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The epilogue missions in Legacy of The Void are pretty hard!


Despite Blizzard's best efforts to ruin it, I'm having a blast playing through SC2's campaigns again. Currently on Legacy of the Void, possibly my favorite. I love the epicness of it, the characters, the spear of Adun mechanics, the units, everything!


I've killed Arcturus Mengsk several time over by now, and it feels GOOD every single time. Time to free Aiur. En Taro Tassadar!


Despite Blizzard's best efforts to break it, I managed to complete rerunning the Wings of Liberty Campaign and I'm well underway the HotS one. Unfortunate I started replaying it just when they broke the campaigns. Apparently all of them have issues now.


Blizzard somehow managed to break the Wings of Liberty campaign, a 10-year old game that never had campaign issues before. They apparently updated something behind the scenes and now the campaign doesn't play cutscenes and doesn't award credits. Yikes.


Finished replaying the original StarCraft campaign. It didn't age as well as Warcraft 3, though I might feel this way because I was never as much a fan of the original StarCraft as I was of the other games. Now replaying Wings of Liberty. Still excellent!


Currently playing Mass Recall, a mod that remakes StarCraft's campaign in the SC2 engine. Has some quirks you wouldn't find in a commercial release, but for the most part it works really well. I highly recommend it.


Finished the Bonus Horde Campaign in Frozen Throne. The narrative is still strong, but the gameplay is a bit weak, in part because you can't fail, so the stakes feel significantly less urgent.


Finished the main Frozen Throne campaign! Last undead mission is tough, I think I actually gave up the first time I played it back in the day. A bit unfortunate the Horde doesn't have a real RTS campaign, but I do like they weren't forced into the story.


Now I have to save Arthas from the Dreadlords. It's unfortunate this is a mandatory objective to continue the game. I really wanted to let that nasty asshole die!


Finished the Alliance Frozen Throne campaign. Story keeps going strong, and reinforced the fundamental, inescapable truth that humanity was a mistake, but the missions themselves were the weakest so far.


Finished the excellent Night Elf Frozen Throne campaign. Which reminds me, anybody knows the official storyline for Illidan after 3? I read Maiev Killed him, that he became lord of Outland, among other things, and I can't tell which is the current cannon.


I held the legion back in Warcraft 3's RoC final mission at the Orc base. I remember barely holding on at the final base last couple times I played it. Perhaps old age has made me less bad at strategy games lol. Time for a trek through the Frozen Throne.


Somehow, I think I'm appreciating Warcraft 3's campaign storyline even more now than I did the first time. Maybe it's just the power of nostalgia.


Watching Arthas' fall (again) is sad enough, but then having him nearly exterminate the elves and turn noble, brave Sylvanas into what she becomes (again) is just as sad. What an asshole! My poor heart can't take this!


I just googled Skyblivion to see if it was still alive and one of the first hits was a Destructoid article titled "The end is almost in sight". That was two years ago. Welp. Maybe not alive after all.


18 years later, watching Arthas go from noble Paladin of the light to Lich King still saddens me.


I'd sell my soul for a massive single player Warcraft RPG in the vein of Bioware's golden age RPGs.


Halfway through Beyond The Dark Portal, the nostalgia had worn off and the simplicity and repetitiveness of the gameplay was wearing thin, so I moved on to Warcraft 3 Classic. after reading up on the Reforged nonsense, I can't really support it.


The issue where I could comment on qposts but not the frontpage had been fixed, then returned. Do I have to follow the same steps again?


Reason 193848 why pre-orders are bad, actively encourage developers to butcher beloved franchises and should be avoided like the plague.


Warcraft 2 Tides of Darkness campaign done! Still a pretty good time, I'm glad to say. On to beyond the Dark Portal!


I already own the classic version of Warcraft 3, wondering if I should get Reforged. Keeping in mind that all I care about is playing the campaign with improved graphics and the rest doesn't matter to me, is it worth it? Are the upgrades significant?


I'd forgotten how hilariously frustrating it was in Warcraft 2 when you massed griphons and half of them died to their own friendly fire, often After there were only enemy buildings left. Truly the pinnacle of gaming. I love it!


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