NE: The Virtual Console has been succeeded by Switch Online
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So, um, Atlus? I could use more Persona in my life sometime soon. Maybe DLC for P5 while you work on P6? You're not going to make us wait 8 years again,are you? Please don't.


I just read an article in which a lunatic compares Russia's hacking to Pearl Harbor, and exhorts the country to "respond accordingly". I wonder if these people really are that crazy or if they just like to look tough because they know it won't happen.


Supergirl is surprisingly enjoyable, though Supergirl herself comes across as a stereotypical attention-starved millenial. Which is surprising for a show that delivers constant feminist messages with the subtlety of a freight train.


Am I the only fool in his mid 30s who still doesn't know what he wants in life like a freaking teenager? I pay the bills so that's not the issue but I feel aimless, hopeless. Most days I just want to crawl into a hole and vanish. It's an awful feeling.


Interesting Eurogamer feature about the troubled state of Crackdown 3. Turns out expecting the cloud to boost the Xbone's power 20 times was not realistic, nor were 100% destructible environments in a fully open world mp game. Shocking, I know.


Well shit. I turn on my PS4 after two months, nothing seems to be wrong, cool, but after downloading the latest update I get an error code and can't turn it on anymore. Google tells me others people are having the same problem with the same update.


Well shit. I just got an email from Crunchyroll support "confirming" that my email has been changed to one that is most definitively not mine.


Somehow I just spent an hour watching a CS:GO professional match. THEY FINALLY GOT TO ME!


This is a letter Paypal sent to a dead customer warning her that dying is a breach of PayPal's rules. Seriously. Now I've seen everything.


Trump attacking Germany for spending only 1% of gdp on defense while the U.S spends 4.2% would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Buddy, why do you think people in Germany don't worry about, say, life-destroying medical bills or crushing student debt?


Shocking no one, Valve has shut down a new method of estimating game sales shortly after it emerged, and this time they didn't even have the privacy excuse. They should just admit it and stop lying.


The mood here is one of deep frustration, myself included! Being eliminated thanks to an own goal in two consecutive rounds of 8 by teams that had no business beating us feels way worse than, say, losing a hard-fought game to France in the round of 4.


So now what's a guy to do after his team blows it in the World Cup? I know! Spend the weekend playing a crapton of videogames! If anyone asks or tells me to get a life I can just act hurt and tell them I'm grieving!


Anybody here plays FIFA/Pro Evo on PS4 or PC? I haven't played anything of the kind in years, but the World Cup fever I caught is putting me in the mood for some videogame footie.


At what temperature is it safe to overlock? In civilized measurements (celsius), please. This Acer laptop has a built-in overclock program that's very easy to use and measures internal temperature, but I'm afraid to fry something. I've never done it.


A depressing number of "patriots" I know, regardless of country of origin, don't seem to know the difference.


Almost every day now we hear success stories of indies on Switch, which is great. Never in my wildest dreams I would have imagined there was so much demand for what is, in essence, a bigger Vita that can be played on a TV. Well played, Nintendo.


Trump: we need car tariffs to protect America's car industry. America's Car industry: Please don't do that to us. We're begging you. Trump: Don't worry kids, daddy is a stable genius. He know what he's doing. America's Car industry: *weeps*


In his post-game interview, Mexico's coach, taking a shot at Neymar but hitting himself squarely in the face, said that soccer is "a strong sport, a sport for men". Boy, are you in trouble now.


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