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FNF - TF2 - Turning Point Sucks

For $4999 I expect more than dual 8800 GTs, 8800 GTXs MINIMUM! Wheres all that money going to, the sticker on the side of the case? If you've been on the server in the last 2 weeks you'll recognize this... This one too... No new ...


Tragic Hero's Contest - The Vault Dweller

This Blog is for Tragic Hero�s contest, contains MAJOR SPOILERS to the plot and ending of Fallout, you have been warned. What can�t I say about Fallout that hasn�t been said before, it�s my personal favorite game, and in my option, th...


TF Tuesdays - FTP Goodness

Warning: Artistic First off, give a special thank you to ScottyG for purchasing an FTP for the server, this removes my previous limit of 500 megs. I don�t think I could fill this FTP entirely without the server provider complainin...


PCs & Gaming #1 - Repairs and Maintenance

Seeing as how over the past week there have been several basically inflammatory cblog articles (more specifically the comments of said cblogs) dealing with PCs and PC gaming, I thought it would be a good idea to set the record straight with...


TF Tuesdays - Survivor Map Edition

Pick-ups again tonight, I might not be there for much of the night depending on how fast I manage to finish the projects I'm working on. Ive been hearing that people don't like certain maps on the rotation or want certain ones to b...


TF2 Server Contest - Win Free Stuff

As of the creation of this post, I have wiped the stats on Gametracker. While it doesn't keep as detailed of stats as HL-StatsX. It does keep track of the number of points a player accumulates, and the amount of time they spend on the se...


TF2 - Insider Update Details

In an email from valve to selected server ops, new details are revealed about another TF2 update in the works. The update includes unlocking several previously locked server side variables such as birthday mode, re-spawn timers, and frien...


FNF - TF2 - Need a Dispenser Here!

**Password will be changing on Tuesday, Please make a note of this** Tonight there will be a playing of badlands so we can all try to the new map valve released in this new update. Personally, I think its sub-par, but maybe so...

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TF Tuesdays - All Jorge is now a Meme

If anything good ever happens to your team, it was 'All Jorge' If you lose, 'The game sucks', you are 'uninstalling', or 'Going to play halo 3' Even if Jorge is not no your team and you win, it was still 'All Jorge'. Tonight,...


TF2 - Class Limit Discussion

Seeing as how the class limit plugin test was a success on Friday, I would like to know what the community thinks of having class limits on during regular play. To give you an idea of how the plugin works, it can be very broad, or very simp...


Good Idea, Bad Idea: Spiritual Successors

Is it really a good idea to call a game a �spiritual successor�? When does a game go from deriving some inspiration from another game to wholesale copyright infringement? The industry today seems to be obsessed with reliving games from t...


FNF - TF2 - Over 9000 (Amazing Screen)

Before the screen shot, some lulz...(also please check out the latest Point & Counterpoint if you haven't already) Tonight Im going to try to put on a class-restriction plugin so we could try like an all pyro match or something of that...


TF Tuesdays - Pick-up Part 2

Props to PrinceOfCannedPeaches for this But, we gotta have a funny pic every week too :) Since everyone enjoyed the pickup games last week we will continue them tonight. I have not seen anything really good on FPS banana recently, b...


Portal Customs - Hetzchase Nailway

After you've completed the game, done all the advanced chambers and gotten all the challenge medals, you've still probably spent less than 6 to 8 hours playing Portal, and while its great, and one of the best games Ive ever played, sometim...


FNF - TF2 -Sappin Mah Sentry Edition

Nothing special tonight, standard time, place, ect. If you have any ideas for what to do tonight or next FNF to spice it up a little leave it here, I think pickups on Friday would be a bit much seeing as how people come and go more and t...


Point & Counterpoint 4: Doom

This is the fourth installation of a series of �Dueling Editorials� I�ve been doing with Aerox. Today�s topic is Doom vs Marathon, both leading FPS games on their respective platforms in the mid 1990�s. You can view Aerox�s argument for Mar...


TF Tuesdays - Pick-up Night

No Weapons! Scouts Only! Final Destination! Tonight we're going to try something a bit different, I want to try to do a pick-up game. For those of you who have never played one its fairly simple. Once the server gets up to 16 people, I wi...


FNF - TF2 - Map Pack - Fo Realz

EDIT: Valve has officially released ctf_well today, make sure to download your update before 8pm cst, it takes a few minutes I don't like making two posts in a day, I feel like I'm spamming, if you missed the third point and counter point ...


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