a shitty move to pull this shit just before release after the game has been on sale for a while, it was even charting on Steam.


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