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TF Tuesdays - Shotgun Unlock

I'm sure everyone has seen meet the sniper already so Im not going to bother embedding the video, but I do hope that they put in Hunted at some point. In the video you can see the Pyro's new shotgun unlock as well. As always, 3 new map...


FNF - TF2 - Typical Friday is Typical

Gentlemen, welcome to City 17 Only one new map this week ctf_0fear, one of the competitive maps from the STA-TF2 list that we have not yet added. Next week we'll have a special old map that been ported, canal_zone2, and hopefully it will...


TF Tuesdays - Competition Maps & BZ2s

This week's map selection comes from the list on STA-TF2. Some of these are already on the server, but theres a bunch I haven't seen, on server browsers, or FPS Banana. cp_junction_v2 - Dustbowl style AD map cp_desert fortress - sort o...


FNF - TF2 - Melee Sudden Death

Added a plugin that will do melee sudden death on maps, the class for this has been set to 'random', it this works it may just stay on the server. One new map for tonight cp_busytown - Massively updated and re-polished vesion of the o...


FNF - TF2 - Now with more Stats

Added a new plugin for tonight that should provide enhanced stats commands such as statsme, top10, kpd, as well as a menu that can be opened by typing hlx_menu into chat. Hopefully it will work without any issues. If you wish to bind a...


FNF - TF2 - Finally a New Map Pack

New map pack chock full of 350 megs of custom map goodness, simply unrar to your tf/maps folder and enjoy. Pack Contains the following avanti_b1 cp_aqua cp_bessjump cp_bloodstained cp_broma cp_castle4 cp_cube_b15 cp_labor cp_meleebarn c...


FNF - TF2 - New Payload & Epic Pickup

Gmod pic by Joel Ending Screen Cap from the Pick-up - seriously was a fucking awesome match One new map - pl_mining_b5 Since we didn't get a full round of castle4 in or get to try the changes to cave I think we are going to do those fi...


FNF - TF2 - Weighted Capture Point Cubes

One new map tonight, cp_cube_b15, get a tic-tac-toe on the control points to claim victory, looks amazingly well done and very fun. Other than that, just the general arseing about as usual, maybe a pick-up or some RPS depending on what...


TF Tuesdays - Let me show you mah Ubersaw

Maps for this week: Avanti - TFC port, hopefully it will play well with TF2 mechanics :) Moonwalk_v2 - very unique looking map, hopefully it will play just as well too. We finally have a proper overflow server, special thanks to Copu...


TF Tuesdays - What's GTA IV?

Image by MissionDifficult We can't stop here...this is bat country Tonight will be a beta test of ZargonX's map, cp_secretbase. A lot of changes have went in since the first test we did and its shaping up very nicely. If all goes well...


TF Tuesdays - Agent Orange Edition

Been a while since we had a decent theme name, tonight is Orange maps and Orange maps only. Pulled a bunch off FPS banana, and some you may recognize, others may be new to you. Most of them can be found on this page of maps or this on...


TF Tuesdays - Goldrush Comes Early

The Pyro Sings GIF Comic by MissionDifficult HLTV didn't work out last Friday but we'll give it another go. Tested it today and it appeared to work, but we'll see when we actually put it into practice, might still experience the same pr...


FNF - TF2/Brawl - Hook, Line, & Sinker

Elements of Any good April Fools: 1) Within the realm of plausibility 2) Outside source confirms it 3) Poster keeps up the act Video By FailMedic Brawl - IRC Instructions: To connect to IRC: 1) Go to Dynasty Net's java chat 2) Typ...


TF Tuesdays - Last Hoorah + Soundtrack

While Ive briefly thought of the idea a few times, I think its finally time the server be decoupled from Destructoid. I thank most of you for your support up until this time, but Ive grown really sick of some people and to a lesser exten...


FNF - TF2/Brawl - Hay...On my Spaceships?

Brawl - IRC Instructions: To connect to IRC: 1) Go to Dynasty Net's java chat 2) Type in your nickname 3) dtoid-brawl as the channel 4) Click Chat ' Simple and easy to use, if you want to use voice chat, I suggest steam or skype. ...


Console Network Optimization

Having problems getting your PS3/360/Wii to have an optimized connection? Getting a crap ton of lag? Read on to see if you can fix your issue, bear in mind I CLAIM NO AUTHORSHIP of this, just copy-pasta from a private section of some forums...


FNF - Brawl + TF2 - IRC ftw

Brawl - IRC Instructions: To connect to IRC: 1) Go to Dynasty Net's java chat 2) Type in your nickname 3) dtoid-brawl as the channel 4) Click Chat Its that simple, since everyone seems to want to use something different for voi...


TF Tuesdays - Take a break from Brawl

If you have a Wii, odds are you've been playing brawl almost constantly since it came out on Saturday night. Take a break and come join us for some TF2 fun :) Unfortunately due to midterms I wont be around tonight but I will be able ...


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