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For what felt like forever every game wanted to be GTA or CoD. Now Call of Duty and Rockstar are both chasing an all-consumimg trend set by a tiny developer I'd never heard of and copied extremely successfully by Epic. I feel old.


So turns out that an annoying drawback of bagging a bunch of physical games is that you have to STAND UP and walk up to the console when you want to play something else. Then walk back to the couch. Who does that? What a shocking revelation!


China and the U.S are now striking a conciliatory tone on trade that implies China caved but is unsurprisingly short on specifics. Best case scenario, China makes marginal concessions, the clown claims total victory and moves on.


Who's still playing Mario Kart on Switch? Play with me. I'm lonely.


You know someone doesn't have anything worth saying or a minimally decent argument when the best they can do is condescending variations of "change is hard".


I'd forgotten how much help from lady luck you need for a perfect 150cc grand prix run. If the AI decides it's blue shell day, you ain't winning shit.


I'm on a Mario Kart roll, won 4 straight online matches! Which is great considering how out of practice I was. Then the gods intervened and sent a lightning bolt when I was over a chasm, robbing me of my righteous 5th victory. Curses!




The most dangerous thing democrats can do heading into the midterms is to get complacent and assume Trump' unpopularity will be enough to win them the House. It won't. Repeating 2016's mistakes would be an utter disaster, for the country and the world.


Dear Destructoid friends: it's come to my attention that I now have Switch games that can be played online. I humbly request your Switch friendship so that we may enjoy these beautiful bounties together: SW-0984-3809-6190. Much obliged.


Anybody memorizes all those Bayonetta combos, and if so can I borrow your brain? I basically just memorize 3-4 combos, and when I want variety I button mash.


Guess what Trump's plan to lower drug prices in America is? Force foreign countries to pay more for drugs! Good thing he's not interested in WHY everybody else pays less for medicine and maybe trying the same thing. That would risk working.


Fantasy: I'm gonna use this trip to buy a couple Switch games at most. They're too expensive and I have more than enough games already. I can be responsible and save money for the important stuff. Reality:


Have you ever had your ass kicked by Shade in Mario Kart or Smash and felt hopeless? Like there was nothing you could do? Well, I've found the answer! Just play old SNES games and watch him squirm! They're his kryptonite. REVENGE!


Me: this is going to be an awesome week, I'm gonna go places and do cool stuff in Holland! God: lol no, you're just going to be sick and stay in bed. Me: well... so much for that.


Right wingers are celebrating a steep drop in foreign student applications in the U.S under Trump. You know, people who pay full tuition and make mad bank for the universities. Because this is obviously about keeping criminals out. Clearly.


I'm struggling with the later Sonic Mania stages. Took me a few tries to pass the metal sonic stage, and now I'm already dying repeatedly in the next one. I don't remember being so bad at Sonic!


I have arrived! Had a wonderful KLM flight that recently opened in my city direct to Amsterdam, significantly more comfortable than the usual TAP flight to Portugal. Watched Jumanji and 300 on the way. Pretty good way to pass the time.


Stardew valley is confusing for farming sim newbies. I started cutting stuff and digging the ground and ina matter of minutes I was already too tired to do anything else.Any starting tips?


Just watched a few episodes of Sonic Boom. It's surprisingly... not bad. Amusing, actually. I guess what works in a cartoon doesn't necessarily work in a videogame.


/*Begin rant: "cultural appropriation" is not a real issue, it's just a way for privileged rich country slacktivists to feel good about themselves. *End rant/


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