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Does anyone know how much health a Monster gains in multiplayer? I found differing theories online but no hard sources.


I just got home and there was a small spider making a net in front of the tv. It looked like it was flying, I couldn't even make out the threads. Weird spot for a net, buddy. Dangerous, too. Wait, you can't hear me anymore, you're dead.


I can't believe I made a Nergigante heavy bowgun without realizing it doesn't shoot slicing ammo or cluster bombs. Fuuuuuuuuu*k!


Do real life men really tend to ambush their girlfriends with out of the blue (for her) marriage proposals without first discussing that this is what both want, or is that just a TV thing?


Xenojiva is down and the credits are rolling. Oh yeah! This time I already knew what to expect, and with LoneMak and two Japanese randos helping it was smooth sailing! Wohoooooo!


Sea of Thieves is really getting a Day 1 patch. I love it! https://www.polygon.com/2018/3/19/17138778/sea-of-thieves-day-one-patch-rare-reddit


I just died to Xeno'jiiva after 49 minutes and 44 seconds of battle. Not that it mattered much, I doubt we'd kil him in another 16 seconds, but still. Daaaaaaamn!


Can you imagine Monster Hunter with perfect collision detection and perfect hitboxes? I'm not sure if it would be marvelous or unplayable.


I just learned that Trump is suing to enforce the hush agreement with the porn star, the same one he says he has nothing to do with. And his worshippers won't see the contradiction. It would be fascinating if it weren't so terrifying.


How important is elderseal against elder dragons and how do I know when it's actually doing anything? Is it useful enough that high elderseal is better than a bit more raw damage?


Fought Kirin for the first time. Bloody hell, I'm high rank but it takes me over 20 minutes to kill a low rank Kirin solo. I don't like my chances against the high rank version :( Unrelated: he should totally be categorized as "elder prancing unicorn".


First fight against Nergigante: two 1-hit faints as soon as I saw him, and a teammate went right right after. Second fight I bid my time and focused more on staying alive, only attacked when it looked "safe" and quickly stepped away. Success!


Another special election decided by a few hundred votes. After Alabama, another Trump defeat in deep red territory. Dear American friends: please don't stay home this year. Vote! Every vote counts! Save us (and yourselves) from this madness. We need you!


Wohoooo, I'm finally wearing Aloy's armor! And face. And skin. And everything else. I am become Aloy! Exciting, and I didn't even play Horizon. Looks like a good armor to start high rank with, I'll probably wear it for a while.


So close to getting Alloy's armor before the event expires but I can't get a godamn Anjanath gem. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! PS: if anyone want to help get this gem, I'm still trying right now. Heeeeelp!


I had a great time hunting monsters with Jiraya and Alphadeus this weekend. Thanks guys! The first of many, hopefully!


Yo! Who wants to help out a new Hunter of Monsters this weekend?


I've been using the Switch Axe since Monster Hunter 3U, maybe it's time for some variety. *starts MHW, tries other weapons* Switch Axe it is.


Monster Hunter World is so modern. Characters, like, speak and shit.


I've waited so long for Monster Hunter and now that I finally got it I'm hooked on Fallout 4 and I don't like leaving games unfinished. Yet these are both life consuming games, hard to play both. What to do, what to do...


Destructoid hunter friends! Look what I f-fucking finally got! Let's hunt together and be merry and make baby monsters orphans! My PSN id is Caimdark. Please add me!


It's 2018 and there are still a shocking number of people who think trade wars are something that can actually be won by anybody. These folks must really miss 19th century standards of living.


So there's now apparently a game called "Super Seducer" by "renowned pick up artist Richard La Ruina" that's supposed to teach men how to pick up women lol.


The sheer cynicism of the ESA in attempting to label gambling boxes like any other content purchase is gross. I hope it only serves to fuel further backlash and comes back to bite them.


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