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Left 4 Dead DLC Announced

Left 4 Dead DLC has just been confirmed for Valve, and is due out in the extremely vague time period of "Spring". So far the only details that have been revealed are two entire campaigns for Versus, as well as a brand new mode entitled Surv...


Earthworm Jim Cover Revisited So thanks to that link, I got really inspired to do my own reworking of a video game cover, and decided to go with my favorite Genesis game, Earthworm Jim! I also...


About UmarifficCKizzleone of us since 11:42 AM on 11.18.2008

My love for video games is limitless...with the exception of sports titles. Everything else though is game. I'm fascinated with the newer games, and equally into taking strolls down memory lane with several retro titles. Currently addicted to Left 4 Dead, and trying to get through Lost Odyssey and Final Fantasy XII when I have the free-time. RPG's are where it's at. Word!

My favorite games of all time are Mega Man 2 (hands down over 3, better bosses and soundtrack, duh!), Final Fantasy X (don't care what the haters say, great combat system, and I loved the sphere grid), Half-Life series, Portal, Mass Effect, Unreal Tournament (before it got so convoluted), Parasite Eve, Diablo II and LODX, Kingdom Hearts and finally Starcraft.

I'm also huge into movies, and consider myself to be quite the cinema buff. Favorites include:
Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2
Pulp Fiction
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
Garden State
The Matrix
I Heart Huckabees
Spider-Man 2
The Incredibles
The Dark Knight
The Brothers Bloom
500 Days of Summer

As well as an avid music enthusiast, favorite bands include:
Foo Fighters
Queens of the Stone Age
My Chemical Romance
Panic! at the Disco (especially their new stuff)
Action Action
Bloc Party.
Collective Soul
Natalie Imbruglia
Ozzy Osbourne
Gnarls Barkley
Kanye West
No Doubt
System of a Down
Phantom Planet
Xbox LIVE:UmarifficCKzzle
PSN ID:UmarifficCKzzle
Mii code:[email protected]


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