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I splurged on the Steam sale and bought 10 games. And I was doing so well on the "not buying unnecessary games" front. But those sweet deals, man.


I finally spent the PSN store credits I've had lying in one of my accounts for over a year and got Red Dead 2, God of War, Spider Man and Uncharted Lost Legacy. Looking good.


I can't see the second wave of black Friday PlayStation deals in the list unless I search for the specific game. Odd. Anyone else having this issue?


I went into Shenmue completely blind, and it's not at all what I expected. I'm beginning to see why it's both a special game fondly remembered by many and at the same time a massive commercial failure with limited mass market appeal.


I have to look for sailors in a bar that only opens at night and there's no way whatsoever to skip time? Is this what 1999 felt like?


Finished Detroit: Become Human. Someone mentioned that it's a cool little sci-fi romp if you don't think too hard about it, which is how I felt. It strains your suspension of disbelief even more than Heavy Rain or Beyond, but still kept me invested.


Important question: how exactly is Shenmue pronounced?


I don't know what's more ridiculous, the third season of 13 reasons why or the fact I can't stop watching.


My first thought playing Detroit: Become Human: how come nobody has jobs because Androids are replacing everybody yet seemingly everyone can afford fancy personal droids? Maybe I'm getting too old for videogames!


I've been going through several lower priority backlog games and crossing them off the list after a couple hours, so far none compelled me to play to the end, but hey, at least I'm tackling the backlog!


I really wish Shadow of the Colossus didn't have a climbing timer.


Alright Xcom 2, let's do this. Any base building tips?


I thought Fear Effect Sedna was a turn based thing like Xcom. I wish it was, cause as it is, it's just awful.


I'm glad that, if nothing else, at least Blizzard kept Diablo Diablo and rejected proposals to "modernize" it such as ditching the isometric camera or going for Souls-like gameplay.


Didn't really feel Broken Age, didn't have the patience to give it more time to see if it gets better. Now... I think I'm going to give Mark of the Ninja another shot. Last time I got sidetracked by another game.


Didn't really feel Broken Age, didn't have the patience to give it more time to see if it gets better. Now... I think I'm going to give Mark of the Ninja another shot. Last time I got sidetracked by another game.


I've been on a walking simulator streak. Finished Batman Enemy Within, and now Life is Strange Before the Storm. Infuriating though Chloe may be, it was cool to see her relationship with Rachel, and I definitely intend to play LIS 2 eventually.


Yes Chloe, you should totally go meet a violent, murdering, on edge drug dealer in the middle of nowhere seemingly hoping he'll listen to reason and walk away. Good thing you're a videogame character and not a real person.


God I hope the average teenager isn't as stupid as the ones in Life is Strange Before the Storm.


I caught my dad cheating in LiS Before the Storm, so I'm just gonna express my teen anger by starting a wildfire, cause massive devastation and possibly kill a few people. Why not.


I never imagined the whole "Diablo 3 is too cartoony" outcry had resonated so much at blizzard. This time They really went all out with the the grimdark tone.


Finished Batman Enemy Within. Despite the Telltale trappings, it's an excellent Batman story. And it was cool to play it after watching the Joker, as both are Joker Origin stories, and quite good ones at that.


What did you guys play in October, and what was your favorite? I managed to play and finish only one game, Tales of Berseria, so it's my favorite by default. There's a good chance it would have been my GOTM anyways, it's pretty good.


Finally finished Tales of Berseria, the only game I managed to finish this month. Combat felt like a bit of a step down, but it's still an excellent Tales game with a great, well, tale. I Highly recommend it for genre fans.


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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey"'Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious hero who travelled far and wide'"


Darksiders Genesis"Revelation 3:1 says, 'loot thy dungeons'"


Heroland"Save the day (for a nominal fee)"


Import SD Gundam G Generation Genesis"Nu Gundam isn't just for show!"


The Touryst"Islands in the sea, that is what we are..."


Pokemon Sword"The pen is mightier"


Golem"An action-adventure gem that requires some patience"


Shenmue III"Have you seen any sailors?"


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Knives Out was a good Everything you could want in a murder


Id like to thank superthanos for the informative C-Blog on online gambling games written entirely in Great Seriously, these occasional bots and advert profiles on Dtoid are getting weirder and


I didnt get Spotify till the end of 2016, so I don’t know how fair this is but I love me some Jade Bird

Jetter Mars

Just got my schedule a few minutes ago pic is only half the Im more likely than not going to be working everyday for the next 2 Good pay but damn is this going to be


Just finished re-watching treasure planet, havent seen it since I was a kid and man it holds up


Other than the blink and you might miss it ending, Gears 5 was pretty great! Always a good time finishing split screen games with The Person That Won’t Leave My


Ok that is some strong RikuxSora shit in the new kh3 dlc Its hella gay and I love


Oh, look The Old Blood update for Warframe is Time to give that a ON STREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Electric Reaper

Most cats either dont like their belly touched at all or can only tolerate so much belly My cat Scully might be rather skittish, but after rubbing her belly for several minutes, she will often want to be petted


Got myself a warchanter all done up! I decided to just finish the ironjawz box I Just got 3 gore gruntas after this and I might go back to my



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