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The fighting game community is starting to notice how good Mario Tennis Aces is. GOOD.


Fighting Game Moments @ E3 2018

Another E3 in the books! And my god, what an event that was! We’ve seen a lot of surprises at E3 this year from the return of Battletoads, to the fifth entry of Devil May Cry, and more. As for fighting games, let’s just sa...


Along with Story Mode, offline modes such as Arcade, Time Attack, Team Battle, Survival, and versus are back in DOA6.


One thing I also need to point out with Fatal Rush in DOA6: You can attempt to hold the first hit, but if you get hit by it at all, it is an unholdable Fatal Stun. It's this game's Critical Burst.


I have several concerns about DOA6's Fatal Rush and the Break Blow system.


DOA6, SoulCalibur VI, and Smash Bros. Ultimate... I love fighting games. "But Smash isn't a figh-" I DON'T CARE!


This needed to be said: when it comes explaining a fighting game to someone, there's a difference between a proper explanation and just being overly defensive.


When it comes to talking about fighting games between a competitive player and a casual player, these two won't see eye-to-eye at times. Finding a common ground isn't easy to do.


So I just learned that Break Blows in Dead or Alive 6 are actually scary as hell. It's a sabaki that will reflect highs, mids, and throws. Holy shit.


Dead or Alive 6: What We Know So Far...

On December 17, 2017, Team Ninja announced to the world that they ended support for the Dead or Alive 5 series. The fans thought that it was the end of a franchise, but that was not the case. A couple weeks ago, it was announced by T...


How far can I go with The Ultimate Choice?! The finale of Kirby Star Allies is out!


Before I release the finale of Kirby Star Allies, I need to get this off my chest... DEAD OR ALIVE 6 IS COMING!!!!! *fangirl squeal* Ahem, okay. Stay tuned for the finale of Kirby Star Allies.


We've reached the end of Guest ???? Star Allies Go! Part 26 is out!


This was supposed to be uploaded yesterday. Part 25 is out!


Sometimes, resorting tactics from another Nintendo game works. Part 24 is out!


And now we go to unfamiliar territory. Part 23 is out now!


Forgot to mention Part 22 was released on Monday. Sorry, folks!


I want to be more than just a fighting game player. I also don't want to be the Let's Player that rage-quit and say "Fuck this game" over and over again.


Thanks to a collab effort by Markman and Team Ninja, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is coming to EVO this year as a side tournament!


Kirby has many talents! Part 21 is now out!


We finish the last of Story Mode in Part 20 of Kirby Star Allies! Enjoy!


It's time to defeat Void Termina once and for all! Part 19 of Kirby Star Allies is out!


Streaming Coffee Crisis, shoutout to Mega Cat Studios! twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I don't know what I said, but enjoy Part 18!


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