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80s U.S: overwhelmingly white. Murder rate:10 per 100k people. 2019 U.S: a lot less white. Murder rate: under 5 per 100k. But sure, we brown savages are the ones making great white America unsafe. Clearly.


Am I misremembering things or Yakuza 6 changed Kiryu's standard speed from running to walking?


I caved and made an Instagram account. It got to the point I was losing dates because apparently only shady people with something to hide want no part of the social media theater and aren't thrilled about telling Facebook every single thing they do.


Third game of the year, DOOM, is done! It was a good idea to try again on PC after it didn't really click on PS4, a fast-paced shooter like that feels much better with a trusty k/m. I didn't love Doom as much as most, but mechanically it's impeccable.


Gee, I wonder if there's a boss just beyond that door.


I must have died like 10 times in the same room in Doom's Lazarus lab. Stupid fucking chasing dogs. I really should have saved some BFG ammo. When did I become so bad at videogames like a... a... FILTHY CASUL? *weeps*


If I thought Hyrule Warriors was good but not great, played no other Warriors game and have no attachment whatsoever to, and very little knowledge of, Dragon Quest, is there any hope I'll like Dragon Quest Heroes? Are both games worth playing?


I am in Hell. In Doom 4,I mean. At least I think I am. How far into the game am I?


Damn, even Brazilian media is talking about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. An article I just read labeled her "the most important woman in the U.S". I have no idea why she's suddenly such a hot commodity, but whatever she did, must have been very impressive.


It seems an European court has ruled that McDonalds no longer owns the BigMac trademark in Europe, which is potentially a very big deal. McDonals will appeal, of course. Curious to see how that plays out.


It's a crying shame how squandered the Star Wars license is in games. EA is taking fucking it up to the next level, but even before EA there were few standout SW games.


Modern games seem to have dulled my edge. I'm dying annoyingly often in Doom 2016, and it doesn't even look that hard. I also get frustrated lost in the environment looking for the objective.


Finished Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Played for over 70 hours, which was quite a bit more than I expected. There were still plenty of sidequests to do, but I was ready to wrap it up. Thoughts in comments.


Out of curiosity, any particular reason why PS2 emulator requires you to extract or download the PS2 bios, which can't be legally provided, and PSP and Gamecube/Wii emulator has no such requirement?


It seems my state had the first night without any terrorist attacks in two weeks. Yaaaaay.


If I'm ever reincarnated as a woman, I'd make a deal with the devil to look like whoever it is that plays Mazikeen in Lucifer. That is some serious hotness.


Damn, I did not see that coming in the season 5 finale of the Blacklist. Now I really want to know the answer to all those questions.


I'm not going anywhere near the Resident Evil 2 demo. It would be embarrassing if my new year resolution (play the damn backlog) lasted only 25 days!


If I were an American Democrat,I'd almost hope Trump went ahead with a national emergency declaration and that it survived the courts. Sure, he'd get his stupid wall, but after Republicans are out of the White House, Dems could use the same cynical ploy.


THQ Nordic has been on a serious buying spree lately. I like them, I hope they aren't financing all that with debt up to their eyeballs and it comes back to bite them later.


After 50 hours of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, burnout is starting to set in. Time to wrap up that main quest.


Was there a change to how PSN purchases are taxed in the States? I have 13.95 in my U.S account, just enough for Shadow of the Colossus. Except, at check out, the price rose to 14.18. Annoying! I assume this is some sort of tax?


Have you guys heard anything about the violent attacks happening in northeastern Brazil right now? I'm wondering if it caught the attention of foreign media.


Trump: 4k terrorists came through Mexico. DHS: Actually, just 6. Conservatives: even one is too many. Wall! Me: Many more crossed from Canada or flew in. Do you want a northern wall and to halt all flights? Conservatives: that's different. Me: riiiiight


I robbed this guard blind weeks ago in-game and he's still walking around like this. Someone get this man a new uniform!


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