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I wasn't expecting much out of Fallout 76, but I didn't expect such brutal reviews either. Eurogamer slapped it a rare "avoid" rating and the review is titled "a bizarre, boring, broken mess", and they're not alone. Damn.


Girl watching movie with me: this movie is okay but I don't like the protagonist. He's retarded. Me, thinking very quietly: well shit, he reminds me of myself.


Lame that Udina is the human councilor in 3 even if you pick Anderson in 1.


Vanguard in ME3 seems different than in ME2. Any build tips? Also, damn, looking at it again I'm fairly confident ME3 looks better if not at least as good as Andromeda, at least with mods. Character models and animations are definitely better.


Finished the Arrival ME 2 DLC. It is as I feared, very weak and I'd only recommend it to the most hardcore fans, and maybe not even to them. Now off to watch hot secretary melt!


I should finish Mass Effect 2 today, Mass Effect 3 is already set up with DLC, beauty mods and ready to go! Speaking of beauty, I high recommend the ALOT mod collection. It's very nice and easy enough to install that even I can do it.


https://www.polygon.com/2018/11/16/18098929/white-wolf-controversy-paradox-interactive-new-ceo I don't like this timeline.


I took Legion to the migrant fleet, because of course I did. Shame that it's not a bigger deal, would have been cool if there were actual consequences to taking a Geth to the very heart of the Quarian fleet.


An Estonian guy I added to Steam playing Dark Souls many years ago but we hadn't spoken in ages saw me playing Mass Effect, figured I liked space and sent me a key for Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Humble Bundle was giving out for free. That was cool.


Mordin is one of the best things about ME2. Truly the very model of a scientist salarian. It always has to be him. Someone else might get it wrong.


Well shit. I had completely forgotten about the [MASS EFFECT 2 SPOILER] before the final mission.


I really need to unlearn my Steam-only habits and start checking out other storefronts. For years, Steam was far and away the best option to Brazilians due to local prices, but now even small shops like Gamersgate and Greenmangaming have caught up.


Can't help but be amused that Brexiteers are outraged that a deal with the EU involves paying them a ton of money and accepting EU rules they'll have no say over when those were the same people touting Norway as an example of prosperity outside the EU.


Interesting reactions to Fallout 76. IGN has a feature saying it's not worth it without friends, while Eurogamer says it's a multiplayer game that's more fun solo. Looks like this will be a divisive one.


Lol, a Citadel game shop sells "insurance" against copy protection failure for only 10 credits! If the copy protection malfunctions the insurance allows you to download a new copy for free. Imagine if some AAA executive played this game and got ideas!


Never imagined I'd be dropping a pretty penny on Mass Effect 3 DLC in 2018, yet here we are. I bought all of them in preparation for my upcoming playthrough.


I hadn't noticed before, but it seems ME' s save importing doesn't always work right. I met Conrad Verner the "fan" and he was all "you shoved a gun in my face and showed me how to do things" like a renegade, but I was a pure paragon and never did that.


Just found out that this is coming to Steam in two days. Huh. Don't know who asked for it, but I'm up for a trip down Hellgate's memory lane. It wasn't even a great game but I have fond memories.


I rekindled the flame with my girl Liara in Lair of the Shadow Broker! Plus, the scene is and ambiguous, but I think I banged her again. Hooray! Also, Proud of myself for resisting Miranda's perfect, genetically engineered ass!


Bummed that Microsoft bought both Obsidian and Inxile. They were the main drivers behind the CRPG revival, and now that's over.


It's surprising how much I've forgotten about ME2, which means more surprises, so it's good. Even the collectors were lost to the mists of time. Not all surprises are good, though. Ditching the Mako was good, the planet scanning thing was not.


I got a good chuckle out of this. And possibly a few tears as well.


I'm annoyed that Mass Effect 2 got rid of the shortcuts for codex, journal and squad. It's a minor thing to simply have to go to the menu first, but still annoying, I keep pressing J,O,U out of reflex. Those keys aren't even used for anything else, wtf.


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