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I checked Octopath Traveller on Steam. It's BRL 226, which around here is basically "lol, I'm totally pirating this shit" territory. For reference, the likes of Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry 5 launched for BRL 130. WTF, Squenix?


Why does my PS4 hate me? Yet another issue has popped up. Now that the TV arrived and I turned the PS4 on for the first time in weeks, one of the controllers simply isn't working for some reason. It flashes orange while charging, but doesn't respond.


My TV arrived! Yay! Any tips on image, color, HDR ans other settings for gaming and general viewing? There are so many options, I have to freaking study the TV.


I was watching Aeris' final FF7 scene again. Man, that's not music, that's magic.


Anybody played Grim Dawn? It's cool, and got me thinking how much more popular it probably would have been had it launched in 2012. It likely would have appealed to a couple million disgruntled old school Diablo fans in a way Torchlight just doesn't.


Watching progressive democrats in their bubble convinced that Biden has no chance and AOC is the new mainstream while reality disagrees just makes me even more convinced we'll be stuck with Trump until 2024.


I was hopeful the trade war was moving towards a solution and Trump would find a new shiny object to play with, but looks like that's not happening. That sucks.


If you own multiple gaming platforms and one of them goes unused for an extended period of time, do you feel an irrational need to play it just to... I don't know, justify its existence maybe? I do. I know it makes no sense, but I can't help it.


At long, long, long, long, long, long,really fucking long last, SMT IV Apocalypse is done. This thing's ridiculously long. I mean, just look at it! You'd think I grinded like a madman,but nope, I just did challenge quests and not even all of them. Also...


I'm having such a grand time with the SMT IV games, first the original and now Apocalypse. I haven't played anything else in over a month. I'm now level 75 in Apocalypse and probably approaching the endgame.


Question for SMT IV and Apocalypse connaisseurs. How critical are buffs and debuffs to beat the game on normal difficulty? Can I safely rely on Navarre to be my buffer? I know they're supposed to be game changers, but...




Repairing my TV is too expansive, and they only offer a 3 month warranty. Guess I'll move my plans to join the 4K world a few years ahead of schedule. Speaking of which: is it worth it to invest (quite a bit) extra in a HDR-capable set?


Bloody hell, I have an University exam tomorrow and I can't put SMT IV Apocalypse down. I need help.


How do you guys manage your Steam wishlist? I've gone back and forth between only adding games I'm certain I want to play one day or also adding stuff I'm just curious about. I had purged it down to under 50 games, now it's up to nearly 100 again.


What did my favorite Internet people play this month, and what was your GOTM? I finished two games, Samus Returns and SMT IV. Both of which are good games, but anyone who's seen my latest qposts won't be surprised to learn my GOTM is undoubtedly SMTIV.


Wait, SMT IV Apocalypse charges me 5 levels worth of app points for the privilege of fully recovering HP and MP when I level up? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!


Samurai Caim owned Lucifer, order is restored (through genocide, naturally) and SMT IV is done. Apocalypse, here I come!


60 hours of SMT IV without going too much out of the way of the main quest and it's still not done. This thing is huge!


I'm level 53 in SMT IV, just after everything goes to shit and we wake up in the strange world. How close to the endgame am I?


Well shit, big decision time in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Spoilers in comments.


SMT IV lacks the focus on narrative and character that I tend to favor on RPGs, but it's surprisingly addictive. I find myself struggling to put it down and do the grown up stuff.


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