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Trails of Cold Steel 3 is really good but it didn't need to be this freaking long!


Trails of Cold Steel, like Trails in the Sky, is truly something special. I waited years to play part 3, and once I did, I quickly lost myself in its world once more. It feels like coming home meeting dear old friends again.


Are there no Legend of Heroes fans among Destructoid's staff? I haven't seen so much as a footnote regarding Cold Steel IV's release.


Wow, there is an end to Dragon Quest XI! I finally finished it! Sort of.


I wish the DQ XI Luminary wasn't silent. I'm loving the story and characters and he's clearly meant to be more than simply a player avatar, it would be more interesting if he had a personality.


Happy to confirm that Dragon Quest XI is the real deal. Loving it so far. So pretty.


I'm hyped I'll finally be able to see the story of Trails of Cold Steel to the end. I've been waiting for years, and after the cliffhangers of the first 2 games, I didn't want to play 3 until the entire story was ready.


I'm a huge Zelda fan, but I just can't get into Okami for some reason.


I think I need something more fast paced after so much danganronpa. Considering Astral Chain or Vermintide 2. What would you, yes YOU, suggest?


I finished Danganronpa 2. I'm a little tired of it, at the same time I want to see how it ends. Does 3 wraps things up for good?


I conquered despair and finished Danganronpa! Can't wait to despair again in Danganronpa 2.


I am 100% going to regret this tomorrow, but fuck it. I'll deal with adult life tomorrow, today I'm solving the mystery of Hope's peak and kicking despair in the ass. Hopefully.


Most games we're mildly curious about and buy dirt cheap on Steam sales are either never played at all or quickly forgotten after a quick try. Occasionally, we hit the jackpot, like I did with Danganronpa. I can't stop playing it. So thrilling!


Finished The Outer Worlds at last. it's... alright? Sort of scratches the modern fallout itch, but not quite. Eurogamer's review calls it "RPG comfort food", which might be the perfect description. It's got okay visuals, okay combat, okay story...


Taking The Outer Worlds for a spin. hopefully it scratches that Fallout itch.


Hard West looks like such a promising game, too bad the controls fight me every step of the way.


Finished Resident Evil 3's remake. Well, more reimagining than remake, and not in a good way. The Nemesis set pieces felt pretty lame after Mr X. Still a good game all things considered, and it runs like a dream.


I finished Odyssey! Er, Assassin's Creed, not Mario. I think. Sort of. Spoilers in the comments.


Wouldn't it be nice if life was like a videogame and you could deliberately let random people scam you because you know the experience will be worth it.


Is it just my impression or is Assassin's Creed Odyssey way, way longer than the average Assassin's Creed game?


Should I bother engraving gear in Odyssey? It seems I'm replacing them so fast, I barely get any use out of the engravings.


A bit disappointed that Odyssey is set long before Origins. I assumed since Origins was the origin story, Odyssey would be set after. I was looking forward to seeing the early days in Greece, especially after seeing the greek presence in Egypt.


Odyssey only requires a 3gb update to play rather than a 20gb one like Origins. You guys weren't kidding when you said it was better!


Finished Assassin's Creed Origins. Witnessing the birth of the Brotherhood was pretty cool, Bayek and Aya were great characters. Looking forward to assassinating scum in Greece.


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