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Bad Company 2 - A Close Look

Recently, and or I just found out, Bad Company 2 was announced by EA France! This new title in the Battlefield series is promised, by the developers, to be more intense and DEFINITELY more destructive. EA says that the Frostbite engin...


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My name is Josh. I was born in Queens, New York. I was born at 1:46 PM, March 13. I was delivered in North Shore University Hospital. I then found myself living in a small apartment building shortly after being born. At the age of three years old I was moved to a moderate sized, two roomed townhouse located in Freehold, New Jersey. I spent seven years of my life in that house. After gaining a fair sum of money, we were relocated again to a much larger house in Jackson, New Jersey. A large amount of my schooling and education comes from a small private school that goes by the name of Calvary Academy which was located next to a school called Holy Family. The schools shared buses and the students from both schools usually became friends. After several events that led to misconceptions of my character, I was turned to the public school system by my parents. I can't say where though because someone might want to lawyertize my faic. But if you're looking to give me useless shit then my address is - 1 Sussex Place Jackson, New Jersey 08527.
I play the kind of games that make me say, "WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS Sh*tnazzlez???". My favourite genres would be FPS, RTS, Simulation, Action, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle, and anything else with a witty MEME reference to it. I'd have to say that FPS is my favourite genre of game because of the feel of looking through the character's eyes and watching them screw up the main plot from first-person perspective. Plus, FPS games are practically the only games these days that have glitches. Glitches make me feel that I can do something else besides cheat although sometimes people call glitches "cheating". Simulation games have always been a personal tab I keep on my lists. I especially like playing the "Trauma Center" series because of the gameplay. The "Ace Combat" series is also a personal thumbs up in by lists too.
My favorite game of all time is "Metal Gear Solid 3". The story of "Big Boss" is absolutely gripping, as all MGS games are. The jungle-snake mixes the classic 'Solid Snake' with a Rambo and James Bond personality to make an absolute key in the style of the survival/espionage gameplay blend. The new ration and stamina system adds more of a planning and strategy type gameplay to go with the action genre. This game gives you more of a choice on how you want to control Snake. Previous titles always has Snake - Do you want to go stealth? or Do you want to go one-man army? The new CQC compared to past games is alot more unique yet simplified. This game will always, personally, equal number one.

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