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The final fight that transcends through time and space. Literally.


Remember when I did a blog about the history of VFR series during VF month last year and wondered if Beat-Tribe Cup 16 was happening? Well, Beat-Tribe Cup 16 exists, and it's happening on March 31, 2018.


We shrink down to size in this episode.


Thunderstruck V, a fighting game tournament in Mexico, is suspended. The reason is because during the Guilty Gear Xrd tournament, one of the players died due to a heart attack. The player's name was Hugotakon.


Playing Dragon Ball FighterZ. https://www.twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Currently studying Sarah Bryant in VF5FS


New blog in two weeks. That is all.


There comes a time in an LPer's life where Murphy's Law comes into play. This is one of them.


My movement in Virtua Fighter feels so damn stiff.


Three familiar faces return. Also, a giant Caterkiller.


Ever since the Tekken 7 updated to 1.05, it felt unplayable. I encountered frame rate issues, and online matchmaking isn't good. Thank god they are getting addressed.


Taking a minor break on Tekken to get back on Virtua Fighter. I feel as if I do better with Vanessa compared to Lau and El Blaze. And you need to main at least one character.


How the hell did I die in Press Garden Zone Act 1? Right before the mid-boss?!


And now we have Cluckoid Cluckington with the weather. Cluck?


Got hate mail for the first time in Tekken 7. I finally accomplished something in the end.


For The Mania. By The Mania. I do an LP on Sonic Mania.


The hour-long finale of the Blaster Master Zero LP.


Shoop de Whoop. (Never thought I say that again in 10 years)


While recording this episode, my commentary was non-existent because I had my mic muted. So I had to provide my own.


Pro-Tip: Make sure your mic is not muted while doing an LP.


I was fortunate enough to preorder SNES Classic Edition in stores. Online was being funny as hell.


The good news: I unlocked everything in Sonic Mania. All I need to do is finish Knuckles' run, then I gotta do Tails next. Sonic & Tails run is already 100% done.


Sonic Mania is now my new favorite 2D Sonic game of all time. This game is too fun for me.


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