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Somebody took a Dump in my Xbox

In between ACOG-M40ing scrubs in Call of Duty 4, saving the universe in Mass Effect, and trying to legally marry Portal, I like to indulge in a dirty pleasure: playing admittedly horrible games. You know the feeling I'm talking about. You'r...


Skipping School for Animal Crossing

I am a bad man. There was only one time in my life I skipped school to play a video game. Most people would brag about missing classes to beat Ocarina of Time in less than a day, or leaving after first period to go play God of War. I on th...


Bomberman64: Da Bomb or Bust?

In 1997, Nintendo pushed one of its most successful 8-bit and 16-bit characters into the realm of 3D. Detonating friends and foes alike, Bomberman transitioned onto the Nintendo64 amidst mixed reviews. The question still remains, was his en...


Fetching Foregone Consoles

It started like any other trip to eBay. I was just browsing. I had no intention of buying anything. 12 minutes later I was the proud owner of an original Gameboy and 10 games. I figured, "Hey, I own every other member of the Gameboy fami...


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