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Ratchet & Clank PS4 is very pretty, but surprisingly, it's boring me. I've decided to cross it off the list without finishing it. It's surprising because I liked the HD collection and I don't think this is much worse. Maybe I'm just less patient?


Apple has a real risk of losing the rights to the iPhone name here, or ending up having to pay hefty royalties. Imagine Apple not controlling the iphone brand in a country of 200 million! Hard to even imagine. Detail in comments.


I just watched the Bleach movie. Pretty cool, now I wanna watch the Anime. Netflix has 5 seasons with roughly 20 episodes each. Is that all? Sometimes Anime on Netflix is incomplete.


Trump is going ahead with a massive trade escalation, but he's going to start with "only" 10% tariffs and wait until after the elections to hike them to 25% to make sure people don't feel the pinch just before voting.


Going through Ratchet & Clank reminded me I have yet to play Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Too bad I no longer have a PS3. Then I remembered I have a Vita TV! Except... where the hell is it? Damn thing vanished! It's annoying when that happens!


I was thinking about some old time Dtoiders and what they've been up to. Look who's officially recognized by Google as a musician like a fancy-ass celebrity! He was always so enthusiastic, I miss him around here, but he seems to be doing what he loves!


I'm thinking my next game will be Ratchet and Clank PS4. Has anyone played it? It came and went with very little fanfare. I doubt it sold well and it's quite possible it was the last of the series


The Witch and the Hundred Knight is finished, backlog keeps getting smaller! I didn't expect to have such a good time with this game, so It's great to be surprised like this.


Considering replaying Tomb Raider (2013) and Sleeping Dogs. I played the PC versions, and I also have the definitive editions on PS4. Which version looks and plays better? I'm assuming my PC can run both on ultra at 60 fps since they are old games.


I'm having a surprisingly good time with The Witch and the Hundred Knight, an obscure top-down hack and slash from NIS. It had been sitting in the backlog for a couple years by now.


I'm in a kind of depressive dating funk that's lasting longer than usual. I don't have the motivation to so much as show up, even when sexy times are guaranteed. I'm a bit worried I may be starting one of my longer periods of darkness. This sucks.


This man is officially my hero. Link in the comments. It's a crappy google translation, but it will do.


Man, Japan really is on a class of its own when it comes to perverted imagination. In The Witch and the Hundred Knight, rather than kill the first enemy witch, your witch turns her into a mouse and summons "horny little boy mice" to, well... yeah. Damn.


Well shit, I just found out I somehow have R$125 (+-$30) lying around forgotten in one of my PSN accounts. Guess that doesn't break my promise to hold off on buying games since the money is already spent! What should I do with it?


Not sure if this story has been posted here. A fan got Insominiac to include a proposal to his girlfriend in the spiderman game, only for the girlfriend to leave him, seemingly for his brother. Link in comments.


D4's PC port is damn near insulting, and that was before it started completely freezing my system in episode 2 and forcing me to hold down the power button, or suddenly locking my resolution to 720 and even editing the ini doesn't solve it. I'm out.


And FF6 is done! It was cool, though I'm glad some of the old school design is dead and buried. Now I've completed 6 and 4, which are the only pre-7 entries that interest me. After I play XV eventually I'll be all caught up in this amazing series!


I got Cyan back but somehow no shop sells weapons for him so either I'm stuck with Seltzer for now or I have to use Cyan with an old, outdated weapon. Laaaaaame.


I can now reach Kefka's Tower, but I'm going to look for the rest of my friends first. Looks like I'm approaching the endgame!


What's the deal with the ultima sword in FF6? It says its power is bound to the HP but doesn't say how much and boosts the attack stat way beyond anything else, yet in practice it seems weaker than the other weapons.


I've been wandering around the Floating Continent in FF6 for nearly two hours and can't find the way out. At last I'm gaining quite a few levels, but it's getting annoying. Really wish I could turn off those battles so I could look for it in peace.


My childhood friend just bought a second PS4 and second copy with MHW so he can play with his daughter. I'm about to go hunting with them. If I ever have kids, that's basically my parenting dream.


Our leading presidential candidate has suffered a knife attack, an unprecedented atfack in our modern democracy, yet, amazingly, lots of people are dismissing it as "fake news". Is there any hope left after mass lunacy sets in to such a degree?


Oh hey, the enemy left this critically important location that can turn the tide of war in our favor entirely unguarded, let's seize this opportunity and charge! I'm sure they're just that stupid. No way this is a trap.


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