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Apathy Cares: Cleaning Up The Backlog, Round One.

So, much like Gareth, I too have a bit of a game collection issue going on here. Thanks to financial stability, I've been slowly building myself up to the point where I can actually say I have a game collection...of course, the big problem ...


Death Of A Console; In Memoriam.

January 26, 2011. On this tragic day, my Xbox 360, born August 23, 2007, left this world. Good night, sweet prince. Now, unlike most people who this happens to, this wasn't a surprise to me. A little backstory is necessary here... ...


A Gamer's New Year, Revisited.

So, hey, guys...dunno if you got the memo but, the year is about to be over. Crazy right? Looking back on it now, I can't even imagine where the time went. So much has happened within a year it seems- I've got a job again (Gamestop, go f...


It's Somebody's Birthday Today! (Shortblog)

...No, not mine. Mine is the 14th. SO CLOSE HRRRRRRNG...anyways. Backstory! There was a Twitter conversation a few days ago, between my fellow Stereotoid bro Antwhan and someone else. She was mentioning it was her birthday soon. Me b...


25 MOAR Songs That Would Be Great For Rock Band 3

Okay, so here I am again, with another surely polarizing and hate inducing post about Rock Band. My last blog detailed 15 keyboard heavy songs that would be a good fit in the game, but in this one I'm just putting 25 songs that would highl...


I Got A Gamer-Related Tattoo Today. (Shortblog)

Tattoos. Lots of people get 'em. Sometimes, they wind up awesome, like the millions of rockstars you see out there. Other times, they're a damn disaster, like that one chick a while back that got drunk and had 42 stars tattoo'd on her fa...


Obligatory Birthday Well-wishings!

Okay, let me get one thing straight- I'm terrible at this. I never wish anyone other then my girlfriend happy birthday. Mainly because it just feels so awkward for me. So, that being said, I'ma give this a shot. First off, HAPPY FR...


So who wants a Blur beta code?

By now, I'm sure everybody has noticed that Dtoid's been giving away a bunch of codes to access the Blur beta. I know many of you have gotten your hands on one. I also know that many of you haven't. Well, I happen to be one of the ...


How A Gamer Plans To Ring In The New Year.

So, as pretty much everybody knows, as of Friday, it'll be 2010. And, like most people do, I have a set of resolutions I'd like to accomplish before the end of the new year. However, UNLIKE most people (Well, if you don't include you guys...


15 Artists Rock Band Needs MORE Of (Part 2)

So...not many people noticed part one. That's fine, not to mention understandable. The meme that was born Sunday seemed to just devour everything else anywho. Plus, Rock Band's not the most enthralling subject for some people. Either wa...


'Ello, 'Ello. (A Brief, Yet Triumphant Introduction)

So, I realized that I've been a member of this fine site for at least a year now and I haven't wrote a single blog, much less introduced myself. So, on this day, I've decided to, well, remedy that situation. Let's see...my name is Rob, bu...


About vApathyvone of us since 2:33 AM on 12.07.2008

What is there to say about me? I'm 25, I've worked at both Gamestop and Game Crazy, and I obviously have an obsession with video games. I'll play pretty much anything, but I have a not-so-secret obsession with rhythm games so you've been warned. I'm also a proud member of what used to be Stereotoid, home of the best damn album reviews this side of the interweb.

Still, I'm always up for a good multiplayer romp, so if you ever wanna play a couple games send me a request on Xbox Live, PSN or Steam. I'm a bit of a shy little introvert, but once you get to know me I'm not that bad.

Also, for some stupid reason I have a Twitter. You should follow it, or something.

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