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Remeber Those games!

Remember going to a video game rental store and you could find christian games. With games being morally questioned and even rated by some to have gay inuendo's. I's anyone doing anything to change gameing or are they going to just sit b...


About READYone of us since 10:25 PM on 12.10.2008

I play almost anything and probably have. Excluding all the games you think I have played. I liked Super Metroid "the best game ever", Mega man X series, Golden eye was bad ass I don't care what you say, Kirby blew my mind, res-2, Final Fantasy, Mario 3, Mario 64 I got all the stars what a gyp, Banjo-Kazooie got all that crap too, all Mario Kart's, Secret of mana the original,link,zelda up to majora's mask, ect. Im playing SOCOM right, got sick on resistance 2. My most memorable game is Base wars "please remake"! My favorite game is probably Metriod they need to make it 3rd. person and make it imposible to stay alive, that would make me very happy. I'd also like to add i was fortunate enough to play an Atari as a child. Who could forget smurfs and ladybug. I think if you reely want to understand gaming you need no must look at games from that era.