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My ex-wife pre-ordered Monster Hunter World for me as a late birthday gift. I have the best ex-wife.


Somewhat old news, but I just learned that Trump's CDC banned the terms "science-based" and "evidence-based" in budget documents. Say what?!? It seems it's not just unflattering news that is always fake, inconvenient science is fake as well.


I was just talking to a girl about sex. Displeased with my point, she responded with the line "what a ridiculous argument. You sound like a feminist".


It seems Nintendo is as enthusiastic about Switch ports of Wii U games as I am. Wonderful!


Who else here hoards almost every consumable in-game resources like potions, money, etc, "just in case", then the game ends and you never use them? I'm now trying to go out of my way to actually use this stuff whenever possible. It's liberating.


Steve Bannon is out of Breitbart because of his unflattering Trump comments. Bannon is gross, but this is the kind of retribution you expect to see in dictatorships. If this keeps up soon America won't have a president, it will have a Supreme Leader.


You know, maybe Trump really is a "stable genius". I mean, right after he says that he goes and mistakes consensual for consequential and an email for a link. No way a potus can be THAT dumb, so I almost wish there is some sort of masterplan here.


So now a bunch of rich, mostly white women wearing fancy black dresses is supposed to be a protest?


I keep seeing Trump and these MAGA people saying they are "taking their country back". I'd love to hear them elaborate just who exactly had taken over their country that they need it "back". You know, since it's not about race and all.


I finished Inside. Pretty good, but I have no idea what's going on or what I did or what the ending means. I want answers dammit! Special thanks to Churros for letting me know this game existed.


Dear American Friends: as someone from a place where power often trumps laws and institutions, trust me when I tell you that's not a good place to be. Don't let this become your new normal political culture. Once it does, there's no going back.


I watched a SVU episode where a guy pretends to be a bigshot to get laid. So, because the women thought they were having sex with someone else, the detectives decide it's rape because they didn't truly consent to sex with his real self. Shark=Jumped.


Yo, people on the other side of the world! How's 2018 going? Is everything already better?


Is a 6gb GTX 1060 good enough for mostly 60fps 1080p gaming? I was considering a GTX1070, but the price difference is huge.


I tried D4, couldn't into it. Its kinetic origins really hold it back. Such a shame.


I just love when an NPC asks me to kill someone or something that's too powerful for them, yet somehow they decide they can take me on after the deed.


Wasn't Anakin still a Padawan in Revenge of the Sith? A badass padawan, but still a padawan. So how come he has a student in the clone wars cartoon? Or he was already a master and I forgot about it?


I watched the last Jedi today! I no longer need to fear spoilers! Speaking of which, spoilers in the comments.


I caved yet again and bought $60 worth of games in the Steam sale that will no doubt be on sale again and even cheaper by the time I get to play them. Meanwhile, I'm replaying Baldur's Gate instead of the new stuff I didn't need to buy. I need help!


I'll be damned, I was just murdered by a pack of Kobold commandos. My Baldurs Gate skills clearly haven't aged well.


https://www.polygon.com/comics/2017/12/22/16810138/marvel-exec-insists-wave-of-cancellations-not-motivated-by-books-diversity Comment in the, well, comments.


About Star Wars Rebels. Ezra Bridger is so dumb, I hope the empire turns him so his sheer stupidity can sabatoge them from within. And don't get me started about... (spoilers)


I think I've been bitten by the classic CRPG bug. After replaying the KOTOR games I jumped straight back into Baldurs Gate. I'm playing with the canon party of Minsc, Dynaheir, Khalid, Jaheira and little sister.


I've been watching The Mist. My god those people are so awful and nasty. Fear only excuses so much. I hope the mist kills them all.


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