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Concerning Girl Gamers and Girls in Games

The many stigmas of being a girl who just happens to play games Considering that 45% of people who play games are female, it surprises me that the term "girl gamer" has so many negative connotations attached to it. Many (though not all) ...


Daily Easter Egg #10: Portal's Cake Recipe

Apparently, the cake isn't a lie—the recipe is right in the game! The recipe can be found fragmented and displayed alongside binary code on the computer monitors in the office levels of the original Portal game. The recipe calls for: 1 (...


Daily Easter Egg #9: Sonic CD's Hidden Message

That's not terrifying at all 0_o This unsettling image can be accessed in Sonic CD by entering the Sound Test mode. Players can access Sound Test from the menu screen after it is unlocked by pressing down, down, left, right, A on the cont...


Daily Easter Egg #2: Totaka's Song

The first time I heard this little tune was in the original Animal Crossing. It appears as K.K. Song in every Animal Crossing title, and everyone's favorite musical doggie K.K. Slider (or Totakeke, his Japanese name) is named after Kazumi...


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