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While I'm taking a break from main playthroughs, it's time to enjoy ourselves with more of the Astro City Mini games... NOW WITH AN ARCADE STICK TO USE! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


When it comes to people backseat gaming on Twitch, it's okay if I'm playing a fighting game because I'm trying to learn a character. But if someone tries to backseat while I'm playing a game for the first time, it ruins the essence of a blind playthrough.


Yep. So I'm gonna pre-order Metroid Dread and Mario Party Superstars. But also... I can't wait to see how Kazuya Mishima plays in Smash Ultimate! It's time for the Smash Community to experience some Good Ass Tekken.


So yeah. Next week is Sonic's 30th Anniversary, and I decided to play Sonic Mania Plus for Crowd Control. This is going to get really chaotic.


I gotta remember when I block people, I can't undo it on Disqus. I did that with two people.


SEGA released a new patch for VF5 Ultimate Showdown, which fixes the Room Code issue. Also... We've hit max cap for 64 players in regards to the next VF5US tournament in two weeks!


Huh, interesting. Wolf's F5 throw in VF5 Final Showdown was renamed to The Verdict in VF5 Ultimate Showdown. It was the name of the finisher that Brock Lesnar used during his NJPW days.


In 2019, this would be my final Let's Play on YouTube before I transitioned over to Twitch Streaming. It's time to once again revisit another game in the series: Blaster Master Zero 2! http://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Came across a bot on VF5US. This one used Sarah and really wasn't an issue. Kept spamming KK, but if you can block and punish it, you shouldn't have an issue. It's like -15 on block.


It's VF Takeover vs. VF Arena as I go against Blitzball Champ in a FT10 Random Showdown! We'll let the Wheel of Fate pick our characters! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama For BlitzballChamp's Stream: [url]https://twitch.tv/blitzballchamp[/url


Well... after playing VF5US, I now have an undying hate for Eileen. Wait until I learn that character just so that I can get an idea on how to beat her.


Wow. People really love to rage quit in VF. Just fought a Shun player who was a 9th Dan and after I got two games on him after he beat me... he rage quit. I expect hate mail.


I don't know why, but living in someone's head rent-free sounds... quite nice. I don't know why.


So remember when I said that I had 19 people entered for the tournament? Well... I now have 32 people entered for the upcoming VF5US tournament. My god, that's a lot.


Unbelievable. I hit 19 entrants for this upcoming VF5 Ultimate Showdown tournament.


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