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Looks like Logitech will send me a new headset. I'll believe it when I see it, but at least things are looking up.


Lol, I just finished Telltale's Batman and got a Platinum trophy just for playing the game once. That's kinda ridiculous and makes the very concept of platinum trophies pointless.


Is there a way to get a different version of a Logitech sound driver? The headset works fine in the 3.5mm jack but not USB, which leads me to think it's a driver or software issue and not a hardware issue.


Is Telltale's Batman meant to appeal to Trophy hunters? Each short episode has 6 chapters and trophies for completing each, some of which are literally just a single cutscene.


It never made any sense that Wayne's billionaire parents were strolling alone in a dark alley in a dangerous city. It makes even less sense if they weren't exactly upstanding citizens like in the story told in Telltale's Batman.


Shame The Darkness has no PC version. I'd like to replay it.


Is it possible for a game to be responsible for sound issues with a headset? More in comments.


Bought a new PS4 hd. If the gods are merciful, this will be my last hardware-related expense of the year. When it rains it pours.


My PS4 hard drive has become corrupted again. What the hell is going on? I must have been cursed or something. Dammit.


So, I'm enjoying my new Logitech G433 headset, when all of a sudden the center channel volume becomes abnormally low and weird, it sounds like it comes from far away. It was working fine until literally moments ago. Has anyone ever dealt with this issue?


I just found out that I can't get sound through the Xbone, controller's headset jack on PC via Bluetooth, which is unsurprising, but you can actually do it with the wireless adapter. Lame. I might have picked a controller with the adapter if I knew :(


What are your top 10 most played games on Steam, and how long have you played them? I'll start.


Right now, at least in my region, Monster Hunter is the top selling game on Steam and the deluxe edition is number 3. That's incredible. Congrats Capcom! Happy to see Monster Hunter finally get the big audience it deserves.


I can use a wireless Xbone controller with a laptop right out of the box, right?


Windows 10 suddenly rebooted to update when I'm IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN GAME. This is ridiculous.


The news is making the rouds that Jeff Bezos' parents invested 250k to get his startup of the ground in 1995. When you look deeper at these "self-made" stories, almost always you find they wouldn't have happened without plenty of outside support.


What's the state of 3DS emulation? I've had wonderful experiences with PSP, PS2, GC and Wii emulators, but don't know about 3DS. Maybe it's been long enough by now.


In TV shows and movies, bad guys who take bribes or steal tons of money and get away with it often somehow still have the whole thing years or even decades later. What's the point of stealing anything just to hide it somewhere and never touch it?


What did you guys play in July? I replayed Neverwinter Nights and its expansions, finally got into CS:GO, and I'm currently going through Borderlands TPS. Not to mention a lovely game of ToeJam & Earl with CharltonHeston, godawful netcode and all.


Is Borderlands 3 the new Duke Nukem Forever? It's taking so long, by the time it comes, odds are the market will be very different and the brand largely forgotten.


I don't know what's the deal with Viziertoid or why all this dancing stuff all a suddenly, but I love it.


Do you guys play evil characters? Any particular playthrough comes to mind? I'm awful at being evil, I'm embarrassingly nice, even in videogames, but one time I went all out, and it was unforgettable. Details in the comments.


A Polygon writer plays Vampire: the Masquerade's latest edition, a "dark and erotic game". It goes exactly how you you'd expect.


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